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Wednesday 12/26/2012

6:00 am EST

Wai Lana YogaClosed Captioned
#504 "Good Vibrations" [TV-G]
Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#113 "The Dog Who Cried Woof/Doing the Right Thing" [TV-Y]
Cleo plays a series of tricks on her friends, then finds that they don't believe her when she really needs their help. T-Bone accidentally walks off with someone else's squeak toy and then feels guilty for not returning it right away. [High-Definition]
Leadership LandscapeKY
#108 "Ed Hamilton"
A discussion with sculptor Ed Hamilton.


Body Electric
#1716 "Tallahassee, FL" [TV-G]
Wild KrattsHigh Definition
#115 "Octopus Wildkratticus" [TV-Y]
Martin and Chris dive down deep into an Arctic trench in Aviva's new Octopod submarine. [High-Definition]
Exploring an American OriginalKY
#106 "Heritage Landmarks Corridor"
Picturesque farmlands, horse-racing and Civil War history, the first brick house in Kentucky, the home of the first chartered school, and more.


ArthurHigh Definition
#1601 "Based on a True Story (Part 1 & 2)" [TV-Y]
Ladonna Compson, a new kid in town, charms Arthur and friends with her amazing "true" stories. But are her stories real? [High-Definition]
NewslineHigh Definition
#3269 [TV-RE]
Once Upon a VisionKYWatch Online!
Depicts the early days of Berea College. Author Alex Haley serves as host and storyteller. Watch Online


Martha SpeaksHigh Definition
#110 "Oh, Noooo!/Bye, Martha" [TV-Y]
Granny Flo's alphabet soup is taking a licking from a competitor, Oodles of Os. If Granny Flo goes out of business, how will Martha communicate? Nefarious con artist Weaselgraft hatches a scheme to kidnap Martha by pretending to be her long-lost owner from Poland. The family is suspicious, but why is Martha suddenly speaking Polish? [High-Definition]
One to OneClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#212 "Molly Bingham"
Photojournalist and filmmaker Molly Bingham discusses her 10 months in Iraq filming Meeting Resistance. Set in the Adhamiya neighborhood of Baghdad, the documentary profiles eight insurgents, each with his or her own reasons for opposing the American-led occupation. A 2007 KET production hosted by Bill Goodman. Watch Online


Curious GeorgeHigh Definition
#315 "Movie House Monkey/Cooking with Monkey" [TV-Y]
George tries to rescue a beloved bijou theatre from being replaced by a self-cleaning parking lot. Professor Wiseman proudly presents a cake for the fire station barbecue. [High-Definition]
Body Electric
#1716 "Tallahassee, FL" [TV-G]
Kentucky LifeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#1509 "Santa Train/Civil War Christmas/Nazareth, Ky./State Parks Holiday Celebrations" [TV-G]
Every year since 1943 on the Saturday before Thanksgiving the Santa Train, laden with gifts for mountain children, winds its way through the mountains with Old Saint Nick, and this year Dave meets celebrity guest Wynonna Judd. Also, learn how Kentuckians celebrated Christmas during the Civil War; make a visit to Nazareth, Ky., during an auspicious month; and Dave visits Rough River Dam State Resort Park for Winter Wonderland, and finds out how the state parks serve the Commonwealth during the holidays. A 2009 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. [High-Definition] Watch Online


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!High Definition
#140 "Seasons - Spring and Summer/Seasons - Fall and Winter" [TV-Y]
For Show and Tell at school, Nick and Sally must bring something from their favourite season. But how can they choose which is their favourite? The Cat in the Hat takes them to the magical Garden of Seasons, where they can visit any season they like, any time they like! [High-Definition]
Burt Wolf: Taste of FreedomClosed Captioned
#104 "Kwanzaa" [TV-G]
Kwanzaa runs from December 26 to January 1 and is an opportunity for African Americans to celebrate their roots. Burt visits the epicenter of black culture in the United States by taking a tour of Harlem, with a stop at the Apollo Theater on Amateur Night, and looks at what faith means at Abyssinian Church.
Kentucky HealthClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#808 "Cardiac Electrophysiology and Heart Rhythm"
Dr. Brad Sutton, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Louisville and associate director of electrophysiology at Jewish Hospital, discusses cardiac electrophysiology and heart rhythm. Watch Online


Super Why!High Definition
#121 "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" [TV-Y]
Whyatt wants to know why his family is acting sneaky, so the Super Readers waltz into the story of the 12 Dancing Princesses to see whether they can discover what the princesses are concealing. [High-Definition]
Chihuly OutsideHigh Definition
A glimpse into Dale Chihuly's first experiments with floating glass on water, his early work at Art Park in Upstate New York, and his decade-long exploration of large-scale installations at 12 of the world's preeminent botanic gardens and conservatories. [High-Definition]
Take on the SouthHigh Definition
#108 "What Is The South in the 21st Century?" [TV-G]
Regional experts John Shelton Reed and James Cobb tackle the question of defining "What is the South in the 21st Century?" [High-Definition]


Dinosaur TrainHigh Definition
#119 "King Cryolophosaurus/Buddy the Tracker" [TV-Y]
Buddy, Tiny, Don, and Mom meet a reclusive, singing dinosaur named King who has a big swooping crest on his head and a voice that sounds an awful lot like Elvis Presley. Buddy and Don are "footprint detectives" as they track and find creatures they know at the Big Pond. The plot thickens when they discover fossilized tracks that are millions of years old! [High-Definition]


Sesame StreetHigh Definition
#4305 "Me Am What Me Am" [TV-Y]
A very hungry Cookie Monster is waiting for Chris to finish baking cookies, but it's hard for him to wait! Chris offers Cookie Monster carrots to eat in the meantime, and he gobbles them all up. [High-Definition]
Gary Spetz's Painting Wild Places! with WatercolorsClosed Captioned
#512 "Kilauea Lighthouse—Kauai" [TV-G]
Gary hikes to and paints Kauai's Kilauea Lighthouse.
Kentucky LifeKY
#1010 "Kentucky's Last Great Places: A Kentucky Life Special" [TV-G]
A rare opportunity to journey to some of the few remaining places that look much as they did when the first European settlers began arriving in Kentucky. Inspired by the book Kentucky's Last Great Places, written and photographed by Thomas Barnes, host Dave Shuffett explores hidden areas in every corner of the Commonwealth. A 2004 KET production.


Scheewe Art WorkshopClosed Captioned
#1124 "Hillside Viewpoint" [TV-G]
Sue shows how to capture a majestic view of distant mountains and trees in watercolors or diluted acrylics.


Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodHigh Definition
#104 "Daniel Gets Mad/Katerina Gets Mad" [TV-Y]
Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday get mad when Mom Tiger won't let them go play at the beach in the rain. Katerina Kittycat gets mad when someone else picks the instrument she wants to play. [High-Definition]
Sew It AllHigh Definition
#404 "Applique Away, Debra Immergut & Nicole Blum" [TV-G]
Learn reverse applique techniques and make a stylish skirt in this episode. [High-Definition]


Sid the Science KidHigh Definition
#137 "I Have Muscles Where?" [TV-Y]
When Sid's Dad tells him a really funny joke, Sid laughs so hard that his face hurts. Sid wonders why his face would hurt if the joke was funny? [High-Definition]
Martha's Sewing RoomClosed Captioned
#3403 "Whimsical Trims From a Stick" [TV-G]
Using whimsy sticks for creating trims and flowers; roses for headbands, shoe clips; crazy quilting with the embroidery machine, and hand-embroidered ribbon stitch.


WordWorldHigh Definition
#119 "The Race to Mystery Island/A Star Is Born" [TV-Y]
Pig and Frog's attempts to outdo each other result in a big race to Mystery Island. Duck gets a case of stage fright while singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" for all his WordFriends. [High-Definition]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19002 [TV-RE]
In Performance at the Governor's MansionKYWatch Online!
#104 "1997 Holiday Program"
Features the Northern Kentucky Brotherhood, an a cappella gospel group; Vince DiMartino and a jazz trio with singer Gail Wynters; and holiday readings by Warren Hammack and Pamela White of Horse Cave Theatre. A KET production. Watch Online