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Friday 5/10/2013

6:00 pm EDT

BBC World News AmericaHigh Definition
#17130 [TV-RE]
Fetch! With Ruff RuffmanHigh Definition
#407 "Ruff Rocks The (Environmentally Sustainable) House!" [TV-Y]
Ruff is excited about being invited to play rock music in South Carolina - that is, until he realizes that his Swedish environmentalist-rock-star-cousin Ruf Rufman was actually invited to perform instead. [High-Definition]
Churchill Downs: From Start to Photo FinishClosed CaptionedKY
A pictorial history of the world-famous race track in Louisville, including famous horses and riders, great African-American jockeys, a look at how thoroughbred racing has changed over the years, and the evolution of the Kentucky Derby into the world's most famous horse race. A KET production.


Nightly Business ReportHigh Definition
#32113 [TV-RE]
CyberchaseHigh Definition
#608 "A Perfect Score" [TV-Y]
Hacker runs into Wicked while on vacation in Solaria, but is upset to learn that she's not traveling alone. When she enters a dance contest with her partner, handsome cyber-surfing champion Nug Grommet, Hacker decides to enter it, too. But who can he coerce into being his partner? [High-Definition]


PBS NewsHourHigh Definition
#10625 [TV-RE]
EcoSense for LivingHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#106 "Environmental Home Makeover" [TV-G]
Environmental experts identify potentially harmful chemical ingredients in and around our homes. [High-Definition] Watch Online
The AppalachiansClosed CaptionedKY
#101 [TV-G]
Evangelical revivals sweep the region in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the men of Appalachia rail at taxes and regulations imposed by the new American government, and traditional music mingles with the rhythms used by African slaves to form a glorious new gospel music.


Consuelo Mack WealthTrackClosed Captioned
#946 "Best Dividends" [TV-RE]


Comment on KentuckyKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#3928 "May 10, 2013"
Journalists from around the state discuss news of the day with host Ferrell Wellman. Guests: John Cannon, opinion page editor, Ashland Daily Independent; Jamie Lucke, editorial writer, Lexington Herald-Leader; and Deborah Yetter, editorial writer, Louisville Courier-Journal. A KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online
Doc MartinHigh Definition
#302 "On the Edge (Part 2)" [TV-PG]
Having failed to restart his relationship with Louisa Glasson, Martin is forced out of the picture with the arrival of her dad, Terry Glasson. Terry has hatched a scheme with a colleague, Jonathan Crozier, to smuggle in some explosives which they want to use to help them in a robbery. Terry decides to back out of the smuggling, and things get even worse for Doc Martin. As he finds himself held hostage, along with Louisa, by a paranoid Jonathan, as he attempts to force Terry to carry out their plan. [High-Definition]
Kentucky LifeClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#1110 "Wild and Scenic Kentucky: A Kentucky Life Special" [TV-G]
Dave Shuffett rafts, canoes, sails, kayaks, rides, hikes, and bikes his way around Kentucky, enjoying wildlife and outdoor adventure across the state. Sights include the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River, Breaks Interstate Park, the Pine Mountain Trail, black bears at Kingdom Come State Park, Daniel Boone National Forest, Cave Run Lake, the Red River and its surrounding natural arches, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, the Ohio River, the museum at Big Bone Lick State Park, Clifty Falls State Park in Southern Indiana, Mammoth Cave National Park, Land Between the Lakes, Audubon State Park, wetlands at Henderson Sloughs WMA, and Reelfoot Lake. Watch Online


The McLaughlin GroupClosed Captioned
#3120 [TV-RE]


Washington WeekHigh Definition
#5245 [TV-RE]
Movie ClassicsHigh Definition
#1023 "Witness for the Prosecution" [TV-PG]
An aging barrister defends a man for murder despite damaging testimony from the accused's wife. Charles Laughton, Tyrone Power, and Marlene Dietrich star. (1958) [High-Definition]


Need To KnowHigh Definition
#319 [TV-RE]


Jake Shimabukuro: Life On Four StringsHigh Definition
A portrait of an inspiring and inventive musician whose virtuoso skills on the ukulele have transformed all previous notions of the instrument's potential. [High-Definition]
Appalshop @ 40: Classics from the CollectionKY
#101 "Sunnyside of Life" [TV-G]
Celebrates the legacy of the country music dynasty the Carter Family by focusing on the Carter Family Fold in Maces Spring, Va., an old-time music hall founded in 1975 by Janette, Joe, and Gladys, the children of A.P. and Sara Carter. The film features Saturday night performances at the Fold by such artists as the Home Folks, Red Clay Ramblers, and Hot Mud Family. The film also includes a history of the Carter Family.


BBC World NewsHigh Definition
#23130 [TV-RE]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19100 [TV-RE]
JubileeClosed CaptionedKY
#1309 "Butch Waller and High Country" [TV-G]
Over the last 30 years, Butch Waller and High Country has become one of the West Coast's premier traditional bluegrass bands. Strongly influenced by the classic styles of Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, and the Stanley Brothers, High Country's repertoire offers a vital mix of powerful standards and original songs. A KET production recorded at the 2007 River of Music Party in Owensboro.


Kentucky LifeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#1511 "Brown's Bakery/Pippa Passes/Dave Does It/Orchid Flower Restaurant/Gallery House" [TV-G]
Brown's Bakery in Lexington; the town of Pippa Passes; Dave Does It by learning to ballroom dance; in a new feature, Dave samples "Today's Special" at Orchid Flower restaurant; and Gallery House, a Louisville bed and breakfast with an eclectic art collection. A 2010 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. [High-Definition] Watch Online


WoodSongsClosed CaptionedKY
#908 "Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver & Kids of Bluegrass" [TV-G]
Bluegrass master Doyle Lawson and his band Quicksilver introduce songs from their latest album, Drive Time, followed by young musicians Kids of Bluegrass.
Tavis SmileyHigh Definition
#2900 [TV-RE]
Reel Visions: Spotlight on Kentucky FilmmakersKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#119 "Films by Thom Sutherland, Justin Hannah, Travis Taylor, and Ashlee Prewitt"
Central Kentucky filmmaker Thom Sutherland's film Fourteen tells the story of a 14-year-old girl who spends Thanksgiving dealing with the eccentricities of her family and the challenges of her new found beliefs. Also featured is Do it Yourself, produced by Justin Hannah and Travis Taylor, and Decadence by Northern Kentucky University student Ashlee Prewitt. [High-Definition] Watch Online