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Tuesday 12/11/2012

Noon EST

WordWorldHigh Definition
#115 "Pig's Present/Tick Tock Space Clock" [TV-Y]
Pig's nephews, the Three Little Pigs, are making him a secret birthday present. Pig promises not to peek, but his curiosity gets the better of him—and wreaks havoc all over WordWorld. After a mysterious spaceship lands, Duck pledges to help a robot track down a very important clock. [High-Definition]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#18251 [TV-RE]
Kentucky Time CapsuleClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#101 "A Dream Come True" [TV-G]
A look at the history of Jenkins—a town built from scratch during the Kentucky coal boom—as reflected in an amazing cache of photographs taken more than 80 years ago. Watch Online

12:30 pm

Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#101 "My Best Friend/Cleo's Fair Share" [TV-Y]
Emily Elizabeth searches far and wide for something special for Show and Tell, then finds the perfect thing right under her nose. Cleo gets a new toy and doesn't want to share it. [High-Definition]
Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
Highlights include Old Kentucky Chocolates, Rustic Furniture, Coal Mining Museum, and the Owensboro BBQ Festival. [High-Definition]


Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
Highlights include Old Kentucky Chocolates, Rustic Furniture, Coal Mining Museum, and the Owensboro BBQ Festival. [High-Definition]


GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#114 "Poetry" [TV-G]
Poet Sonia Sanchez reads from her work and shows how to analyze a poem, U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky introduces the "Favorite Poem Project," and people talk about how poetry can be a powerful means of expression.
CaillouHigh Definition
#405 "Imagine" [TV-Y]
Caillou discovers how using his imagination can make ordinary things fun. Unable to fly his kite on a windless day, he stares at the clouds and sees wagons, balloons, and dinosaurs. [High-Definition]
One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#622 "Keen Babbage"
Bill Goodman speaks with author and educator Keen Babbage about his battle with cancer and his latest book on teaching, The Dream and Reality of Teaching. A 2011 KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Pre-GED Connection
#113 "Economics" [TV-G]
Business people and economics teachers explain the basics of money, finance, markets, and commerce.
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodHigh Definition
#111 "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty/Daniel Goes To The Potty" [TV-Y]
Prince Wednesday learns how important it is to stop playing and go to the potty. Daniel needs to use the bathroom at Music Man Stan's Shop, but thinks he will have to wait until he gets home. [High-Definition]
BywordsKYWatch Online!
#204 "Maria Braden, Carl West"
Maria Braden, journalism instructor at University of Kentucky, and Carl West, editor of Frankfort State Journal, discuss news media in Kentucky. A 1981 KET production. Watch Online


Super Why!High Definition
#114 "The Little Red Hen" [TV-Y]
When Red needs help gathering apples, all her friends can say is, "Not I!" So the Super Readers consult the Little Red Hen, whose friends didn't want to help her, either. [High-Definition]
Garden SmartHigh Definition
#2806 [TV-G]
Learn how the experts plan for a beautiful, colorful garden. [High-Definition]
Wendell Berry's Thoughts in the Presence of FearKY
With film footage of rural Kentucky as a backdrop, author Wendell Berry expresses his thoughts in the days following the September 11 attack.


Dinosaur TrainHigh Definition
#222 "The Egg Stealer?/To The Grandparents' Nest We Go!" [TV-Y]
Buddy and Don become detectives when some unhatched eggs they found on the beach are stolen. Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don have fun spending a special day with their Grandma and Grandpa at their cliffside nest. [High-Definition]
P. Allen Smith's Garden HomeHigh Definition
#806 "Triumphant Tulips" [TV-G]
Daffodils and tulips fill the landscape with vibrant color, planting herbs and vegetables, and a check of the swans reveals how they've adjusted to their new habitat. [High-Definition]


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!High Definition
#108 "Rain Game/No Sssweater Is Better" [TV-Y]
Nick and Sally explore each level of the rain forest and meet some toucans and howler monkeys. Slyde the snake who shows Nick and Sally how he sheds his skin when it gets too small for him. [High-Definition]
Math Basics
#103 "Many Ways To Measure"
Customary and metric units of measure; tools and instruments for measuring; the use of a calculator in learning mathematics.
Silas House - Visiting AuthorKYHigh Definition
Acclaimed Kentucky author Silas House discusses his book Eli the Good to an assembly at St. Catherine's College in Springfield, Kentucky. [High-Definition]


Curious GeorgeHigh Definition
#309 "Fun Ball Talley/Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight" [TV-Y]
Steve, Betsy and George guess the number of Super Mega Fun-Balls in a dispenser to win a contest. George starts a weather journal by drawing pictures of the sky. [High-Definition]
Crossroads CaféClosed Captioned
#101 "Opening Day" [TV-PG]
Victor Brashov's new restaurant is about to open, but still doesn't have a name or any employees. Vocabulary: giving and getting personal information; life skills: finding job openings and interviewing for a job.


ArthurHigh Definition
#1502 "I Wanna Hold Your Hand/Whistling in the Wind" [TV-Y]
During a shopping trip to the mall, Binky gets caught doing the uncoolest of all the uncool things in the world -holding his mom's hand! The Tibbles look the same, they act the same, they even have the same number of hairs on their heads. So if they are supposed to be exactly the same, why can Tommy whistle while Timmy can't? [High-Definition]
Tennessee Wild SideHigh Definition
#2401 [TV-G]
Kids learn to shoot, breeding Hellbender salamanders, fly-fishing for gar, topwater tactics, and Dragon Boat races. [High-Definition]
The Great Kentucky Gospel Shout OutKY
#200 "2003" [TV-G]
Gospel groups from Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, Paducah, and Bowling Green, chosen through a series of regional showcases throughout Kentucky, perform on the Belvedere on the Louisville riverfront. A 2004 KET production.


WordGirlHigh Definition
#110 "Mr. Big's Big Plan/Vocab Bee" [TV-Y7]
WordGirl must get to the bottom of Mr. Big's plan to steal the local election. Becky enters a vocabulary bee, but the Butcher's latest crime spree proves to be a major distraction for WordGirl. [High-Definition]
The Desert SpeaksHigh Definition
#1903 "Beyond The Asphalt Part 1" [TV-G]
David heads west to visit the largest dune field in the United States, the Arizona Territorial Prison, the Sonoran Desert National Monument, and Picacho Peak State Park. [High-Definition]


Wild KrattsHigh Definition
#108 "Build It Beaver" [TV-Y]
The team must lend a hand to help a beaver rebuild its damaged lodge and restore the ecosystem. [High-Definition]
MotorWeekHigh Definition
#3214 "BMW M5" [TV-G]
Road tests of the 2013 BMW M5 and 2013 Tesla Model S. [High-Definition]
Roundabout UKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
Carter and Clark catch up with members of the MSU Theater Department, including those who have already moved on and made it big. Also, Clark transforms into a leopard after attending a make-up class and Devan Reed talks about the local production of Small Town. [High-Definition] Watch Online


The Electric CompanyHigh Definition
#305 "Wiki Wiki Walter" [TV-Y]
A beatboxing competition gets interesting when Shock's old beatboxing pal Wiki joins the challenge. [High-Definition]
Kentucky AfieldKYHigh Definition
#2910 [TV-G]
A KET/Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources co-presentation hosted by Tim Farmer. [High-Definition]
Kentucky LifeKY
#906 "Estill County Arts/Henry Clay's Gardens/Elizabeth Kaiser Fine Candies" [TV-G]
Art on Main, an Estill County gallery that's helping to revitalize downtown Irvine; the volunteer-maintained formal gardens at Henry Clay's estate in Lexington; and a Bowling Green husband-and-wife team who create delicious, edible art. A 2003 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett.


BBC World News AmericaHigh Definition
#17346 [TV-RE]
Fetch! With Ruff RuffmanHigh Definition
#415 "Ruff Needs His Herring Checked" [TV-Y]
Ruff hears a voice telling him to bake cookies to woo Charlene, the poodle next door. Isaac and Liza meet with an audiologist and Sterling and Brian visit a cookie company! [High-Definition]
Kentucky TonightKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2004 "State Tax Reform"
A discussion about state tax reform. Guests: State Rep. Jim Wayne, D-Louisville; State Rep. Bill Farmer, R-Lexington; State Sen. Gerald Neal, D-Louisville; and State Sen. Paul Hornback, R-Shelbyville. [High-Definition] Watch Online