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Saturday 7/13/2013

Noon EDT

Quilting ArtsHigh Definition
#1108 "Focus On Stitch" [TV-G]
A primer on free motion quilting, how to use the walking foot in projects, project "paisley fever" using painters tape, and taking a project from sketchbook to cloth are shown. [High-Definition]
Garden SmartHigh Definition
#3110 [TV-G]
Shade gardens, sunny gardens, and vegetables combine in this gardening gem in the heart of Atlanta. You don't have to live south of the Mason-Dixon line to grow many of these plants. [High-Definition]
Wilderness RoadKYWatch Online!
Author and University of Kentucky professor Gurney Norman retraces the route of the famous pioneer trail from Kingsport, TN to Boonesborough and gets perspectives on the region's history from a retired forester, a Cherokee teacher, and a Laurel County farmer. A 1991 KET production. Watch Online

12:30 pm

Knitting DailyHigh Definition
#1010 "Laceweights" [TV-G]
Producing larger gauge fabrics with lace weight yarns and a Wheeled Lace shawl are highlighted. [High-Definition]
The Victory GardenHigh Definition
#3304 "Dark" [TV-G]
Jamie visits the San Francisco Botanical Garden to see how they've worked dark plants into their collections. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shows off his favorite groundcover for dark locations. [High-Definition]


P. Allen Smith's Garden HomeHigh Definition
#1207 "Garden Fun with Kids" [TV-G]
Allen brings kids in the garden to learn how to make flowers turn a different color, make mosaics with rocks and homemade salt dough, and assemble a birdbath for the garden. [High-Definition]
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy MacHigh Definition
#209 "Laminated Coat Rack" [TV-G]
Tommy teaches basic geometric patterns using different species of wood by stack laminating. Studio artist David Ebner makes his famous Scallion Coat Rack - a project that teaches both lamination and turning techniques. [High-Definition]
Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of DiscoveryKYHigh Definition
#101 [TV-PG]
On May 14, 1804, Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery headed up the Missouri to explore the unknown territory just purchased by the United States from France. In addition to geographic and scientific exploration, they sought a water route to the Pacific. [High-Definition]


Garden SmartHigh Definition
#3106 [TV-G]
Beauty and history combine in this little Florida town where they take their gardening seriously. [High-Definition]
This Old HouseHigh Definition
#3215 "Cambridge 2012, The Big Finish" [TV-G]
The last details come together for the Cambridge project finale. Granite posts set off the landscape and the revived vintage doorbell crowns the foyer. [High-Definition]


Burt Wolf: Travels & TraditionsClosed Captioned
#1004 "Chicago, Illinois" [TV-G]
Chicago is famous for many things including talented chefs, specialty bakers, and authentic ethnic foods. Burt untangles the history of Chicago, laughs at Second City's food joke, and visits the House of Blues.
Ask This Old HouseHigh Definition
#1115 "Installing A Toilet/Patching A Lawn with Grass Seed" [TV-G]
Installing a toilet, tips about driving eye screws, and patching a lawn with grass seed. [High-Definition]


Rick Steves' EuropeHigh Definition
#504 "Little Europe: San Marino, Monaco, Vatican City, Liechtenstein, and Andorra" [TV-G]
Rick visits Europe's tiniest countries. Vatican City, the world's smallest country, comes with the planet's biggest church. The fairy-tale princedom of Monaco lures visitors with its fancy casino and glamorous views. San Marino, Italy's last independent hill town, still looks formidable, as does the castle-guarded principality of Liechtenstein. And tiny Andorra entertains shoppers and hikers alike. [High-Definition]
HometimeHigh Definition
#2619 "Stamped Concrete Patio Re-Poured" [TV-G]
The crew re-pours and re-stamps the concrete patio while fixing up the storage area below. [High-Definition]


Lidia's Italy In AmericaHigh Definition
#222 "Three Favorite Pastas" [TV-G]
Lidia cooks pasta e fagioli and Bucatini Amatriciana and visits Seghesio Vineyards in California. [High-Definition]
Woodsmith ShopHigh Definition
#410 "Sliding Door Cabinet" [TV-G]
The delicate molding details catch your eye, but it's the unique sliding doors that set this cabinet apart. Learn the techniques for building flawless-fitting sliding doors. [High-Definition]
Headwaters: Real Stories from Rural AmericaClosed CaptionedKY
#201 "A Place in the Country" [TV-G]
Profiles of several small towns document the diversity of rural America, the complexity and depth of the challenges facing it, and the hard and effective work that rural community developers are doing to meet the challenges and provide opportunities. An Appalshop production hosted by Ray Suarez.


Essential PepinHigh Definition
#121 "Light As Air" [TV-G]
Recipes include meringue shells with Chantilly cream, macaroons, chocolate roll, and chocolate souffle cake with raspberry sauce. [High-Definition]
The Woodwright's ShopHigh Definition
#3001 "Case of the Corner Cupboard" [TV-G]
Long splined miters anyone? That's how you join the coffin-like case of this 18th-century corner cupboard. See how to make the special jigs to hand plane this crucial joint with precision and dignity. [High-Definition]


America's Test Kitchen from Cook's IllustratedHigh Definition
#1308 "Two Ways with Fish" [TV-G]
Perfect poached fish fillets with sherry-tomato vinaigrette and easy salmon cakes are prepared. [High-Definition]
This American LandHigh Definition
#202 "Wolverines, Desert Wilderness, Military Base Makeover" [TV-G]
Solitary and elusive Wolverines are making a slow comeback, migrating south to the lower 48 states. [High-Definition]
JubileeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#1706 "Della Mae/Dale Ann Bradley/Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands"
Boston-based alt-grassers Della Mae, five-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year Dale Ann Bradley, and folk-bluegrass group Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands perform at the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association Fan Fest in Nashville. [High-Definition] Watch Online


A Taste of HistoryHigh Definition
#212 "Lafayette's Sacrifices" [TV-G]
Lafayette is portrayed as the dashing young French general at Washington's side. In France, he and his wife were hunted down and imprisoned for supporting America's cause. In this episode, Chef Staib pays tribute to Gen. Lafayette by making a very French meal of tripe soup, roasted sweetbreads, and creamed savoy cabbage. [High-Definition]
Tim Farmer's Country KitchenKYHigh Definition
An old fashioned pickle recipe, the art of bee keeping, and making sauerkraut are featured. [High-Definition]


Antiques RoadshowHigh Definition
#1724 "Vintage Rochester" [TV-G]
Items include a painting by Frank Zappa, a van Munster violin, and a Minton vase. One of these items increased more than five times in value and another has dropped by more than $1,000. [High-Definition]
MotorWeekHigh Definition
#3245 "$38K SUV Challenge" [TV-G]
The $38K SUV Challenge and road test of the 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. [High-Definition]
A Native PresenceKY
A discussion of the presence of Native Americans in Kentucky's past, as well as current events that show how Kentuckians are embracing this heritage. A look back at the infamous Slack Farm looting incident, in which hundreds of graves were desecrated, focuses on laws passed since then to protect archaeologically and culturally important sites, while scenes from powwows and other events around the state show the vitality of the state's contemporary American Indian community. A 1995 KET production.


Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
Meet woodcarver Tim Hall, matt sculptor Craig Kaviar, and a finalist in the Kentucky Farm Bureau Outstanding Young Farm Family contest. Also, a tour of WKU's School of Broadcasting is featured. [High-Definition]


The Lawrence Welk ShowClosed Captioned
#1346 "Strike Up The Band"
Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess dance to a medley of songs that includes everything from "The Bunny Hug" to "The Twist." Myron Floren kicks off a Norwegian segment with the "Happy Norwegian Polka," and the four Lennon Sisters take us to "Mockingbird Hill." Aladdin delivers a moving recitation called "I Am The United States" which is followed by a rousing rendition of "The National Emblem March."
Mara - River of DeathHigh Definition
The Mara River in East Africa plays a crucial role in the largest migration of mammals on the planet. This film documents the dramatic events that unfold during the migration season. [High-Definition]
Mission Appalachia: The Story of Red BirdKYHigh Definition
The Red Bird Mission has been described as one of the most comprehensive mission sites in the world.  Nearly 3,000 volunteers journey to Appalachia from all across the United States to bring relief and support to fellow Americans. This documentary follows very personal stories of hope and resilience of the mountain people who refer to it simply, and affectionately, as "Red Bird." [High-Definition]