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Tuesday 4/23/2013

6:00 pm EDT

BBC World News AmericaHigh Definition
#17113 [TV-RE]
Fetch! With Ruff RuffmanHigh Definition
#402 "Don't Like Fencing? Try Fencing!" [TV-Y]
Ruff is determined to find the lost Helmet of Victory - an old Ruffman family heirloom that is said to bestow success upon its wearer - and Ruff needs success for his show. Unfortunately, Ruff's owner has set up a new picket fence to keep him yard-bound. He sends Liza and Isaac to learn how to pole vault over the fence, and sends Bethany and Talia out to learn everything they can about fencing. [High-Definition]
Kentucky TonightKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2018 "Immigration"
Bill and his guests discuss immigration. Scheduled guests: State Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, chair of the Senate Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations Committee; Kate Miller, program director with the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky; Jessamine County Attorney Brian Goettl; and Enid Trucios-Haynes, a University of Louisville law professor and vice president of the ACLU of Kentucky. A 2013 KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Nightly Business ReportHigh Definition
#32100 [TV-RE]
CyberchaseHigh Definition
#607 "Jimaya Jam" [TV-Y]
Hacker has discovered an army of awesome creatures he can use to rule Cyberspace, but they are carved in stone on the walls of the Pyramid of Jimaya. To bring the animals to life, he must steal the Sphere of Being, a magical orb closely guarded by three ghosts. How can he distract them so he can steal the Sphere? [High-Definition]


PBS NewsHourHigh Definition
#10612 [TV-RE]
Rick Steves' EuropeHigh Definition
#708 "London: Historic and Dynamic" [TV-G]
In many-faceted London, Rick ponders royal tombs in Westminster Abbey, learns how to triple the calories of an English scone at teatime, discovers treasures in the British Library, and more. [High-Definition]
Appalshop @ 40: Classics from the CollectionKY
#110 "Sourwood Mountain Dulcimers/John Jacob Niles" [TV-G]
I.D. Stamper, a master dulcimer builder and player from Letcher County, Ky., and John McCutcheon, a young musician, play together, swap tunes, discuss musical traditions, and demonstrate the difference between hammered and mountain-style dulcimer. And, a portrait of John Jacob Niles, the adding machine repairman who came to eastern Kentucky in 1909 and became a much-noted "arranger, expander, collector, recorder, and performer" of traditional Appalachian ballads. The film shows Niles in concert, at home, at work arranging his music, and explaining the historical place of balladry in American music.


One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#813 "Dr. Gary Small"
Bill talks to Dr. Gary Small, director of the UCLA Longevity Center and author of a number of memory books including The Alzheimer's Prevention Program: Keep Your Brain Healthy for the Rest of Your Life. [High-Definition] Watch Online


JubileeClosed CaptionedKY
#1402 "Grasstowne" [TV-G]
Featuring legendary artists Phil Leadbetter, Steve Gulley, and Alan Bibey, Grasstowne — a virtual Bluegrass super-group — brings their seasoned brand of Bluegrass talent to the 2008 Renfro Valley Bluegrass Music Festival. A 2009 KET production.
Dust BowlHigh Definition
#101 "The Great Plow Up" [TV-PG]
Survivors recall the terror of the dust storms, the desperation of hungry families, and how they managed to find hope even as the earth and heavens seemed to turn against them. [High-Definition]
Kentucky at WarClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
Interviews, archival film footage, and letters tell the story of how Kentucky experienced World War II. Produced by Creation Films, Louisville; production funded in part by Hilary J. Boone Jr., Alice Sparks, and the Marshall Charitable Foundation. Watch Online


Modern SpiesHigh Definition
British secret agents discuss how today's spies are recruited and probe the secrets of spycraft. [High-Definition]


FrontlineHigh Definition
#3108 "The Retirement Gamble" [TV-PG]
The program reveals how fees, self-dealing, and kickbacks bring great profits to Wall Street while imperiling the prospects of a secure future for individuals. [High-Definition]
Scott & BaileyHigh Definition
#110 [TV-PG]
The team investigate when the body of an eight-year-old boy is discovered, but are unaware that the culprit has placed himself at the heart of the child's grieving family. [High-Definition]
Bataan: The Harrodsburg TankersKY
The story of 66 men from Harrodsburg who fought in the Philippines during WWII and experienced the Bataan Death March.


BBC World NewsHigh Definition
#23113 [TV-RE]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19087 [TV-RE]
Great Leaders: The Black Odyssey of Lyman JohnsonKY
A biography of Kentucky civil rights pioneer Lyman Johnson, told mostly in his own words. Born in Columbia, TN, into a family not far removed from slavery, Johnson earned bachelor's and master's degrees and then spent 40 years working for the Jefferson County schools. Along the way, he campaigned for equal rights for African-American teachers; was the plaintiff in the lawsuit that opened the University of Kentucky to black students; and worked for such organizations as the Kentucky Civil Liberties Union, the Urban League, and the Louisville chapter of the NAACP. Produced by WKPC/15, Louisville.


Kentucky LifeClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#1429 "Hofbrauhaus Newport/Lisa Williamson/Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge" [TV-G]
Visit Hofbrauhaus Newport, a biergarden and restaurant that would be at home on Germany's Rhine River and a favorite stop on the Kentucky side of the Ohio; artist Lisa Williamson, whose work has been displayed at the Smithsonian, returns to her home in Martin County to rediscover her childhood inspirations and take care of the homestead; the howl of wolves is heard across the hills as wild animals find sanctuary and lifelong care at Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge; and more Paw Pals. A 2009 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. Watch Online


GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#108 "Grammar and Usage" [TV-G]
Reviews typical grammar and usage problems writers encounter.
Tavis SmileyHigh Definition
#2887 [TV-RE]
Celtic Crossroads
Highlights the various roots and instruments of Celtic music. The concert abounds with fusions of traditional Irish music, bluegrass, gypsy, and jazz while pulsating with the rhythms of exciting Irish dance percussion.