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Wednesday 3/13/2013

Midnight EST

Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19057 [TV-RE]
The Storm That Swept MexicoHigh Definition
The complex historical, social, political, economic, and cultural forces that shaped the Mexican Revolution, influenced its course, and determined its consequences and legacy. [High-Definition]
Independence Hall: Its History, Its Legacy....High Definition
The story of the little known origins of the Pennsylvania State House, later to be known as Independence Hall. Commissioned to be built under royal decree, the building was the largest in in the American colonies. Its architectural style became synonymous with the best of American ideals. [High-Definition]

1:00 am Wednesday, March 13

Intelligence SquaredHigh Definition
#102 "Should Drugs Be Legalized?" [TV-PG]
Twenty two million Americans use illegal drugs. Is it time to legalize drugs or is this a war we're winning? [High-Definition]
The War of 1812High Definition
Explores this significant event from divergent points of view. Leading historians, battle re-enactors, and historic images help bring this defining conflict to life. [High-Definition]


Schools That Change CommunitiesHigh Definition
From economically challenged rural areas to crime-ridden urban neighborhoods, this film profiles a diverse range of K-12 public schools in five states that are tackling educational reform at the local level. [High-Definition]
Powering The Planet - Earth: The Operators' ManualHigh Definition
Highlights nations and communities transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable or low-carbon sources of energy. Dr. Richard Alley hosts. [High-Definition]


Rebels On Lake ErieHigh Definition
The adventurous exploits of Virginia native John Yates Beall - a wealthy, college-educated Southern plantation owner - who served in the Confederate army under General Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War are recounted. [High-Definition]
Independent LensHigh Definition
#1310 "Have You Heard from Johannesburg? - From Selma to Soweto" [TV-PG]
Only a decade removed from the height of its own civil rights movement, the United States becomes a key battleground as African Americans lead a grassroots movement to force the United States to reverse its policies toward South Africa. [High-Definition]
Distinguished KentuckianKYWatch Online!
#107 "William H. Neal" [TV-G]
A profile of William H. Neal, a civic leader from Owensboro. Neal talks about his first job as a newspaper carrier at the age of 9, his aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player, and his 36-year career with Western Kentucky Gas Company. A 1985 KET production. Watch Online


Woodsmith ShopHigh Definition
#611 "Roll-Top Desk" [TV-G]
The editors of Woodsmith show how to build a classic roll-top desk with slide-in storage unit. [High-Definition]
Antiques RoadshowHigh Definition
#1211 "Spokane (Part 2)" [TV-G]
Featured finds include pottery by 20th-century ceramicists Otto and Gertrude Natzler, a landscape by early 20th-century artist Sydney Laurence, and an heirloom Waltham railroad pocketwatch with a rare winding mechanism and diamond end stone. [High-Definition]
The Feuds of Bloody Breathitt: Kentucky's Untold StoryKY
For more than 40 years, Breathitt County was home to the most violent and destructive feuds the United States has ever known. This film looks at that forgotten history as told by the descendants of the feudists and some of Breathitt County's most colorful characters.


Kentucky HealthClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#805 "Cervical Spine Injuries"
Dr. Richard T. Holt discusses cervical spine injuries. Watch Online


Wai Lana YogaClosed Captioned
#107 "Balance Your Buttocks" [TV-G]
Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#103 "And Birdy Makes Three/Home Is Where the Fun Is" [TV-Y]
Emily Elizabeth finds a baby bird and decides to take care of it until it learns to fly, making Clifford wonder whether she still loves him as much. Later, Emily Elizabeth is a little jealous herself when a friend gets to go see the Titanic Tower in the big city. But then she learns that some pretty amazing things can be found right on Birdwell Island. [High-Definition]
Leadership LandscapeKY
#106 "Dr. Kevin Crosby"
A discussion with Dr. Kevin Crosby, senior pastor of St. Stephen Church.


Body Electric
#1719 "Tallahassee, FL" [TV-G]
Wild KrattsHigh Definition
#111 "Bass Class" [TV-Y]
The team must use their knowledge of bass biology to win a fishing contest against Zach Varmitech. [High-Definition]
Exploring an American OriginalKY
#108 "Mountain Lake Corridor"
Cave Run Lake in Rowan County is almost entirely surrounded by the northern portion of the Daniel Boone National Forest. In addition to outdoor recreation, area attractions include the Kentucky Folk Art Museum in Morehead and a herd of bison.


ArthurHigh Definition
#1209 "Home Sweet Home/Do You Believe in Magic?" [TV-Y]
Buster is worried he won't know anyone at summer camp. Arthur is jealous of Buster's magic tricks. [High-Definition]
NewslineHigh Definition
#3346 [TV-RE]
Louisville's Own AliKYWatch Online!
Filmmaker Steve Crump takes a look at the life and times of boxing hero Muhammad Ali as seen from the perspective of his hometown. Features interviews with sportswriter Dave Kindred, radio journalist Bob Edwards, former Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, former state Sen. Georgia Davis Powers, and others. Watch Online