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Asian-American Heritage

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Series in this category:
Ancestors in the Americas
Asian America
Becoming American: The Chinese Experience
Becoming American: Personal Journeys
Double Happiness
First Battle
In The Americas with David Yetman Airs: 1/7, 1/14, 1/21, ...
Martin Yan's Chinatowns
Most Honorable Son
Searching for Asian America
Teach Me Japanese
Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Specials in this category:
An Angel in the Village
Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words
Beauty of Jasmine: Chinese Music and Dance Concert Airs: 12/22
Beijing or Bust
Beyond Barbed Wire
Bittersweet Roots: The Chinese in California's Heartland
A Brief Flight: Hazel Ying Lee and the Women Who Flew Pursuit
Chamoru Dreams
Children of the Camps
The Chinatown Files
Citizen Tanouye
Conscience and the Constitution
Crossing Lines
Dancing Through Death: The Monkey, Magic & Madness of Cambodia
Daughter of Taiwan, a Journey Home
Desi: South Asians in New York
Discovering Angel Island: The Story Behind the Poems
Every Day Is A Holiday
Fastballs, Flips, and Physics: Science on the Sandlot
The Floating World: Masami Teraoka and His Art
Geisha: An Artist's Journey
Grassroots Rising
HAPA: One Step at a Time
Heart Mountain: Three Years in a Relocation Center
In Time of War: The Japanese American Experience of WWII
Isamu Noguchi: Stones and Paper, an American Masters Special
Labor Women
Mighty Warriors of Comedy
Miss India Georgia
Monkey Dance
A Most Unlikely Hero
My America ... or Honk If You Love Buddha
My Journey Home
The Mystery of George Masa
New Faces on Main Street
Oh, Saigon
Passing Poston: An American Story
Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority
Pins and Noodles
Precious Cargo
Railroad Empire
Raymond's Portrait
Red White Blue November
Return to the Valley
Roots in the Sand
Second Class Veterans
Sewing Woman/Double Solitaire/Fighting Grandpa
Shall We Sing?
The Shangri-La Café
Slanted Screen
Starting Over: Japanese Americans After the War
Time of Fear
Toyo Miyatake: Infinite Shades of Gray
Turbans/Eagle Against the Sun
Uncommon Courage: Patriotism and Civil Expired
An Untold Triumph
VillageAmerica: The Calling—Special Edition
We Served with Pride: The Chinese-American Experience in WWII
What Happened to Her? and the Strawberry Fields
Words, Weavings & Song
You Don't Know Jack Soo

Episodes in this category:
American Masters
  #2202 Hollywood Chinese

American Passages: A Literary Survey
  #116 Search for Identity

Beyond the Page
  #101 Henry's First-Moon Birthday

A Biography of America
  #119 A Vital Progressivism
  #122 World War II

Burt Wolf: Taste of Freedom
  #106 Chinese New Year

Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
  #304 California's Gold Country
  #1106 Taiwan - A Sense of Place (Part 3)
  #1107 Taiwan - A Sense of Place (Part 4)

The Celestial Empire
  #211 Overseas Chinese

  #106 Fast Food—Chinese Style

Connections with Renee Shaw
  #445 Cheryl Pan

Destination America
  #102 The Art of Departure
  #103 The Earth Is the Lord's

E3 Electronic Field Trips: Explore, Experience, Expand
  #303 Desert Diamonds Behind Barbed Wire

The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural Literature in High School
  #106 Workshop 6. Cultural Studies: N. Scott Momaday and Russell Leong
  #107 Workshop 7. Critical Pedagogy: Octavia E. Butler and Ruthanne Lum McCunn
  #108 Workshop 8. Critical Pedagogy: Abiodun Oyewole and Lawson Fusao Inada

History Detectives
  #106 John Brown's Letters/Japanese House/Poems
  #202 Monopoly/Japanese Internment Camp Artwork/The Lewis and Clark Cane
  #207 Ventriloquist Dummy/Witch's House/Poems
  #307 Doc Holliday's Watch/Civil War Female Soldiers/Japanese Internment Camp Artwork

Human Rights: Youth Perspectives
  #101 Japanese-American Internment Camps: Human Rights Violations

Independent Lens
  #103 Visas and Virtue/I Am Viet Hung
  #206 Passing Through/Graham's Diner
  #210 A Wok-in-Progress
  #306 The Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America
  #523 One Night at the Grand Star/Double Exposure
  #524 Refugee
  #525 Death of a Shaman
  #527 Sumo East and West
  #809 SHORT STACK 2006 with My Life Disoriented

The Kennedy Center Performing Arts Series
  #401 Telling Stories: Laurence Yep

Kentucky Life
  #817 Crane House/Red River Gorge Rock Climbers/Western Wetlands
  #1216 Paul Rusch/Toyota

Life 360
  #105 Roots

Louisville Life
  #115 U.S. Marine Hospital/Adaptive Reuse/Chinese New Year/James Ramsey/Thomas Edison House
  #416 Chef Nancy/JoAnne Wolf/Crane House/Bryan Warren/Blue Dog Bakery & Café
  #30406 From Kentucky to Kiyosato: The Life of Paul Rusch

Many Voices
  #101 What's in a Name
  #105 Hair Scare
  #106 A Sari Tale
  #107 Mother Tongue

The Meaning of Food
  #103 Food and Family

The Mississippi: River of Song
  #101 Americans Old and New

One to One with Bill Goodman
  #645 My Trip to China

  #1111 Family Name
  #1205 Rabbit in the Moon
  #1310 First Person Plural
  #1404 Of Civil Wrongs and Rights: The Fred Korematsu Story
  #1507 Mai's America
  #1606 90 Miles
  #2312 In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee

Read On: Cover to Cover
  #106 A Jar of Dreams
  #114 Dragonwings

Reading Rainbow
  #107 Liang and the Magic Paintbrush
  #409 The Paper Crane
  #1203 Bread Is for Eating

Reel Time
  #108 Blue Berry Hill/Brief Walk

Rural Communities: Legacy & Change
  #106 Think Globally

A Taste of the Caribbean with Dorinda Hafner
  #102 Trinidad and Tobago

True Lives
  #202 Days of Waiting

The Unfinished Nation
  #120 Manifest Destiny?
  #127 The Meeting Ground
  #141 A Nation at War

United Tastes of America with Dorinda Hafner
  #102 Southwestern Tastes/Chinese-American Tastes

Victory in the Pacific: American Experience
  #1510 Daughter from Danang

Weekend Explorer
  #102 Eastern Sierras

A World of Art: Works in Progress
  #104 Hung Liu

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