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Saturday 6/29/2013

Noon EDT

Quilting ArtsHigh Definition
#1106 "Creative Approaches to Quilting" [TV-G]
Libby Lehman shows her favorite presser feet, quilting styles from around the world are discussed, and hand embroidery techniques for surface embellishment are shared. [High-Definition]
Garden SmartHigh Definition
#3108 [TV-G]
The retired president of a landscape company provides insight into selecting plants and plant care. [High-Definition]
Before Vegas, There Was NewportKYHigh Definition
In the 1940s and 1950s, gangsters from Cleveland, Chicago, and New York claimed Newport, Kentucky as their own and turned it into America's first major gambling town. [High-Definition]

12:30 pm

Knitting DailyHigh Definition
#1008 "Big and Bold" [TV-G]
Tips for working with chunky yarns, crocheted afghans, and a quick tip for huge art knitting are shared. [High-Definition]
The Victory GardenHigh Definition
#3303 "Light" [TV-G]
Jamie visits the renowned Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, Calif., to take a closer look at specimens that reflect light, absorb light, or bring light into the garden. Also, a primer on the many different types of shade and how to choose the right plant for the right place. [High-Definition]


P. Allen Smith's Garden HomeHigh Definition
#1205 "The Great Outdoors" [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith shows us an outdoor living space that serves as a sitting and dining area. Allen's gardening tips include how to plant hostas in the shade and how to identify poison ivy. [High-Definition]
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy MacHigh Definition
#207 "Standing Mirror" [TV-G]
Paul Schurch demonstrates basic marquetry at his studios in Santa Barbara, California. [High-Definition]
Once Upon a VisionKYWatch Online!
Depicts the early days of Berea College. Author Alex Haley serves as host and storyteller. Watch Online


Garden SmartHigh Definition
#3104 [TV-G]
A beautiful, historic garden with a world-class view is visited and design tips are shared. [High-Definition]
This Old HouseHigh Definition
#3213 "Cambridge 2012/Hearthstone, Waterfall Island Top" [TV-G]
Lining hearth and woodbox with rustic sandstone, fabricating the huge butcher block countertop, and installing wall-mounted lavatory faucets. [High-Definition]


Burt Wolf: Travels & TraditionsClosed Captioned
#1002 "New York City" [TV-G]
New York City is the world epicenter for money, creativity, and culture. Burt takes a bite of the Big Apple, tells how it came to be, and goes from the tip of the island to Central Park. Learn about the city's architectural heritage and how a nation of immigrants contributed to the gastronomy of the island.
Ask This Old HouseHigh Definition
#1113 "Transplanting a Mature Rose Bush/Replacing Old Outdoor Lighting" [TV-G]
Temporarily transplanting a mature rose bush and replacing old outdoor lighting with new fixtures. [High-Definition]
Beauty of Jasmine: Chinese Music and Dance ConcertKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
Young people from the Lexington Chinese Music, Dance, and Art Program; Meadowthrope Elementary; Garth Elementary; and Morton Middle School perform Chinese dance and music at UK's Singletary Center for the Arts. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Rick Steves' EuropeHigh Definition
#502 "France's Dordogne" [TV-G]
The Dordogne River Valley offers an unforgettable blend of manmade and natural beauty with dramatic castles, prehistoric cave paintings, and prized cuisine. Rick takes an idyllic canoe ride, visits a goose farm, savors foie gras, wanders through a lamp-lit castle, enjoys a country market, and visits the Sistine Chapel of the prehistoric world. Then he heads south to Albi, home of Toulouse Lautrec, and the imposing fortress city of Carcassonne. [High-Definition]
HometimeHigh Definition
#2712 "Creekside Home Siding" [TV-G]
The crew tackles exterior elements, beginning with staining and applying shingle siding. [High-Definition]


Lidia's Italy In AmericaHigh Definition
#220 "Comfort Foods for Your Table" [TV-G]
Lidia serves stuffed shells, pasta alla primavera, and macaroni and cheese. [High-Definition]
Woodsmith ShopHigh Definition
#408 "Blade and Bit Storage" [TV-G]
How to store blades in pull-out trays, a wall-mounted rack, and a two-sided case. Plus, simple storage solutions for router and drill bits. [High-Definition]
Mission Appalachia: The Story of Red BirdKYHigh Definition
The Red Bird Mission has been described as one of the most comprehensive mission sites in the world.  Nearly 3,000 volunteers journey to Appalachia from all across the United States to bring relief and support to fellow Americans. This documentary follows very personal stories of hope and resilience of the mountain people who refer to it simply, and affectionately, as "Red Bird." [High-Definition]


Essential PepinHigh Definition
#119 "Game Day" [TV-G]
Recipes include venison steaks in sweet-sour sauce, skillet duck with red oak salad, and sauteed rabbit with morels and pearl onions. [High-Definition]
The Woodwright's ShopHigh Definition
#3112 "Offset Turning" [TV-G]
Turning ovals and offsets by measuring once and turning twice. [High-Definition]


America's Test Kitchen from Cook's IllustratedHigh Definition
#1306 "Ultimate Italian" [TV-G]
Learn the secrets of homemade pasta from the pros in New York City and the ultimate Ragu alla Bolognese is made. [High-Definition]
New Fly FisherHigh Definition
#713 "Skeena River Steelhead" [TV-G]
Bill Spicer joins John Valk on the beautiful Saugeen River to fly fish for feisty smallmouth bass. [High-Definition]
JubileeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#1704 "The Boxcars/The Skip Cherryholmes Quintet/The Chapmans"
IBMA 2012 Instrumental Group of the Year The Boxcars, rising star Skip Cherryholmes and his quintet, and first-generation family group The Chapmans perform at the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association Fan Fest in Nashville. [High-Definition] Watch Online


A Taste of HistoryHigh Definition
#210 "18th Century Animals" [TV-G]
The variety of livestock we see on farms today differs significantly from the ones that were common during the Revolutionary Era. Modern techniques have plumped animals up and induced them to grow much more quickly. But an effort is underway at Colonial Williamsburg to get back to those original breeds. Chef Staib cooks at Harriton House, preparing beef barley soup, pork ragout, and Sally Lunn dumplings. [High-Definition]
Tim Farmer's Country KitchenKYHigh Definition
Tips on growing tomatoes from Bobby Joe's Garden, Chef Jared whips up fresh fried oysters at Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort, goat recipes from Martin Meadow Farms, and music from The Moron Brothers are featured. [High-Definition]


Antiques RoadshowHigh Definition
#1303 "Palm Springs, CA (Part 3)" [TV-G]
The history and collecting of celestial maps, and a 1956 signed photo of a 10-year-old posed between baseball Hall of Famers Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella. [High-Definition]
MotorWeekHigh Definition
#3243 "Buick Encore" [TV-G]
Road tests of the 2013 Buick Encore and the 2013 Audi RS 5. Also, a discussion about brake fluids. [High-Definition]
The Feuds of Bloody Breathitt: Kentucky's Untold StoryKY
For more than 40 years, Breathitt County was home to the most violent and destructive feuds the United States has ever known. This film looks at that forgotten history as told by the descendants of the feudists and some of Breathitt County's most colorful characters.


Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
The largest indoor farm machinery show in the country; Valkyre Stud horse farm; Skipping Boat School; and Scott Travis, Kentucky Farm Bureau's Farmer of the Year are featured. [High-Definition]


The Lawrence Welk ShowClosed Captioned
#1344 "Country & Western"
Grab your honey and get ready to square dance to the "Orange Blossom Special." Neil Levang and Buddy Merrill shine on "San Antonio Rose," Larry Hooper is our "Auctioneer," and Bob Lido puts his very own original stamp on "Ragtime Cowboy Joe." Feel free to dance to the "Tennessee Waltz" or sing along with Joe Feeney and the gang on "Goodnight Irene."
NatureHigh Definition
#2703 "Black Mamba" [TV-PG]
A team of snake handlers hopes to change public perception of what they feel is a misunderstood snake, the black mamba, one of Africa's most feared. [High-Definition]
Roads Home—The Life and Times of A.B. Happy ChandlerKYWatch Online!
A compelling look at the life and career of Southern "stump speaking" politician A.B. "Happy" Chandler. At age 89, Chandler looks back on a colorful past, which included becoming America's youngest governor in 1935, serving in the U.S. Senate during World War II, and ushering African-Americans into baseball as Commisioner of Baseball during the 1950s. A 1987 production. Watch Online