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Wednesday 1/9/2013

6:00 pm EST

BBC World News AmericaHigh Definition
#17009 [TV-RE]
Fetch! With Ruff RuffmanHigh Definition
#504 "The Ol' Shell Game" [TV-Y]
Marco and Shreya head to Florida to learn about sea turtles. Ruff sends Jay out to be a contestant on a mysterious radio game show. [High-Definition]
Roundabout UKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
[High-Definition] Watch Online


Nightly Business ReportHigh Definition
#32026 [TV-RE]
CyberchaseHigh Definition
#107 "The Poddleville Case" [TV-Y]
The diabolical Hacker wreaks havoc when he steals the power pods of Poddleville, a cybercity filled with patterns. Our heroes must use math and logic to crack the double pattern that unlocks the Poddles' cyberpower vault before Hacker and his henchmen do. [High-Definition]
Connections with Renee ShawKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#815 "Cathy Holloway Hill"
An author, life coach, and radio talk show host, Cathy Holloway Hill has written a book on how to uncover and discover the real you in Lies, Love and Life. [High-Definition] Watch Online


PBS NewsHourHigh Definition
#10538 [TV-RE]
Burt Wolf: Travels & TraditionsHigh Definition
#1104 "German Immigration to the U.S." [TV-G]
We tend to think that the largest groups to immigrate to America were from Italy or Ireland. But that is not the case. The greatest numbers of people to immigrate to America were from Germany. Today, over 60 million Americans consider themselves of German descent. This program, shot on-location in Germany, takes a look at who they were and where they came from. [High-Definition]
Conversations with ChampionsKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#101 "C.M. Newton" [TV-G]
A conversation with ex-NCAA Rules Chair and former University of Kentucky Athletics Director C.M. Newton. A Georgetown College production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


The Truth About Money with Ric EdelmanHigh Definition
#207 [TV-G]
Ric and his team explore the reality behind Broadway's bright lights. Ric interviews former Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels, on the right - and wrong - advice to take when building a business. [High-Definition]


NatureHigh Definition
#2711 "Cuba: The Accidental Eden" [TV-G]
Cuba's varied landscape, its location in the heart of the Caribbean, and its longstanding place at the center of Cold War politics have all combined to preserve some of the richest and most unusual natural environments of the hemisphere. What will happen to Cuba's stunning biodiversity once the U.S. trade embargo ends? [High-Definition]
Great PerformancesHigh Definition
#3807 "Paul Simon's Graceland Journey" [TV-PG]
Paul Simon reunites with musicians in South Africa and reflects on his acclaimed 1986 album Graceland, regarded as one of the most significant recordings of its time. [High-Definition]
Morehead & Northfork RailroadKYHigh Definition
The film depicts the rise and fall of the railroad from the early 1900's to the 1970's. The Morehead & NorthFork Railroad in Rowan County created jobs, a town, and saved many lives during the horrific 1939 flood. But now, it's a forgotten landmark which has a century long story to tell. [High-Definition]


Call to WarKY
Kentucky actor Matt Long introduces the contrasting true stories of two young Kentuckians in the Civil War. William Horsfall left his Newport home and went on to become the youngest Congressional Medal of Honor winner in history at the age of 14. But 15-year-old Asa Lewis from Barren County left the army to go home and harvest crops to feed his starving family, only to be court-martialed upon his return and then executed. Produced by Dorian Walker of Bowling Green with support from the KET Fund for Independent Production.


NovaHigh Definition
#4002 "Decoding Neanderthals" [TV-PG]
Geneticists explore what happened when the first humans encountered Neanderthals 60,000 years ago. [High-Definition]
Jefferson Davis—American PresidentKY
#102 "President"
After a three-day respite from political life, Davis receives word that he has been appointed provisional president of the Confederate States of America, and he and his family move to Montgomery to set up the entire system of government for a new country. After the firing on Fort Sumter, Davis moves the CSA capital to Richmond, where he becomes the Confederacy's first and last elected president in February of 1862.


Life On FireHigh Definition
#102 "Volcano Doctors" [TV-PG]
Whether the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Chile, Italy or Iceland, each of these countries is home to active volcanoes and a threat to the population settled at their base. Volcanologists use their tools and knowledge to try to protect those who live beneath the Earth's fire. [High-Definition]
At Home with the GeorgiansHigh Definition
#102 "A Woman's Touch" [TV-PG]
Amanda reveals how "taste" became the buzzword of the age 300 years ago and allowed women a new outlet for their creativity. Their status in the home was raised as a consequence, but new anxieties about getting it right also developed. [High-Definition]


Kentucky's GreensideKYHigh Definition
#105 "Mother Ann Lee Hydro Electric Station"
Take a trip to the Mother Ann Lee Hydro Power Station on the Kentucky River and find outhow three guys are supplying power to over 1000 people. [High-Definition]


BBC World NewsHigh Definition
#23009 [TV-RE]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19013 [TV-RE]
WoodSongsClosed CaptionedKY
#1110 "60 Years of Bluegrass with Bobby Osborne" [TV-G]
As part of the legendary Osborne Brothers, Bobby Osborne introduced one of the most popular songs in American music, "Rocky Top." He performs songs from his new album, New Bluegrass & Old Heartaches.


Kentucky LifeClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#1308 "Antique Cars/Retriever Training/Dwight Yoakam" [TV-G]
An exhibition of classic and antique cars in Elizabethtown; "retriever school" for Charlie at Lodi Kennels in Paducah; and an interview with singer-songwriter and Eastern Kentucky native Dwight Yoakam and his mother, Ruth. A 2007 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. Watch Online


Workplace Essential SkillsClosed CaptionedWatch Online!
#107 "Workplace Safety" [TV-G]
Developing safety-conscious attitudes and skills. Watch Online
Tavis SmileyHigh Definition
#2813 [TV-RE]
Studio 89KYHigh Definition
#607 "Matraca Berg"
Nashville Hall of Fame songwriter and Grammy nominee Matraca Berg performs songs from her new album, The Dreaming Fields. [High-Definition]