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Friday 11/2/2012

6:00 am EST

ArthurHigh Definition
#1509 "Buster's Garden of Grief/Through The Looking Glasses" [TV-Y]
With Fritz gone, Buster is in charge of the community garden, but it proves to be too much for just one person. Arthur can't find his glasses and has to get new ones, but all the attention he is getting from these new hipper glasses has gone straight to his head! [High-Definition]
NewslineHigh Definition
#3215 [TV-RE]
Our KidsKY
News and features about classroom projects and activities in Louisville-area schools.


Martha SpeaksHigh Definition
#215 "Martha: Secret Agent Dog" [TV-Y]
Martha is on a super secret mission to find out who's trying to steal the formula for Granny's soup. Can Martha stop the crooks before they put Granny Flo - and Martha's speaking voice - out of commission? The life of a secret agent dog turns out to be trickier than Martha expected. Undaunted, Martha uses disguises and gadgets to hound the evil soup thieves. [High-Definition]
Kentucky HealthClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#705 "Why Can't We Get Pregnant?"
Just what is Subfertility? Dr. Henry Bohler and Dr. Chris Schrepferman have the answers. Watch Online
Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
Be a part of the Glasgow Highland Games; learn how to cure a country ham at Broadbent B&B Foods; meet wood craftsman Jason Cohen; and visit Devines Orchard, a Kentucky Farm Bureau Certified Roadside Market. [High-Definition]


Curious GeorgeHigh Definition
#604 "George and the Giant Thumb/Shutter Monkey" [TV-Y]
George and Allie make a mud sculpture of Bill's sprained thumb. George and Steve accidentally ruin the pictures Betsy planned to enter in a photo contest, so George attempts to duplicate them by retaking the shots. [High-Definition]
Body Electric
#1704 "Tallahassee, FL" [TV-G]
Louisville LifeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#604 "Flyover Film Festival/Chickens in the Hood/Chef Edward Lee/Performing Arts Academy"
The Louisville Film Society's annual Flyover Film Festival has drawn the likes of Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence and Lost star William Mapother, both Louisville natives; meet Steve Lewis, the creator of "Chickens in the Hood," a resource for those who want to create self-sufficient food sources in urban environments; an interview with Chef Edward Lee, owner of the restaurant 610 Magnolia; and McDaniel Bluitt and the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy have been been changing lives in Louisville's inner city for more than 20 years. [High-Definition] Watch Online


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!High Definition
#130 "Help with Kelp/Treetop Tom" [TV-Y]
Gary the Garibaldi fish helps Nick and Sally pick a special present for Fish's birthday. The kids meet Treetop Tom in the So Sunny Savannah. [High-Definition]
TV411Closed Captioned
#115 "Picking a Book, Using a Glossary, Making a Schedule, Journaling"
Question Man goes to the library for books on parenting, and Laverne explains how to use a glossary to read a health insurance plan. Street Beat offers advice on figuring the tip in a restaurant, and a mother and daughter create a daily schedule. Poet Jimmy Santiago Baca shows a group of adult learners how to keep a journal. Other topics include energy consumption of appliances and the word stereotype.
Roundabout UKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
Carter and Clark celebrate Homecoming Weekend at Murray State University. Jim and Sarah catch up with Gary Moore to find out the details behind the Homecoming t-shirt's unique designs. Plus, Sarah talks with Michael Dobbs and Aimee Beasley who were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Kentucky LifeKYWatch Online!
#424 "Telefund Special" [TV-G]
Byron Crawford hosts an expanded edition featuring highlights from the series: country singer/songwriter Tom T. Hall; the Nia Dance Troupe, an African-American dance company in Paducah; Louisville photographer John Nation; Terri Ramsey, Miss Wheelchair USA; and the Blessing of the Hounds at the Iroquois Hunt Club. A 1998 KET production. Watch Online


Super Why!High Definition
#202 "Webby In Bathland" [TV-Y]
Red is practicing her soccer moves and kicking up dirt, when Grandma tells her it's time for lunch. Red gives her hands a quick rinse and gets ready to chow down, but Grandma says her hands aren't clean. The super readers zoom into the story Webby in Bathland and help a brave little penguin save his beloved town from the evil Squirmy Germies who are fighting down and dirty! [High-Definition]
GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#127 "Passing the GED Math Test" [TV-G]
Advice on what to expect from and how to prepare for the GED math test, including information on the calculator used on the test.


Dinosaur TrainHigh Definition
#209 "Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace/Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest" [TV-Y]
Dad and Mom take the kids to the Big Pond on a camping trip, where they will wait out the drought. Dad learns that he's been chosen to compete in the big annual Fishing Contest at the Big Misty Sea. [High-Definition]
GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#101 "Orientation" [TV-G]
An overview of the GED test and how this series and its accompanying workbooks and online lessons can help adults prepare.


Sesame StreetHigh Definition
#4310 "Afraid of the Bark" [TV-Y]
Elmo learns that Zoe and her pet rock, Rocco, are scared of dogs and helps them to not be afraid. [High-Definition]
Paint This with Jerry YarnellClosed Captioned
#712 "Morning Fog, Part 2" [TV-G]
Jerry begins by adding details to the pier posts in the foreground - noting the value system as he works into the distance.
Kentucky HealthClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#705 "Why Can't We Get Pregnant?"
Just what is Subfertility? Dr. Henry Bohler and Dr. Chris Schrepferman have the answers. Watch Online


Quilt in a DayClosed Captioned
#2710 "Friendship and Christian Cross"
Eleanor revs up her sewing machine for assembly-line sewing techniques.
The CommonHealth of KentuckyKYWatch Online!
#109 "Workplace Wellness"
Wellness plans in some Kentucky workplaces benefit both employees and employers by providing bonuses as well as big savings in health insurance costs. The Lifestyle Enhancement Activity Program, used by school systems and other employers in the Lewis County area, rewards workers who meet individual diet and fitness goals. At Logan Aluminum in Russellville, Logan Alive participants earn cash for their efforts and save money on healthier choices in the company cafeteria. And in Louisville, the mayor's Healthy Hometown initiative aims to show how individual health impacts the entire community. Watch Online


Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodHigh Definition
#104 "Daniel Gets Mad/Katerina Gets Mad" [TV-Y]
Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday get mad when Mom Tiger won't let them go play at the beach in the rain. Katerina Kittycat gets mad when someone else picks the instrument she wants to play. [High-Definition]
Knitting DailyHigh Definition
#902 "Short Rows" [TV-G]
A tutorial on three ways to wrap your short rows, a Broomstick lace crocheted hat, washable wools, and changing stepped bind-offs to short row knitting. [High-Definition]
Faces of FarmingKY
The program highlights how Kentucky farmers care for their animals, the environment, and their consumers. Meet the farmers in the Commonwealth who are providing a safe, affordable food supply to not only their family, but yours.


Sid the Science KidHigh Definition
#211 "Discovering Darkness" [TV-Y]
Sid investigates what happens when a light source is completely blocked, creating darkness. [High-Definition]
Beads, Baubles & JewelsHigh Definition
#1610 "Sophisticate" [TV-G]
A double needle weave technique to give an elegant bracelet dramatic impact, creating a glamorous cocktail ring using banding pliers and wire wrapping, and using sophisticated stones in jewelry designs. [High-Definition]
Saddles and Silks: A Jockey's StoryClosed CaptionedKY
Goes behind the scenes at Kentucky's four racetracks to follow the working days of jockeys. These dedicated athletes work tirelessly—often with only one or two days' notice of where their next mount will race or which trainer will hire (or fire) them. Produced by Michelle LaRock with support from the KET Fund for Independent Production.


WordWorldHigh Definition
#207 "Shark's First Day of School/Shark's First Loose Tooth" [TV-Y]
It's the first day of school for the youngest WordFriends, but Shark is afraid to go. With the help of his good buddy Duck, and some gentle encouragement from their teacher Cat, Shark's fear turns to confidence. When Shark loses his first baby tooth at a sleepover party with Duck, he's got to get to get to sleep fast so the tooth fairy can come and leave him a present. But there's just one problem - he can't fall asleep! [High-Definition]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#18224 [TV-RE]
Kentucky AfieldKYHigh Definition
#2904 [TV-G]
A KET/Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources co-presentation hosted by Tim Farmer. [High-Definition]


Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#201 "That's Snow Lie/Friend in Need" [TV-Y]
Cleo, who's not a very graceful skater, pretends to hurt her paw so she won't have to embarrass herself at the ice rink. Jetta takes on a big job and refuses offers of help because she wants to be a hero. [High-Definition]
Kentucky LifeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#1807 "Louisville Zombie Attack/Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky/Voices of Elmwood/Edgar Cayce"
Meet the characters who congregate on Bardstown Road for the annual Louisville Zombie Attack; Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky (PINK) try to find explanations for claims of paranormal activity; in Voices of Elmwood, actors portray deceased residents of Daviess County and tell their stories at graveside to guests who ride through Elmwood Cemetery; and Dave investigates the life of Hopkinsville native and clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. A 2012 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. [High-Definition] Watch Online


GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#111 "Passing the GED Reading Test" [TV-G]
Reviews the skills required, the subjects covered, and the kinds of questions included on the GED reading test.
CaillouHigh Definition
#436 "Step by Step!" [TV-Y]
When Leo forgets his new toy dinosaur in the park, Daddy and Caillou go looking for it—with no luck. Caillou helps a repairman fix the washing machine and accompanies Grandma to the seniors' home, where he discovers that driving the meal cart is more fun than driving his toy truck. [High-Definition]
One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#515 "Paul Wagner"
A conversation with Academy Award-winning independent filmmaker Paul Wagner. Wagner, who most recently directed Thoroughbred for KET, discusses his approach to filmmaking, his success in the industry - his documentary The Stone Carvers won both the Oscar and Emmy Awards, and his time in Kentucky and travels to Dubai and other locations filming Thoroughbred. A 2010 KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online