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Thursday 1/17/2013

Midnight EST

Workplace Essential SkillsClosed CaptionedWatch Online!
#109 "The Language of Work" [TV-G]
Effective workplace speaking/listening strategies and skills. Watch Online
Tavis SmileyHigh Definition
#2818 [TV-RE]
Studio 89KYHigh Definition
#608 "Pete Dressman and S.U.N."
Local band Pete Dressman and Soul Unified Nation perform. [High-Definition]

12:30 am Thursday, January 17

Great Decisions in Foreign PolicyHigh Definition
#401 "Sacred Cow: Defense Spending In An Era Of Economic Restraint" [TV-G]
A look at how the U.S. is tightening its belt on defense spending in an age of economic uncertainty. [High-Definition]
Tavis SmileyHigh Definition
#2817 [TV-RE]


Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19018 [TV-RE]
NatureHigh Definition
#2913 "Cracking The Koala Code" [TV-PG]
The day-to-day dramas of an extended family of koalas, seen through the eyes of the scientists studying their every move and vocalization. Discover how koalas survive and thrive on a diet poisonous to almost all other herbivorous mammals. [High-Definition]
Coming to GroundKYHigh Definition
Explores the change in Kentucky agriculture over the last decade and chronicles the efforts of Kentucky's farmers and policy makers as they moved from dependency on tobacco to a more diverse and sustainable agriculture. [High-Definition]


Guiding Children SuccessfullyClosed Captioned
#102 "Children and Discipline: Love and Limits" [TV-G]
Loving ways to guide children through proactive, cooperative techniques that help kids find the answers within themselves.
NovaHigh Definition
#3905 "Ice Age Death Trap" [TV-G]
In a race against developers in the Rockies, archaeologists uncover a unique site packed with astonishingly preserved bones of mammoths, mastodons, and other giant extinct beasts, opening a vivid window on the vanished world of the Ice Age. [High-Definition]


Kentucky's GreensideKYHigh Definition
#104 "Mammoth Cave"
Go behind the scenes to see how Mammoth Cave is leading the way in park sustainability so that future generations can enjoy one of the world's seven modern natural wonders. [High-Definition]


Diamond QueenHigh Definition
Andrew Marr assesses Queen Elizabeth II's moves to modernize the monarchy, from the abolition of the presentation of debutantes in 1958 to the very modern wedding of William and Catherine. He looks back at the challenges faced by the monarchy in the 'annus horribilis' of 1992, follows the Queen on her groundbreaking visit to the Republic of Ireland, and looks back on the happy times she spent on the Royal Yacht Britannia. [High-Definition]
Life On FireHigh Definition
#103 "The Surprise Salmon" [TV-G]
In Alaska, scientists investigate a race of salmon that faced the death of their natal river 2,000 years ago. [High-Definition]
Kentucky LifeKY
#1010 "Kentucky's Last Great Places: A Kentucky Life Special" [TV-G]
A rare opportunity to journey to some of the few remaining places that look much as they did when the first European settlers began arriving in Kentucky. Inspired by the book Kentucky's Last Great Places, written and photographed by Thomas Barnes, host Dave Shuffett explores hidden areas in every corner of the Commonwealth. A 2004 KET production.


At Home with the GeorgiansHigh Definition
#103 "Safe As Houses" [TV-PG]
Amanda Vickery discovers how the 18th-century home was constantly under threat from theft, fire, divorce, poverty, illness, and death. Using intimate diaries and Old Bailey records, she explores the chaos of Georgian houses, bursting with extended families and servants, and learns how they set about making their dwellings havens of safety and security. [High-Definition]
Pioneers of TelevisionHigh Definition
#301 "Funny Ladies" [TV-PG]
Comediennes Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett, Phyllis Diller, and more are highlighted. [High-Definition]


Local TravelerKYHigh Definition
#102 "Irish Acres/Rebecca Ruth Candy/Chaney's Dairy Barn"
Journey to Nonesuch, Kentucky, for a visit to Irish Acres Gallery and lunch at The Glitz; taste the tempting chocolates at Rebecca Ruth Candy; and Chaney's Dairy Barn in Bowling Green serves up top-rated ice cream and more. [High-Definition]
History DetectivesHigh Definition
#1001 [TV-PG]
A Fender Stratocaster may be the guitar that Bob Dylan plugged in at the '65 Newport Folk Festival, autographs allegedly signed for two brothers in Miami Beach could be from the Beatles' legendary 1964 "British Invasion" tour, and a $5 thrift store find unearths a little-known artistic side of musician Frank Zappa. [High-Definition]
Great ConversationsClosed Captioned
#102 "Elizabeth Gilbert and ZZ Packer" [TV-G]
ZZ Packer, author of Drinking Coffee Elsewhere and a 1990 graduate of Seneca High School in Louisville, interviews author Elizabeth Gilbert about her #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia and her novel, Stern Men. A KET production taped at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville.


Classical Stretch: The Esmonde TechniqueHigh Definition
#904 "Weight Loss: Slenderizing Legs & Hips" [TV-G]


Wai Lana YogaClosed Captioned
#520 "Special: Pregnancy (Part 3)" [TV-G]
Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#129 "Best Paw Forward/Then Came Bob" [TV-Y]
Everyone else puts their handprints in the cement at the new recreation center, but Clifford's paw print is just too big. Then the kids figure out a way to include him. Vaz babysits for a mischievous little dog who has a talent for causing trouble—and blaming it on Clifford. [High-Definition]
Mission Appalachia: The Story of Red BirdKYHigh Definition
The Red Bird Mission has been described as one of the most comprehensive mission sites in the world.  Nearly 3,000 volunteers journey to Appalachia from all across the United States to bring relief and support to fellow Americans. This documentary follows very personal stories of hope and resilience of the mountain people who refer to it simply, and affectionately, as "Red Bird." [High-Definition]