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Parenting / Child Care

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Web sites in this category:
Companion site for About Autism
Companion site for Art to Heart
Companion site for Childhood Obesity Prevention
Families of the World
KET Kids & Families Page
Companion site for Kids' Health Call-Ins
Ready To Learn
Companion site for School Resource Centers: Partners in School Success
Companion site for Your Child with Special Needs

Series in this category:
2012 College Financial Aid Call-In
About Autism
American High
Anyone and Everyone
Art to Heart Airs: 1/2, 1/5, 1/9, ...
Be Heard!
The Brain
Can Do!
Caring for Your Parents
Child Development: After-School Care
Child Development: Safety Issues and Prevention Strategies
Child Development: Stepping Stones
Childhood Trauma
Children's Hospital
A Child's Bookshelf: Inside Children's Literature
College Goal Sunday
The College Track
College Track Follow-Up
A Conversation About Caring
Demystifying Dyslexia
The Developing Child
Donna's Day Starring Donna Erickson
Early Childhood Training Series
El Niño Completo
Family Child Care: Director's Workshop
Family Child Care Training Workshop
Fathers and Daughters: Journeys of the Heart
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
First and Foremost
Guiding Children Successfully
Healthy Minds
How To Talk So Kids Will Listen
In Search of Law and Order: Reclaiming America's Kids
Indiana Steps Ahead: The Child Care Collection
Intro to Early Childhood Education
Keeping Kids Healthy
Kids' Health Call-Ins
Let's Talk
Los Niños en Su Casa
Matemáticas Para Todos
Matemáticas Para Todos—Y Más
Math for All
Math for All—Plus
The Merrow Report
Minds of Our Own
More Than Child's Play: Why Physical Activity Matters Airs: 1/29
Mothers and Sons: Raising Compassionate Men
My Growing Book
Parenting Works!
Parents and Teens Behind the Wheel
Paying for College with the Greenes
A Place of Our Own
Portrait of a Family
The PRISM Project
Project SPIES
Promise Not to Tell?
Promoting Positive Behavior in Child Care
Raising Cain
Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy
RIF Exchange Programs
Right from Birth: A Parenting Series
The Road to College: A Financial Aid Primer for Parents and Students
Safe and Secure
Safe Schools in Kentucky
School-Age Child Care
Science Anytime, Anyplace
Secrets of the Dead Airs: 1/28, 1/29
Senior Year
Small Talk for Parents
Social and Emotional Development of Infants and Toddlers
Social Code
Step by Step: Kids Trimming Down
Time Out for Parents
Time To Grow
USDOE Satellite Town Meeting: Education News Parents Can Use
Village of Kindness
Visual Arts
Well Fed: Nourishing Our Children for a Lifetime Airs: 1/15, 1/23, 11/28, ...
When Medicine Got It Wrong
The Whole Child: A Caregiver's Guide to the First Five Years
Your Child with Special Needs

Specials in this category:
All Men Are Sons
All Stressed Up and No Way To Grow
Autism and the New Law: Resources for Treatment, Hope for a Cure
Autism: Oh, the Possibilities
Autism: On My Own
Autism Out of the Darkness: Other Avenues
Baby Love
Beautiful Son
Behavior Problems in Children
Blended Families: Yours, Mine, Ours
Block Play: Constructing Reality
Boys Will Be Men
Breathe Easy: Back to Sleep and SIDS
A Brooklyn Family Tale
Calculando Cambio
Calculating Change
Cancer in Children
Cerebral Palsy
Challenging Behaviors in Young Children
Child Management: Discipline
Child Safety: What You Need To Know
Childhood Obesity Prevention
Children and Asthma
Children and Autism: Time Is Brain
The Children Are Watching
The Children of China
Children of Italy
Children Under Fire: Lessons of Hope and Resilience
Come Back Jack
Conquering Fear: Epidemic Disease Today
Daddy, Am I Stupid? The Dyslexia Dilemma
Difficult Behavior
Disciplining Kids
A Doula Story
Dreams Spoken Here
Early Adulthood: Parenthood
Early Childhood: Years of Promise
Everybody's Kids
Extending Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to Child Care
Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times
Family Meeting
Fit Kids, Healthy Families
Focus on American High
From Pictures to Words
Health Smart: The Challenge of Childhood Obesity
Healthy Boundaries: Families Coming Together
Hearts & Minds: Teens and Mental Illness
Help Wanted: Volunteers in School
Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness and Survival
Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse
Infection Control in Child Care Settings
It's a Jungle Out There: Lily Plays It Safe
Jim Fay: Love and Logic: How To Discipline Kids Without Losing Their Love or Respect
Juggling Work and Family
Keeping Our Children Safe
Kids and Cars: Before the Crash
Kids and Divorce: For Better or Worse
Kids, Cash & Common Sense
Kids: Trying To Trim Down
Lead Poisoning: What Everyone Needs To Know
Lost Childhood: Growing Up in an Alcoholic Family
Making After-School Count!
Making a Difference—Saving Our Kids
March Time March
Mentoring Matters
Misunderstood Minds
Mixed Blessings: The Challenges of Raising Children in a Jewish-Christian Family
Mother Love
A New IDEA for Special Education—Understanding the System and the New Law
Normal for Us: The Miller Twins
Our American Family: The Smiths
Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents
Outside Looking In: Transracial Adoption in America
Parent Tales from Dragon Tales
Parenting the Strong-Willed Child
The Parents' Survival Guide:Childhood Obesity
Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family
Plato's Guide for Parents and Kids
Playground Supervision
Playground Surfaces
Poisoning Your Children: Secondhand Smoke
Polio Vaccine: New Choices for Your Baby
Portrait of a Promise: Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome
The Promise of Preschool with John Merrow
Raising Grandkids: A Love Story
Raising Kentucky
Reading Rocks
Red Light, Green Light, Have You Heard?
The Road to Reading
Run Like a Girl
Safe Playgrounds
Sammy's Playground Pointers
School Resource Centers: Partners in School Success
Science Simply Amazing
Sensory Play: Constructing Realities
September's Children
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Single Parenting: One-Parent Families
Smile Pretty
Somebody Cares: The Story of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Song of Our Children
Sound of Sunshine—Sound of Rain
Storytelling and Story Acting with Vivian Paley
Storytelling Themes with Vivian Paley
Styles of Parenting for Educators
Success by 6: A Bright Start for a Bright Future
Successfully Parenting Your Baby with Special Needs
Taken In: The Lives of America's Foster Children
Talking to Kids About Terrorism and Violence
"Teach More, Love More"
Tell Me Again ... What's Love?
Understanding Your Child's CATS Assessment
Unlocking the Heart of Adoption
Vivian Paley and the Boy Who Could Tell Stories
When a Child Pretends
When Families Grieve
When Parents Are Deployed
Where Do the Children Play?
Why Can't Michael Pay Attention?

Episodes in this category:
America's Walking
  #103 Getting the Next Generation Moving

Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick
  #124 Dr. Marty Olsen Laney—The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child

Body & Soul
  #217 Raising Happy, Healthy Kids

Boomers! Redefining Life After Fifty
  #112 Four Generations: A Family Affair

The Color of Money
  #705 Funding a College Education
  #707 Young People and Money

Connections with Renee Shaw
  #107 Getting to College
  #301 Fathers and Sons
  #503 Raising African American Girls
  #516 Michael J. Phillips
  #624 National Conference on the Black Family in America
  #734 Fatherhood with Ted Strader and David Cozart
  #737 Shelby Jenkins

Ethically Speaking
  #105 Teaching Kids Right from Wrong

For Her Information
  #102 Women's Body Image/Sleep Baby Sleep
  #110 Fitness Mojo/The Importance of Preschool
  #111 Children and Discipline/Spatial Solutions

  #1914 Medicating Kids
  #2011 Inside the Teenage Brain
  #2110 The Taking of Logan Marr
  #2111 Failure to Protect: The Caseworker Files/Failure to Protect: A National Dialogue
  #2816 The Vaccine War

In the Life
  #1508 Family Ties

In the Mix
  #703 Divorce and Stepfamilies: Breaking Apart/Coming Together

Independent Lens
  #107 And Baby Makes Two
  #717 Troop 1500
  #1123 Sunshine

Journey to Health: Mind, Body, Spirit
  #111 A Family Affair

Just for Me
  #107 Parent's Program: Self-Concept
  #108 Parent's Program: Healthy Choices
  #109 Parent's Program: Family Ties

Kentucky Tonight
  #844 Sex Education
  #904 Kentucky Responds: Talking with Children
  #1329 Child Well-Being
  #1427 Children and the Elderly

Life 360
  #204 Siblings

Louisville Life
  #10405 Quints Make Full House for Kentucky Family
  #10515 Ka-pow! Louisville Man is Hit as Action Figure Sculptor
  #10519 Celebrating Louisville Mothers
  #30421 Cabbage Patch Settlement House: 100 Years of Changing Lives
  #40413 Taking Care of Louisville
  #40508 Connecting Families Through Learning

  #103 Raising Money-Savvy Kids

Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home
  #104 The Next Generation

  #2811 18 Ways To Make a Baby

One to One
  #206 Neil Chethik
  #539 Dr. Rallie McAllister
  #618 Dr. Tom Young and John Rhodes
  #720 Dr. Terry Brooks

Our Space with Jean West
  #210 Prenatal Care

The Pioneer Living Series
  #108 Americanization of the World/Caught Between Two Cultures

  #1101 Baby, It's You
  #1504 Refrigerator Mothers
  #2212 Bronx Princess
  #2310 Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy

The Power of Ideas
  #106 How Children Learn
  #319 Nurturing Our Children and Our Future

Primary Focus TV
  #110 The Spanking Debate
  #201 Kids and Careers
  #204 Sudden Death
  #205 Casualties of Divorce
  #209 The Adoption Option
  #211 Children Are a Gift

Reading Rainbow
  #1207 On the Day You Were Born

Real Simple

Scientific American Frontiers
  #1110 Fat and Happy?

Seasons of Life
  #101 Infancy and Early Childhood (Birth-Age 5)
  #102 Childhood and Adolescence (Ages 6-20)

The Secret Life of the Brain
  #101 The Baby's Brain: Wider than the Sky
  #102 The Child's Brain: Syllable from Sound
  #103 The Teenage Brain: A World of Their Own

Teen Issues
  #106 Teen Dads

Today's Life Choices
  #1403 Child's Play: Kids' Sports
  #1404 Child's Play: American Adolescence
  #1504 Education: There's No Place Like Home

Tony Brown's Journal
  #2023 The Threat to the Andes
  #2413 Are Girls Different?
  #2514 Education: What Really Works
  #2801 A Brotherhood of Fathers
  #2822 The Black Male in Jeopardy ... Why?

World@Large with David Gergen
  #107 Does America Have ADD?

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