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Series in this category:
Becoming Successful in Middle School
Child Development: Stepping Stones
Death: A Personal Understanding
Demystifying Dyslexia
Depression: Out of the Shadows
Discovering Psychology
Discovering Psychology - Updated Edition
Exploring Your Brain
Great Conversations: Airs: 1/1, 1/8, 1/12, ...
Lunch with Bokara
Men Get Depression
Minds of Our Own
Our Families, Ourselves
Portrait of a Family
The Promise of Play
The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud with Dr. Armand Nicholi
Raising Cain
A Room Nearby
Seasons of Life
The Secret Life of the Brain
Secrets of the Sexes
Social and Emotional Development of Infants and Toddlers
Social Code
Status Anxiety
This Emotional Life
The Wisdom of the Dream
Working Together
The World of Abnormal Psychology
Young Dr. Freud

Specials in this category:
Addiction: Around Every Corner
Afraid of People
Case of Mistaken Identity?
Children Under Fire: Lessons of Hope and Resilience
The Choice of a Lifetime: Returning from the Brink of Suicide
The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential in the Second Half of Life
Difficult Behavior
Dr. Christiane Northrup's Mother-Daughter Wisdom
Emotional World of Farm Animals
Exploring Your Brain III: The Brain-Body Connection
Frankl's Choice
The Healing Years
Hearts & Minds: Teens and Mental Illness
Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness and Survival
Mind Over Murder
Moyer's On Addiction: Close to Home Excerpt Reel
Outside In: A Look at Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
The Pain of Depression: A Journey Through the Darkness
Power of the Spirit
September's Children
Super Commercials: A Mental Engineering Special
Valuing Diversity: Multicultural Communication
When a Child Pretends
The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow
Worried Sick

Episodes in this category:
Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers
  #1302 Make Up Your Mind
  #1402 Don't Forget
  #1507 Hidden Motives

Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick
  #118 Robert Greene—The 33 Strategies of War

Body & Soul
  #207 Overcoming Anger: Healing from Within

  #314 Marjanna 'Tiger' Frising

Cancer: Increasing Your Odds for Survival
  #103 Mind/Body Interventions

Closer to Truth
  #107 Why a Fine-Tuned Universe?
  #109 Arguing God from Design?
  #111 Does ESP Reveal the Nonphysical?
  #112 Arguing God from First Cause?
  #113 Can Science Deal with God?
  #204 Do Brains Make Minds?
  #206 Why Are Music and Art So Exhilarating?
  #212 What Is Parapsychology?

Closer to Truth (Apt)
  #212 What Is Parapsychology?
  #204 Do Brains Make Minds?
  #206 Why Are Music and Art So Exhilarating?
  #303 How Does the Autistic Brain Work?
  #309 Does Psychiatry Have a Split Personality?
  #312 Is Consciousness Definable?
  #107 What Is Consciousness?
  #109 Can ESP Affect Our Lives?
  #111 How Does Technology Transform Thinking?
  #112 Strange Physics of the Mind?
  #113 Can Science Seek the Soul?

The Constitution: That Delicate Balance
  #105 Crime and Insanity

  #112 Space

  #2011 Inside the Teenage Brain

Great Leaders
  #102 Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen on Endurance

The Great Minds
  #106 Depression with Kay Redfield Jamison

Growing Old in a New Age
  #105 Learning, Memory, and Speed of Behavior
  #106 Intellect, Personality, and Mental Health

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  #113 Understanding Mental Illness and Schizophrenia
  #115 Bi-Polar Disorder

In the Mix
  #445 9/11 Looking Back ... Moving Forward

Journey to Health: Mind, Body, Spirit
  #102 Stress
  #103 Psychological Health
  #104 Mental Disorders
  #108 Building Relationships

Louisville Life
  #20520 New Beginning
  #30410 Inspiring Louisvillian Is Namesake of International Awards
  #40403 Addressing The "New Homeless"
  #40410 University of Louisville's Grawemeyer Award Is Legacy of Kentucky Businessman
  #40419 Getting to The Bright Side
  #40420 The Facts About Mental Illness
  #40509 Keeping Love Alive
  #40601 Art As Escapism for the Incarcerated

  #2112 Secret of the Wild Child
  #2812 Secrets of the Mind

  #1504 Refrigerator Mothers

The Power of Ideas
  #103 Creativity and the Brain
  #106 How Children Learn
  #116 What Is a Mood Disorder?
  #202 Memory and Eyewitness Testimony
  #305 Food and Culture
  #308 Early Influences on the Infant Brain
  #321 Sex, Status, and Conflict

Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives
  #110 Session 10. Neurobiology

A Science Odyssey
  #103 In Search of Ourselves

Springboard: Exploring the Digital Age
  #107 CyberSelf
  #112 The Science of Love
  #124 Women Are from X, Men Are from Y

Standard Deviants TV
  #223 Sociology Secrets

Tony Brown's Journal
  #2924 Taking Blame for the Shame

Victory in the Pacific: American Experience
  #1410 A Brilliant Madness

World@Large with David Gergen
  #107 Does America Have ADD?
  #108 Do Women Make Better Leaders?

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