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Jewish Heritage

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Series in this category:
The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs
Alef ... Bet ... Blast-Off!
Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence
Heritage: Civilization & the Jews
The Hidden Child
The Jewish Americans
Jewish Customs
Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
New Jewish Cuisine
New Jewish Cuisine with Jeff Nathan and Friends
A Simple Matter of God and Country
They Came for Good: A History of Jews in the U.S.
Walking the Bible

Specials in this category:
Albert Alcalay: Self Portraits
Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust in Arab Lands
Arab and Jew: Return to the Promised Land
Berga: Soldiers of Another War
A Chanukah Celebration
Chanukah On Planet Matzah Ball
Defiant Requiem: Voices of Resistance
Delta Jews
Desperate Hours
Echoes from the Ancients
The Eternal Road: An Encounter with the Past
Exodus 1947
The First Seven Years
From Kristallnacht to Crystal Day: A Synagogue in Wroclaw Glows Again
From Swastika to Jim Crow
The Gefilte-Fish Chronicles
House of Life: The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague
How Much To Remember: One Family's Conversation
In Our Own Hands: The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II
Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport
Is Jerusalem Burning? Myth, Memory, and the Battle of Latrun
Israel: Facing The Future
Jewish Kentucky Airs: 1/17, 12/16, 12/17, ...
Jewish Soldiers In Blue & Gray
Jews and Baseball
Lessons for Life
A Letter Without Words
Liberation of the Spirit: The Journey of Magda Watts
A Life Apart: Hasidism in America
Living On: Remembering the Holocaust
Make a Wish, Molly
Mixed Blessings: The Challenges of Raising Children in a Jewish-Christian Family
Nazi Hunt: Elusive Justice
New Beginning: Highlights of the Jewish High Holy Days
Orchestra of Exiles
Our Mother's Recipe
Pius XII: The Pope, the Jews and the Nazis
Postville: When Cultures Collide
Prisoner of Paradise
Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans
Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope
Stones from the Soil
Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness
Surviving Auschwitz: Children of the Shoah
Swiss Jewry: An Island in the Twentieth Century
A Taste of Chanukah
Terezin: Resistance and Revival
There Once Was a Town
Three Rabbis
A Torah Returns to Poland
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
Voices of the Children
Walking the Bible Highlights Special
Where Birds Never Sang
Winter: Season of Darkness and Light
Witness: Voices from the Holocaust
The World Was Ours

Episodes in this category:
American Passages: A Literary Survey
  #114 Becoming Visible

Burt Wolf: Taste of Freedom
  #102 Hanukkah 12/11, 12/13, 12/14

Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
  #509 Krakow, Poland

Ciao Italia
  #1407 Cucina Ebraica di Ferrara/Jewish Cooking of Ferrara

Destination America
  #103 The Earth Is the Lord's

Events of the 20th Century
  #104 Lessons of the Holocaust
  #108 Return to Auschwitz

  #318 Memory of the Camps
  #1518 Nazi Gold
  #2015 Battle for the Holy Land
  #2314 A Jew Among the Germans
  #3109 Never Forget to Lie

  #502 Israel: The Unexpected Candidate

The Genocide Factor: The Human Tragedy

Great Conversations
  #113 Elie Wiesel and Gustav Niebuhr

Great Performances
  #3013 From Shtetl to Swing

Holiday Story Fun for Kids
  #105 Jewish Stories

Independent Lens
  #103 Visas and Virtue/I Am Viet Hung
  #105 The Jew in the Lotus
  #407 Strange Fruit
  #622 The Last Letter/Zyklon Portrait and the Walnut Tree
  #1020 Steal a Pencil for Me
  #1021 At Home in Utopia
  #1113 Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness

Kentucky Author Forum Presents
  #304 A Conversation with James McBride 1/8

Louisville Life
  #110 Chanukah Celebrations/American Printing House for the Blind/Joe Elliott/Kizito Cookies/Women 4 Women/Colonel Sanders and Duncan Hi
  #209 Louisville Eccentric Observer/Keith Auerbach/The Little Loomhouse/Bennie Ivory/Louis Brandeis
  #412 Alanna Nash/Lisa Marie Varon/Jewish Community Center History/Barbara Day/Flaget High School Alumni
  #903 Louisville's Olmstead Parks; CenterStage; Jewish Community; Kent Oyler-Greater Louisville Inc.; Schimpff's Confectionary
  #30412 Louisville's Jewish Community Center

Many Voices
  #102 To Jew Is Not a Verb

  #2706 Lost Tribes of Israel
  #3118 Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

  #1810 Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance After The Holocaust

Reading Rainbow
  #1605 Show Way

Twentieth Century History
  #115 The Arabs and Israel Since 1947

United Tastes of America with Dorinda Hafner
  #101 Italian-American Tastes/Jewish American Tastes

The Visionaries
  #709 Women's American ORT
  #1009 Links to Life

World Museum Classics
  #117 U.S. Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC: Daniel's Story

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