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Monday 3/25/2013

6:00 am EST

ArthurHigh Definition
#1310 "Looking for Bonnie/The Secret Origin of Supernova" [TV-Y]
Famous rock musician Dean Lomax visits Elwood City and calls on George's dad to fix his equally famous guitar, named Bonnie. Legend says that Bonnie is magical, and Buster and George are convinced that just one strum will give them special powers. Arthur is dismayed when he learns an energy drink endorsed by his favorite comic book character is full of sugar - it doesn't give you any special energy or magic powers at all! [High-Definition]
NewslineHigh Definition
#3358 [TV-RE]
Thomas D. Clark: In His Own WordsKY
In interviews conducted over the last two years of his life, distinguished Kentucky historian Dr. Thomas D. Clark (1903-2005) reflects on the state's past; current issues facing the Commonwealth; and his own 70-year career as researcher, writer, teacher, and advocate. A 2005 KET production.


Martha SpeaksHigh Definition
#313 "Martha's Slumber Party of the Weird/Return to Martha's Slumber Party of the Weird" [TV-Y]
The gang is camping out. The tent is pitched, they've played a hundred hands of Go Fish, they've even eaten all the s'mores - but they still aren't tired. When TD suggests they tell science fiction stories, no one expects this story to end as it does. A shadow on the outside of the tent inspires still more stories. With humans shrinking to the size of ants, and ants growing to the size of humans, everyone has something to contribute. [High-Definition]
Louisville LifeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#711 "Casey Hyland/Decca/The Clifton Center - John Harris/Little Eatz"
Meet contemporary glass artist Casey Hyland; visit Decca restaurant and meet chef Annie Pettry and owner Chad Sheffield; an interview with John Harris, executive director of The Clifton Center, an historic facility that serves as a gathering place for art and culture; and a pug dog named Winston is the inspiration behind Little Eatz gourmet goodies. A 2013 KET production hosted by Candyce Clifft. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Curious GeorgeHigh Definition
#114 "Curious George's Rocket Ride/Curious George, Station Master" [TV-Y]
The International Space Station's food supply has run out, and George is the only one who can fly the rocket and deliver the supplies. At the train station, stationmaster Flint Quint shows George how he keeps the trains running smoothly and arriving on time. [High-Definition]
Body ElectricClosed Captioned
#1701 "Acapulco, Mexico" [TV-G]
Comment on KentuckyKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#3921 "Mar. 22, 2013"
Journalists from around the state discuss news of the day with host Ferrell Wellman. Guests: Bill Bryant, anchor and managing editor, WKYT-TV, Lexington; Tom Loftus, Frankfort bureau chief, Louisville Courier-Journal; and Beth Musgrave, Frankfort bureau reporter, Lexington Herald-Leader. A KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!High Definition
#115 "Jump!/Slow Down for Sloths" [TV-Y]
Nick and Sally go to Jumpalaroo to learn how to jump higher. Nick and Sally try to draw a picture of a butterfly but can't get close enough to see it. Cat takes the kids to meet Onslow the sloth, who teaches them that when you slow down, the world comes to you. [High-Definition]
TV411Closed Captioned
#110 "Subject-Verb Agreement, Understanding the Fine Print"
A young couple gets advice on getting their finances under control from a credit counselor, and John Fugelsang hosts a look at the fine print on "too-good-to-be-true" credit card offers. The "Rip Off" segment looks critically at a TV ad, and author Studs Terkel reads from his book Working.
Roundabout UKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
[High-Definition] Watch Online


Super Why!High Definition
#202 "Webby In Bathland" [TV-Y]
Red is practicing her soccer moves and kicking up dirt, when Grandma tells her it's time for lunch. Red gives her hands a quick rinse and gets ready to chow down, but Grandma says her hands aren't clean. The super readers zoom into the story Webby in Bathland and help a brave little penguin save his beloved town from the evil Squirmy Germies who are fighting down and dirty! [High-Definition]
GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#122 "Passing the GED Science Test" [TV-G]
An overview of the GED science test with sample questions and an explanation of the scientific method.
Head of the HollerKYHigh Definition
#105 "Billy Edd Wheeler and 'Mr. Appalachia' Loyal Jones" [TV-G]
Award-winning songwriter Billy Edd Wheeler and Loyal 'Mr. Appalachia' Jones reminisce about their student days at Berea College and their work after graduation. [High-Definition]


Dinosaur TrainHigh Definition
#225 "Dinosaur Train Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus/Date Night" [TV-Y]
The Pteranodon family meet Maisie and Marvin Mosasaurus, two fast-swimming lizards with flippers. When Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon go on a special anniversary date and the kids stay with their first babysitter. [High-Definition]
GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#110 "The GED Essay" [TV-G]
GED graduates describe test day and provide tips on writing the GED essay.


Sesame StreetHigh Definition
#4284 "Abby's Tricycle" [TV-Y]
Abby is preparing to ride her very first tricycle! She has her basket, helmet, and her friend Elmo, but Abby doesn't know how to ride a tricycle. Elmo suggests that Gordon teach Abby since Gordon was the one to teach him. [High-Definition]
The Best of The Joy of PaintingClosed Captioned
#2748 "Quiet Woods" [TV-G]
Travel into the misty forest and experience the breathtaking beauty of nature as it awakens from slumber.
Wendell Berry's Thoughts in the Presence of FearKY
With film footage of rural Kentucky as a backdrop, author Wendell Berry expresses his thoughts in the days following the September 11 attack.


The Beauty of Oil Painting with Gary and Kathwren JenkinsHigh Definition
#417 "Snow Bunny" [TV-G]
This painting consists of a very cool palette of colors of blue, mauve, and white. The cute little rabbit is hiding out in the snow under the large pine branch. [High-Definition]


Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodHigh Definition
#117 "Good Morning Daniel/Goodnight Daniel" [TV-Y]
Daniel has to get up for school but his playing and imagining distract him from his routine. After dinner, he has to follow his nighttime routine even though he would rather play. [High-Definition]
Sewing with NancyHigh Definition
#2611 "Quilts from the House of Tula Pink, Part 2" [TV-G]
Make, use, and love artistic quilts and projects created with large prints and tubular strips. [High-Definition]
Conversations with ChampionsKYHigh Definition
#206 "Kenny Davis"
Former Georgetown College NAIA All-American Kenny Davis, Captain of the USA's 1972 Olympic Basketball Team, speaks about his Olympics experience in Munich - both the heartbreak and lifelong disappointment of losing the controversial Gold Medal basketball game to the Russians, and the horrific memory of the slaughter of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists during those same ill-fated Games. [High-Definition]


Sid The Science Kid: The MovieHigh Definition
Sid and Gabriela are thrilled to win a contest to explore the brand new Super Ultimate Science Museum! While they're on their tour, Bobbybot, the robotic tour guide of the future malfunctions and it's up to Sid and Gabriela to save the museum! [High-Definition]
Fons & Porter's Love of QuiltingHigh Definition
#2111 "Fluttering By" [TV-G]
Marianne and Mary construct a memory star block and use diagonal seams to make flying geese units. [High-Definition]


Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19065 [TV-RE]
Kentucky General Assembly LiveClosed CaptionedKY


Indiana Steps Ahead: The Child Care Collection
#104 "Designing Developmentally Appropriate Days"
Examines the fundamentals of developmentally appropriate practices and provides simple and easy ways of achieving this goal.
CaillouHigh Definition
#511 "Considerate Caillou" [TV-Y]
Caillou wants to learn to play a song on his little keyboard, but Rosie won't leave him alone. Caillou tries to befriend his new classmate, Andy, but finds he isn't getting very far. Caillou wants someone to play with, but he doesn't want to play dollies with Rosie. [High-Definition]
One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#525 "Dr. Bill Crouch"
Dr. Bill Crouch, president of Georgetown College, and co-author of What We Love About the Black Church: Can We Get a Witness?, discusses how white clergy can connect with the black church and why it is important. A 2010 KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online