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Monday 6/10/2013

6:00 am EDT

Wai Lana YogaClosed Captioned
#618 "Ab-sense" [TV-G]
Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#224 "Doghouse Rock/Guess Who's Coming to Birdwell Island" [TV-Y]
Mac wants to join the band T-Bone has put together, but has a little trouble figuring out exactly how his talents fit in. Champion dog Oscar Owen Bright Like the Sun visits the island, and all the dogs go out of their way to impress him. [High-Definition]
Dialogue on Public IssuesKYHigh Definition


Body Electric
#1704 "Tallahassee, FL" [TV-G]
Wild KrattsHigh Definition
#104 "Flight of the Draco" [TV-Y]
While on a mission to discover the secret of the Draco lizard's gliding abilities, Martin and Chris uncover an evil plot devised by villainous fashion designer, Donita Donata, who has been capturing these amazing creatures to make them part of her new Fall collection. It's the Wild Kratts team to the rescue using what they know about gliding and gravity! [High-Definition]
Kentucky HealthClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#810 "Dental Implants"
A discussion about dental implants with Dr. Michael Livesay and Dr. Martin Segal. Watch Online


ArthurHigh Definition
#904 "Buster's Green Thumb/My Fair Tommy" [TV-Y]
Buster discovers gardening, composting, and the thrill of having fresh veggies to give away. Tommy Tibble sets his sights on winning the coveted "Good Behavior of the Week" cupcake award, and D.W. offers to show him how it's done. But will his twin Timmy stand in his way? [High-Definition]
NewslineHigh Definition
#4051 [TV-RE]
Kentucky MuseKY
#202 "Finding Higher Ground"
Interviews and performance excerpts show how music and drama bring people in Harlan, Kentucky, together to talk about a life-and-death challenge facing the community—prescription drug abuse.


Martha SpeaksHigh Definition
#306 "The Opera Contest/Maestro Martha" [TV-Y]
An opera contest! Sounds boring! But before you know it, the kids have cooked up their own ideas of what an opera should be. Bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft have a plan to turn a charity concert into a heist by using the power of music. Very strange music. Can Martha turn down the volume on their evil scheming before it's too late? [High-Definition]
Louisville LifeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#701 "Jeff Dupre/Guitar Emporium/Bernson's Corner"
Meet award-winning filmmaker and Louisville native Jeff Dupre, who started his career working with Ken Burns and is the talent behind PBS' Circus, Carrier, and Broadway: The American Musical; for over 35 years, Guitar Emporium has been a fixture in Louisville's Highlands neighborhood; and reporter Barry Bernson, known for his off-beat stories, discusses his book, Bernson's Corner: A Reporter's Notebook. A 2012 KET production hosted by Candyce Clifft. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Curious GeorgeHigh Definition
#602 "George Buys A Kite/Train of Light" [TV-Y]
George and Bill are determined to buy the Ultimate Kite on display at Ada & Luke's country store. George becomes fascinated by a lamp that casts a shadow of a moving train onto the wall. [High-Definition]
Body Electric
#1704 "Tallahassee, FL" [TV-G]
Comment on KentuckyKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#3932 "June 7, 2013"
Journalists from around the state discuss news of the day with host Ferrell Wellman. Guests: Linda Blackford, reporter, Lexington Herald-Leader; Joe Gerth, political writer, Louisville Courier-Journal; and Phil Pendleton, reporter, WKYT-TV in Lexington. A KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!High Definition
#106 "Dress Up Day/Bathtime" [TV-Y]
Mindy the caterpillar shows Sally how she makes silk and uses the silk thread to fix Sally's dress! In Bana Bana Savanah, Nick and Sally meet three different animals who all keep clean in very different ways. [High-Definition]
TV411Closed Captioned
#113 "The Library, Metaphors and Similes, Credit Card Application, Percentages and Fractions"
Professional women basketball players explain applications of fractions and percentages in their sport, new immigrants get advice on applying for citizenship, and Laverne helps a customer fill out an application for store credit. An Oakland woman shares how writing a letter can generate change in a community.
Roundabout UKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
[High-Definition] Watch Online


Super Why!High Definition
#153 "George and the Dragon" [TV-Y]
Knight George is about to face his own fears and battle a dragon to rescue a princess! But it turns out that George isn't quite so brave. [High-Definition]
GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#106 "Writing Style and Word Choice" [TV-G]
Purpose and audience affect how authors compose various kinds of written pieces.
Head of the HollerKY
#109 "Pat Banks"
Artist Pat Banks, director of Kentucky RiverKeepers, talks about her artistry and passion for preserving and protecting waterways.


Dinosaur TrainHigh Definition
#139 "Paulie Pliosaurus/Elmer Visits the Desert" [TV-Y]
The Pteranodons take the train underwater to visit Paulie Pliosaurus, the "T. Rex of the Ocean." The Pteranodon family take their ocean friend Elmer Elasmosaurus to the desert! [High-Definition]
GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#111 "Passing the GED Reading Test" [TV-G]
Reviews the skills required, the subjects covered, and the kinds of questions included on the GED reading test.
Saddles and Silks: A Jockey's StoryClosed CaptionedKY
Goes behind the scenes at Kentucky's four racetracks to follow the working days of jockeys. These dedicated athletes work tirelessly—often with only one or two days' notice of where their next mount will race or which trainer will hire (or fire) them. Produced by Michelle LaRock with support from the KET Fund for Independent Production.


Sesame StreetHigh Definition
#4213 "The Camouflage Challenge" [TV-Y]
Elmo is taking pictures of his friends when they hear someone say something. It's Camouflage Carla! She is camouflaging and blending into the wall behind her. Elmo and Rosita want to camouflage too! [High-Definition]
The Best of The Joy of PaintingClosed Captioned
#2807 "Secluded Mountain" [TV-G]
Spend a relaxing half-hour with Bob Ross as he treats us to a beautiful East Coast mountain scene.
The William T. Young StoryKY
A rare glimpse of one of Kentucky's most extraordinary businessmen, horseman William T. Young, whose philanthropic and community contributions have had a major impact on the Commonwealth. The story is told through interviews with Young and his family, friends, and business colleagues and is narrated by his friend Tommy Smothers. A 2002 KET production.


The Beauty of Oil Painting with Gary and Kathwren JenkinsHigh Definition
#202 "Egret Portrait by Gary Jenkins" [TV-G]
Gary paints a soft white egret portrait. He demonstrates just how easy it is to paint the feathers to create this very realistic exotic bird. [High-Definition]


Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodHigh Definition
#112 "Fruit Picking Day/Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad" [TV-Y]
Prince Wednesday is upset because his big brother Prince Tuesday can pick the highest fruit off the tree branches, but he can't. Dad Tiger shows Daniel just the right tools he can use to help him build a playhouse. [High-Definition]
Sewing with NancyHigh Definition
#2622 "Doll Fashion Studio, Part 1" [TV-G]
Learn to sew 18" doll fashions with speedy techniques and easy flat construction. [High-Definition]
Conversations with ChampionsKYHigh Definition
#204 "Joker Phillips"
Billy Reed sits down with Joker Phillips, head football coach at the University of Kentucky, to discuss the character, ethics, and integrity exemplified by his team in losing star Randall Cobb to the NFL draft a year early and ending the 27-year losing streak to Tennessee. [High-Definition]


Sid the Science KidHigh Definition
#116 "A Brush with Teeth" [TV-Y]
Sid learns that people have different kinds of teeth that do different chewing jobs. [High-Definition]
Fons & Porter's Love of QuiltingHigh Definition
#2109 "Checkboxes" [TV-G]
Marianne and Mary make album cross blocks in two sizes and use a special tool to trim block corners. [High-Definition]


WordWorldHigh Definition
#112 "Princess Sheep/W Drought" [TV-Y]
Bear and Sheep want to play princess, but they only have one crown. On a hot summer day, all the WordFriends are using water to stay cool—until all the W's start to disappear. [High-Definition]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19120 [TV-RE]
Distinguished KentuckianKYWatch Online!
#119 "Eleanor Churchill" [TV-G]
Eleanor Churchill cofounded Churchill Weavers in Berea with her husband, D. Carroll Churchill. Her innate flair for combining colors and textures soon made her the company's primary designer, and she also managed and marketed the business to national renown. A 1976 KET production. Watch Online