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Saturday 10/13/2012

Noon EDT

Quilting ArtsHigh Definition
#1001 "Modern Day Quilting" [TV-G]
A scrappy contemporary log cabin pillow with a modern quilt aesthetic, using illuminated letters as a design element for one-of-a-kind quilts, and accessories that make machine quilting easier. [High-Definition]
Garden SmartHigh Definition
#2812 [TV-G]
Visit several accomplished gardeners who share their ideas for properly creating formal gardens. [High-Definition]
A Native PresenceKY
A discussion of the presence of Native Americans in Kentucky's past, as well as current events that show how Kentuckians are embracing this heritage. A look back at the infamous Slack Farm looting incident, in which hundreds of graves were desecrated, focuses on laws passed since then to protect archaeologically and culturally important sites, while scenes from powwows and other events around the state show the vitality of the state's contemporary American Indian community. A 1995 KET production.

12:30 pm

Knitting DailyHigh Definition
#905 "Details, Details" [TV-G]
Double increases and decreases demonstrations, a knitted assemble made from alpaca yarn, unique yarn blends, and adding i-cord edging to your work. [High-Definition]
The Victory GardenHigh Definition
#3201 "Dry" [TV-G]
Plant your own water-wise garden with tips on how to recycle rainwater and put it to good use. [High-Definition]


P. Allen Smith's Garden to TableHigh Definition
#101 "Pizza Party" [TV-G]
Showcases several recipes, including a delicious Greek salad, an easy way to make pizza dough, and a fresh strawberry sorbeto. Allen creates a fun tablescape using interesting items from the garden. Also, tips on what herbs can be planted together. [High-Definition]
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy MacHigh Definition
#301 "Coopered Leg Table" [TV-G]
Tommy creates a beautiful ambrosia maple Coopered Leg Table - perfect for a dining room or office. [High-Definition]
The Battle of Mill SpringsKY
Byron Crawford hosts a new look at the Civil War battle fought on the north side of the Cumberland River in what is present day Nancy, Ky., in January 1862, a Union victory at which the dead included Confederate Brig. Gen. Felix Zollicoffer.


Garden SmartHigh Definition
#2710 [TV-G]
Visit an expert who shares their ideas on landscape design with family in mind. [High-Definition]
This Old HouseHigh Definition
#3202 "Cambridge Project, Part 2 of 15" [TV-G]
Removing a central chimney brick-by-brick, an "eco" resale store, and removing a sick Norway maple. [High-Definition]


Burt Wolf: Travels & TraditionsClosed Captioned
#709 "In Taiwan, a Sense of Place (Part 1)" [TV-G]
Burt gets advice on what to see and do in Taiwan from New York Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang; Dr. Henry Lee, a leading forensic scientist who appeared as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson trial; and AIDS researcher Dr. David Ho.
Ask This Old HouseHigh Definition
#1102 "Installing Bluestone Patio/Hanging Bikes in a Garage" [TV-G]
Installing a bluestone patio in an urban backyard and hanging bikes in a small garage are featured. [High-Definition]
Telling Amy's Story, Changing Kentucky's StoryKYHigh Definition
Local domestic violence experts come together after an encore of Telling Amy's Story to discuss ways people can get help in Kentucky. A 2010 KET production. [High-Definition]


Rick Steves' EuropeHigh Definition
#409 "Vienna" [TV-G]
While tiptoeing through the palace of Maria Theresa in Europe's classiest capital, Rick is dazzled by the Hapsburg crown jewels. After a picnic on the Danube, he nibbles strudel in an Old World café, blushes at slinky Art Nouveau, and waltzes to the three-four beat of Johann Strauss. [High-Definition]
HometimeHigh Definition
#2615 "North Woods Trees" [TV-G]
The crew plants trees after a storm and builds a crib for firewood cut from the damaged timber. [High-Definition]


Lidia's Italy In AmericaHigh Definition
#114 "Eastern Seaboard: A Shell of a Good Time" [TV-G]
Joined by Esca's Dave Pasternack, Lidia visits with some of Long Island's local fishermen and goes clamming with one of Dave's good friends. Later, Tanya takes viewers on a tour of Boston's North End. [High-Definition]
Woodsmith ShopHigh Definition
#602 "Book Rack and Mantel Clock" [TV-G]
The editors of Woodsmith create a stylish book rack or an elegant mantel clock in a weekend. [High-Definition]
Headwaters: Real Stories from Rural AmericaKY
#105 "Down-Home Artists" [TV-G]
"Homemade Tales: Songs and Sayings of Florida Slone" celebrates a unique woman. "Morgan Sexton: Bull Creek Banjo Player" has been awarded a National Heritage Fellowship for his voice and banjo.


Essential PepinHigh Definition
#114 "Family Favorites" [TV-G]
Recipes include grilled leg of lamb, pork loin tournedos with cream and calvados, Puerto Rican pork and beans, and lamb navarin. [High-Definition]
The Woodwright's ShopHigh Definition
#3006 "Continuous Arm Rocking Chair (Part 2)" [TV-G]
We'll finish our rocking chair as we steam and bend the continuous arm's one-piece back. With its compound bend, this challenging chair is truly an American design innovation. [High-Definition]


America's Test Kitchen from Cook's IllustratedHigh Definition
#1226 "Bistro-Style Steak and Potatoes" [TV-G]
How to make the five-star meal at home and equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for wine openers. [High-Definition]
New Fly FisherHigh Definition
#607 "MarMac Lodge" [TV-G]
Colin is keen on experiencing the wonderful fishing available at MarMac Lodge. [High-Definition]
JubileeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#1604 "The Farewell Drifters"
Nashville-based quintet The Farewell Drifters perform at the 3rd annual International Newgrass Festival. A 2012 KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


A Taste of HistoryHigh Definition
#406 "Liquid Gold" [TV-G]
Travel to Guyana where Rum is made and explore the legend of El Dorado. Chef Staib cooks traditional Guyanese dishes using local ingredients. [High-Definition]
Primal Grill with Steven RaichlenClosed Captioned
#106 "Vegetarians at the Grill" [TV-G]
Delicious grilled meals for vegetarians as well as those who want to cut back on meat.


Antiques RoadshowHigh Definition
#1117 "Milwaukee (Part 1)" [TV-G]
A 1952 Fender Esquire guitar; a late 19th-century child's sled in the shape of a swan; and an 18th-century desk and bookcase passed down to the owner from his great-grandfather, a former governor of Connecticut. [High-Definition]
MotorWeekHigh Definition
#3206 "Lexus LS" [TV-G]
Road tests of the 2013 Lexus LS and the 2013 Chevrolet Spark. [High-Definition]
The National Parks: America's Best IdeaHigh Definition
#101 "The Scripture of Nature (1851-1890)" [TV-G]
The astonishing beauty of Yosemite Valley and the geyser wonderland of Yellowstone give birth to the radical idea of creating national parks for the enjoyment of everyone; John Muir becomes their eloquent defender. [High-Definition]


Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
Skipping Boat School, Bumbershoots, Jackson's Orchard, and Bob Maurer's sheep are featured. [High-Definition]


The Lawrence Welk ShowClosed Captioned
#1307 "County Fair"
This production-filled show captures all the fun of a county fair including the "Cotton Candy and a Toy Balloon" to the clowns and the marching band. Dick Dale sings "John Henry," Bobby and Cissy have "Fun Goin' to the County Fair" and the band delights with a medley from that Rodgers and Hammerstein masterpiece "Carousel."
NatureHigh Definition
#3001 "Siberian Tiger Quest" [TV-PG]
Chris Morgan attempts to find a Siberian tiger living wild in Russia's far eastern forests. This film features the work of Korean cameraman, Sooyong Park, who spent two years in the forest tracking and filming the world's biggest cat. [High-Definition]