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Tuesday 5/21/2013

Noon EDT

WordWorldHigh Definition
#303 "The Really Red Ruby/Firefighters to the Rescue" [TV-Y]
When Frog helps Sheep find the Really Red Ruby he discovers that playing pretend is fun! Duck and Fly want to become firefighters, just like their friend Firefighter Frog. [High-Definition]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19106 [TV-RE]
Kentucky Time CapsuleClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#124 "Whose Child Is This?"
An award-winning film on the problem of child abuse, circa the early 1970s. Watch Online

12:30 pm

Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#213 "Special T-Bone/Jetta's Sneak Peek" [TV-Y]
Emily Elizabeth works on a project for school about "What Makes Me Special," prompting all the dogs to think about what makes each one special. Jetta comes across Emily Elizabeth's private journal and just can't resist reading it. [High-Definition]
Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
Meet Mark Eubanks who makes and plays dulcimers; visit Vent Haven Museum, a haven for ventriloquist's dummies; a look at the unique animals at Kentucky Down Under; and meet the winner of the American Farm Bureau Nation Young Farmers & Ranchers Achievement Award. [High-Definition]


GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#127 "Passing the GED Math Test" [TV-G]
Advice on what to expect from and how to prepare for the GED math test, including information on the calculator used on the test.
CaillouHigh Definition
#522 "Caillou The Brave" [TV-Y]
Caillou is afraid to go on a camel ride after Leo tells him camels are mean and they like to spit! Caillou is keen to go sledding on the "Big Hill" until he stands at the top of the hill and realizes it really is BIG. [High-Definition]
One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#702 "Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson"
Bill talks with Kentucky Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson about his new role and goals in the next four years, his hopes for the Beshear administration, and the state of Kentucky. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Pre-GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#103 "Organized Writing" [TV-G]
Experienced writers offer useful organizing techniques.
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodHigh Definition
#126 "Daniel Says I'm Sorry/The Royal Mudpies" [TV-Y]
Teacher Harriet helps Daniel, Katerina, and Miss Elaina learn how to apologize to a friend. Daniel and Prince Wednesday apologize to Prince Tuesday for playing with his crown without asking. [High-Definition]
#116 "Ed Prichard/Bill Cox/John Ed Pearce"
Ed Prichard, John Ed Pearce, and Bill Cox discuss Kentucky's history and politics. A 1980 KET production.


Super Why!High Definition
#134 "The Gingerbread Boy" [TV-Y]
The Super Readers try to keep the speedy little Gingerbread Boy safe, but is their plan half-baked? [High-Definition]
Garden SmartHigh Definition
#3003 [TV-G]
A garden that overflows with flowers is visited. This unique garden is full of great gardening ideas. [High-Definition]
... damn bad oyster: The Times of William Goebel, GovernorKY
The Kentucky Governor who became the only U.S. Governor assassinated while in office. Archival material, contemporary footage, and interviews with historians and journalists tell Goebel's story and explore how his legacy affected Kentucky. A KET Fund for Independent production.


Dinosaur TrainHigh Definition
#120 "The Old Bird/Home with Shiny and Don" [TV-Y]
Buddy, Tiny, and Mom make a play date with Petey Peteinosaurus to ride the Dinosaur Train to meet Arlene Archeopteryx, a bird from the family of the oldest birds ever! The kids are excited to learn that Arlene is a bird and a dinosaur. Shiny and Don stay at home and venture into local caves that lead to a marvelous and brilliant discovery. [High-Definition]
P. Allen Smith's Garden HomeHigh Definition
#1203 "Colorful Spaces" [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith celebrates different seasons at Moss Mountain Farm with a lesson on growing tulips, using bold colors, and tips to harmonize color with summer flowering bulbs. [High-Definition]


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!High Definition
#204 "No Night Today/Fun in the Sun" [TV-Y]
Nick and Sally want to keep playing, but it's getting dark. They meet Astronaut Audrey and learn about the solar system. The kids meet Hilda the Hippo who teaches them that hippos make their very own sunscreen to protect them from the hot sun. [High-Definition]
Math Basics
#101 "Beginning"
Orientation to the series; basic mathematics vocabulary; applying math to real-life settings.
2012 Governor's Awards in the ArtsKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
Gov. Steve Beshear honors Kentuckians for their achievements in the performing and visual arts. This year's recipients include William Francis, Bobbie Ann Mason, Gray Zeitz, UK HealthCare Arts in HealthCare Program, Latitude Artist Community, Christina Hartke Towell, Leona Waddell, U. S. Rep. John Yarmuth, and Jeffrey Lee Puckett. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Curious GeorgeHigh Definition
#402 "The Big Picture/Juicy George" [TV-Y]
George and Steve paint an empty billboard with a picture to promote a book about endangered birds. George and the Man with the Yellow Hat get a juicer. [High-Definition]
Crossroads CaféClosed Captioned
#117 "United We Stand" [TV-PG]
When their landlord refuses to make repairs, Rosa and the other tenants fight back. Henry makes a documentary for his journalism class. Vocabulary: reporting information; cultural information: aging in the U.S.


ArthurHigh Definition
#1606 "The Last Tough Customer/Brain's Chess Mess" [TV-Y]
The Tough Customers realize it's time to quit bullying, but can Molly ever truly change her ways? Brain starts a chess club at school to improve his game and beat Los Dedos, the local chess master. [High-Definition]
Tennessee Wild SideHigh Definition
A plan to close boat access at some dams in Tennessee and Kentucky, how a landowner's patience is paying off, young anglers compete in their own tournament, and a man who traveled by canoe from Franklin to New Orleans are featured. [High-Definition]
Kentucky LifeClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#1307 "Lincoln Wedding" [TV-G]
At the Lincoln Homestead Park in Springfield, a reenactment of the wedding of Abraham Lincoln's parents kicks off the three-year Lincoln Bicentennial celebration sponsored by the Kentucky Historical Society. A 2007 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. Watch Online


WordGirlHigh Definition
#511 "Day at the Museum/Best Fan Club Meeting Ever" [TV-Y7]
Scoops, Becky, Bob, and Violet hear a rumor about a haunted treasure decide to go on a search. Fearing TJ will reveal WordGirl's secret to International WordGirl Fan Club members, Tobey threatens to destroy the clubhouse. [High-Definition]
The Desert SpeaksClosed Captioned
#1503 "Heart of a Pueblo" [TV-G]
Architect Bob Vint takes David on a tour of variations on the central plaza—the heart and soul of busy Mexican cities and sleepy desert pueblos alike—ranging from a pre-Hispanic example in the ancient city of Chichen Itza to the large and bustling plaza in Mexico City. Then, in the small town of Potscurro, they discover how courtyards are to the home as plazas are to the town.


Wild KrattsHigh Definition
#140 "Raptor Roundup" [TV-Y]
The evil chef Gaston Gourmand has captured raptors in his quest to find the tastiest bird wing. [High-Definition]
MotorWeekHigh Definition
#3237 "Volkswagen Beetle Convertible" [TV-G]
Road tests of the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible and the 2013 Mazda MX-5. [High-Definition]
Roundabout UKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
[High-Definition] Watch Online


The Electric CompanyHigh Definition
#306 "Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk!" [TV-Y]
Manny borrows the Skeleckian Shrinkanator 3002 and Marcus and Jessica accidentally get shrunk. [High-Definition]
Kentucky AfieldKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2933 [TV-G]
A KET/Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources co-presentation hosted by Tim Farmer. [High-Definition] Watch Online
Kentucky LifeClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#1405 "Redbud Quilt Festival/Dog Talker/Early Women's Basketball" [TV-G]
The annual Redbud Quilt Festival at Union College, which draws professional and amateur quilters from across the country; Green County dog trainer Bill Matney at work; and a look at the early days of women's basketball in Kentucky. A 2008 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. Watch Online


BBC World News AmericaHigh Definition
#17141 [TV-RE]
Fetch! With Ruff RuffmanHigh Definition
#410 "How To Break the Ice and Also Waddle on It" [TV-Y]
Ruff sends Isaac to the New England Aquarium to meet up with some penguins to get some pointers. He sends Brian, Bethany, and Liza to learn the art of improvisation. [High-Definition]
Kentucky TonightKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2022 "2014 Election"
Bill and his guests discuss the 2014 election. Schedule guests: Steve Robertson, chair of the Republican Party of Kentucky; Jonathan Miller, former chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party; Ellen Williams, former chair of the Republican Party of Kentucky; and Louisville Metro Councilman David Tandy, former treasurer for the Kentucky Democratic Party. [High-Definition] Watch Online