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Series in this category:
The 1900 House
The 1940s House
Adventure Divas
Adventure Lodges of North America
The Adventurers
Africa Trek
All Aboard
All Aboard: Kentucky and the American Railroads Airs: 1/12, 1/26
All in the Same Boat: Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors
America's Team: Being a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird
Anyplace Wild
Anyplace Wild Specials
Appalachian Impressions
Around the World in 80 Days
Art Wolfe's Travels to The Edge Airs: 1/11, 1/15, 1/18, ...
Atchafalaya Houseboat
The Aviators
Balloon Fiesta
Best of Expeditions with Patrick McMillian
Chasing Shackleton
Children of the Amazon
Climb Against the Odds
Colonial House
Earth Trek
Eco: Kids Explore
Expeditions with Patrick McMillan Airs: 12/14, 12/21, 12/28
Frontier House
Full Circle with Michael Palin
Globe Trekker Airs: 1/4, 1/11, 1/18, ...
Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk
Great Getaways - Old
Great Scenic Railway Journeys: Celebrating 175 Years of the American Railroad
Growing Bolder
Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins
In The Americas with David Yetman Airs: 1/7, 1/14, 1/21, ...
In the Footsteps of Marco Polo
The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club Airs: 1/29
Legends of Airpower
Manor House
The National Parks: America's Best Idea
One Man's Journey
Passport to Adventure (Expired)
Paving the Way: The National Park-to-Park Highway
Pioneers in Aviation: The Race to the Moon
Pole to Pole
Racing to Bermuda: A Century on the Ocean
Regency House Party
Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Assam India: Quest for the One-Horned Rhinoceros
Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Greece: Quest for the Gods
Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Hong Kong: Quest for the Dragon
Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Morocco: Quest for the Kasbah
Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Norway: Quest for the Viking Spirit
Riding Rails in China
Riding Rails In China, Part 2
Right To Risk: A 15-Day Journey Through Arizona's Grand Canyon
Sherlock Holmes
The Tenth Inning
Texas Ranch House
Time Team America
Touching the Void
Trailside: Make Your Own Adventure
Voyage of the Matthew
A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé—Real Rocky
Walking the Bible
Walking The Great Divide: A Journey Along The Continental Divide Trail
Warrior Challenge
Weekend Explorer
Wild Gardens
Wildside with Nick Molle—Costa Rica

Specials in this category:
After The Wall
Alaska: Silence & Solitude
Alone in the Wilderness Airs: 11/29, 12/3
America's Wildest Refuge
Arctic Son - Fulfilling The Dream
Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge: Amazing Encounters
As Close As You Dare—Africa
Birdmen: The Original Dream of Flight Airs: 12/23, 12/27, 12/28
Born to the Wind
Captain Bill Pinkney's Voyages Home
Cave People of the Himalaya
Chesapeake Bay by Air
The Circumnavigator
Conquering The Dragon: Breast Cancer Survivors Race for Life
Daughters of Everest
David Suchet on the Orient Express: A Masterpiece Special
Dude Ranch Days
Dude Ranches Out West: Then and Now
Everest: A Climb for Peace
Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine, a Nova Special
Expedition Florida: The Big Bend Coast
The Flying Vet
Flying with Eagles
The Great Balloon Race
Hitchhiking Vietnam: Letters from the Trail
Horsemen Cometh
Ice Blink
Indus River: Journey of a Lifetime
Jannus: American Aviator
John Glenn, American Hero
The Land Beyond the River
The Last Mountain
Lost Cave Temples
The Lost Squadron
Montana Invitational Horse Stampede
Mount Kailash: Return to Tibet
Our Kentucky Airs: 1/7, 1/14, 1/22, ...
Over Hawai'i
PBS Previews: Circus
Play Again
Rafting Alaska's Wildest Rivers
Rainier: The Mountain
Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Costa Rica: Quest For Pura Vida
Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Switzerland: Quest for the Sublime
Richard Bangs' South America: Quest for Wonder
Rick Steves' Europe with Abandon!
Rick Steves' Hidden Europe
Rick Steves' Viva Espana!
Roughing It: Mongolia
Row Hard No Excuses
Rudy Maxa's World: Escape to French Polynesia
Sailing the World Alone
The Search for Shangri-La
Secrets of Shangri-La
Seeking 1906
Sharpie—Born To Fly
Silver Thread Through the West: The California Zephyr
Silver Thread Through The West: The California Zephyr
Small Town, Big Dreams: Lake Placid's Olympic Story
Thoroughbred Airs: 12/29
Thrills & Chills: An American Experience Special
Time Team Special Edition
Tree Safari: The Koa Connection
Walk in the Park with Nick Molle - Rivers of the Rockies
Walking the Bible Highlights Special
The Way Bobby Sees It
Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey
When The Mountain Calls: Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan
Wiley Post of Oklahoma
Wings for Maggie Ray

Episodes in this category:
American Experience
  #301 Lindbergh
  #909 Around the World in 72 Days
  #1104 Alone on the Ice
  #1107 Lost in the Grand Canyon

Chasing the Sun
  #101 Heroes and Daredevils

Connections with Renee Shaw
  #819 Thrivals 5.0

The Desert Speaks
  #802 Pinacate the Mysterious
  #902 Across the Great Desert
  #907 I Want That Job! (Part 1)
  #1807 Patagonia's Cultural Trail: From the Coast to the Andes

Great Leaders
  #102 Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen on Endurance

Kentucky Life
  #411 Donkey Man/Rafting the Cumberland/Audubon Bird Garden
  #414 Aerobatic Pilot/Motorcycle Man/Ballooning/Calumet Farm
  #511 Wild Caving/Antique Toy Trains/Nia Dance Troupe
  #512 Tandem Skydiving/Brian Weidlich/Land Between the Lakes History
  #513 Astronaut Terry Wilcutt/Ballerina Helen Starr/Buckhorn Lake
  #815 Hawksview Gallery/Ron Thomas/Wild Cave Tour
  #1608 Dave Does It/Bowling Green/Darters/Cassius Marcellus Clay
  #1612 Opal's/Paducah/Dave Does It/Hancock Co. Railroad Station/Cub Run Cave
  #1707 Mammoth Cave Adventures/Shelby County Marker/Annie Ruby's Cafe/Hawesville/Lynn Horine

Louisville Life
  #404 Tori Murden McClure/Abbey of Gethsemani/Southern Baptist Seminary Sesquicentennial/John Gordon/Capriole Goat Cheese
  #502 Carbon Nation/Waverly Hills/Tuberculosis History/Richard Lew Harris/The Trail Store
  #504 Bill Luster/River City Canoe & Kayak/Floyds Fork/Phil Hysell/Zappos
  #505 Old Friends/Locust Grove/Flight Anniversary/Bonnie Pendergrass/Crest Hill Radio
  #818 Louisville MEGA Cavern; Morris' Deli; David Henry; Moth StorySLAM
  #10404 Tori Murden McClure: Wonder Woman
  #30517 Yert (Your Environmental Road Trip)
  #50503 Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky

Magnificent Journeys
  #102 From the Amazon to the Arctic

National Geographic Specials
  #2109 Civil War Gold

  #1905 Condition Black

  #2419 Danger in the Jet Stream!
  #2511 Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude
  #2702 Lost on Everest
  #2906 Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance
  #3005 Mountain of Ice
  #3207 A Daring Flight
  #3302 Deadly Ascent
  #3307 Arctic Passage: Ice Survivors
  #3319 Underwater Dream Machine
  #3705 Extreme Cave Diving

One to One
  #232 Martin Douthitt
  #504 Tori Murden McClure

People Count
  #201 Trekking Against Tradition

People Near Here
  #305 Plane Nuts
  #309 Wilderness Guide

Savage Seas
  #101 Killer Waves
  #103 The Deep

Savage Seas (Pbs)
  #101 Killer Waves
  #103 The Deep

Scientific American Frontiers
  #1109 Flying Free
  #1207 Beneath the Sea

Scully (The World Show)
  #1150 Bruce Poon Tip
  #1310 Jack Schneider

Secrets of the Dead
  #1102 Lost in the Amazon

Tony Brown's Journal
  #2407 The Henson Saga
  #2408 Matthew Henson: The Final Step

Wide Angle
  #504 Flying Down to Kabul

Wild Chronicles

Wings Over Canada
  #706 Yukon Discovered on a Harley
  #708 Single-Engine Mission to the North Pole
  #803 BC Coast to Alaska

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