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Monday 12/3/2012

Midnight EST

Religion & Ethics NewsWeeklyHigh Definition
#1613 [TV-RE]
Kentucky MuseKYWatch Online!
#104 "Coal Black Voices"
The Affrilachian Poets, an ensemble of African-American and minority writers from Appalachia and the South, challenge the notions of an all-white region and culture and celebrate their African heritage and rural roots. Their work gives voice to the pleasures and power of family, land, good food, artistic community, music, and transformation. Watch Online

12:30 am Monday, December 3

One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#719 "Dr. Morris Grubbs"
Dr. Morris Grubbs, assistant dean in the office of Graduate Academic Services at the University of Kentucky, is a former student of farmer, author, essayist, and poet Wendell Berry. Grubbs discusses books he has edited related to Berry and the national award Berry received from the National Endowment for the Humanities this spring. A 2012 KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


European JournalClosed Captioned
#3048 [TV-RE]
Masterpiece ClassicHigh Definition
#4201 "Downton Abbey, Series II - Part One" [TV-14]
Two years into World War I, Downton Abbey is in turmoil, as Matthew and other young men go to war - or avoid it. The women also pitch in, and many couples see their romantic dreams dashed. [High-Definition]
News QuizHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2811 "Nov. 29, 2012" [TV-G]
[High-Definition] Watch Online


Telling TalesKY
#101 "Hardy Hard Head"
A "Jack tale" in which Jack bets with a witch, told by Appalachian storyteller Anndrena Belcher.


Scully/The World ShowClosed Captioned
#1532 [TV-G]
From the Ground UpKYWatch Online!
#102 "Architecture of Government"
The varying styles of Kentucky's courthouses. A 1991 KET production. Watch Online


Theater TalkClosed Captioned
#605 "Ethan Mordden Onlotte Lenya & Kurt Weill" [TV-G]
Author Ethan Mordden discusses his new book Love Song: The Lives of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya.
Take on the SouthHigh Definition
#105 "What is the Most Important Southern Sport Football or NASCAR?" [TV-G]
Opposing perspectives on the question, "What is the most important Southern sport, Football or NASCAR?" South Carolina historian Dr. Walter Edgar, host of "Walter Edgar's Journal" on ETV Radio, history professor, and the director of the Institute for Southern Studies at USC is the host of the program. The debaters are Dr. Daniel Pierce, author and History Department chair, University of North Carolina, Asheville, and Dr. Harvey "Hardy" Jackson III, author and eminent scholar in history, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Ala. [High-Definition]


Equitrekking AdventuresKYHigh Definition
#604 "Kentucky" [TV-G]
In Kentucky, discover wildflowers, a historic mill site, and rolling green hills on the trails at Shaker Village on horseback. Viewers learn about Kentucky's agricultural past as Darley rides smooth Tennessee Walking horses with a local resident, who is proud of her multi-generational farm and its heritage. Next, travel the trails at Land Between the Lakes and Barren River State Park in Western Kentucky. In Lexington, join Darley to see diverse breeds at the Kentucky Horse Park and attend a fast-paced, world-class equestrian competition, the Rolex Three Day Event. Next, visit a Thoroughbred rehabilitation center, where horses from the racetrack can find new homes. [High-Definition]


American MastersHigh Definition
#2504 "Harper Lee: Hey Boo" [TV-PG]
Explore the phenomenon behind To Kill a Mockingbird and the mysterious life of its Pulitzer Prize-winning author, including why she never published again. The documentary reveals the context and history of the novel's Deep South setting and the social changes it inspired after publication. [High-Definition]
The Mind of A ChefHigh Definition
#111 "New York" [TV-PG]
This all-New York features the Torrisi boys, oysters, carrot dashi, and farming. David Chang visits native New Yorker Ivan Orkin in Tokyo, where he's making ramen that's taking the city by storm. [High-Definition]
The AppalachiansClosed CaptionedKY
#101 [TV-G]
Evangelical revivals sweep the region in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the men of Appalachia rail at taxes and regulations imposed by the new American government, and traditional music mingles with the rhythms used by African slaves to form a glorious new gospel music.


The Mind of A ChefHigh Definition
#112 "Fresh" [TV-PG]
This episode explores the idea of fresh in the kitchen: instant broth, pea agnollini, fresh and aged steak with Chef Tien, and "ike jime" with Dave Arnold and Chef Murata in Kyoto. [High-Definition]


The Mind of A ChefHigh Definition
#113 "Soy" [TV-PG]
Chef Christina Tosi makes burnt miso apple pie, Laurent Gras takes on tofu, David Chang makes his classic corn miso, and the Torrisi boys compare making tofu to making mozzarella. [High-Definition]
The AppalachiansClosed CaptionedKY
#102 [TV-G]
After the Civil War, railroads are built, forests are cut, and outside owners buy up the land. A conflict between two timbering families, the Hatfields and the McCoys, becomes a legendary "blood feud." The United Mine Workers' union organizing attempts are resisted by the owners, often with violence, and resentments explode in a series of devastating strikes known as the "great coal wars."


My Dad's IllnessHigh Definition
Megan Plouzek shares her story about growing up with a parent suffering with severe mental illness. [High-Definition]
The Mind of A ChefHigh Definition
#114 "Sweet Spot" [TV-PG]
Christina Tosi makes corn cookies three ways and her three-layered Arnold Palmer cake. Chef Burns makes ice cream and David goes strawberry picking. [High-Definition]


GED Connection en EspanolClosed Captioned
#111 "Cómo aprobar la prueba de lectura GED (desarrollo educativo general)" [TV-G]
Reviews the skills required, the subjects covered, and the kinds of questions included on the GED reading test.
Market WarriorsHigh Definition
#105 "Antiquing In Springfield, OH" [TV-PG]
The pickers head to the Midwest for one of the largest shows in the region, the Springfield Extravaganza in Springfield, Ohio. They sift through the 2,000 vendors to find the best piece of cast iron to sell at auction. Unique picks include a Jazzboy Jim toy, a Salvador Dali lithograph, and a pair of chairs made of skis. [High-Definition]
The AppalachiansClosed CaptionedKY
#103 [TV-G]
The 1960s War on Poverty again sends federal aid into Appalachia, but television and magazines show painful images of hunger and poverty, reinforcing the stereotype of the poor hillbilly.


Equitrekking AdventuresHigh Definition
#609 "Utah" [TV-G]
Darley Newman rides through Utah's Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Antelope Island. [High-Definition]


Wai Lana YogaClosed Captioned
#119 "Plough In and Breathe!" [TV-G]
Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#222 "Food for Thought/Friends 4ever" [TV-Y]
Clifford and the other dogs want to try a new dog food brand because the ads make it sound so good. T-Bone learns that his puppyhood friend Burger is coming to visit and starts regaling the others with stories about his old buddy. [High-Definition]
Dialogue on Public IssuesKYHigh Definition
#406 "Al Cross"