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Saturday 8/31/2013

Noon EDT

Quilting ArtsHigh Definition
#1202 "Quilting Around The House" [TV-G]
Guest artist Sue Bleiweiss adds a touch of whimsy to a table with a house themed table runner. [High-Definition]
Garden SmartHigh Definition
#3204 [TV-G]
The outdoor spaces of the latest Presidential Center and Library are at the forefront of design. Water management techniques, native plants, and a localized re-creation of the White House Rose Garden are some of the highlights. [High-Definition]
Louis Brandeis: The People's AttorneyClosed CaptionedKY
Chronicles Louisville native Louis Brandeis' years as a private attorney in turn-of-the-century Boston and his contested appointment to the Supreme Court in 1916.

12:30 pm

Knitting DailyHigh Definition
#1104 "Front and Center" [TV-G]
Different neckline styles, short-rowing, and special luxury fibers are highlighted. [High-Definition]
The Victory GardenHigh Definition
#3208 "Easy" [TV-G]
Visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and "learn from the big guys" — garden tourists can recycle great ideas and put them to use in their own gardens. [High-Definition]


P. Allen Smith's Garden HomeHigh Definition
#901 "The 12 Principles" [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith gives an overview of the 12 design principles that will be discussed throughout the season using examples at the Garden Home Retreat. Allen also shares a few tips on properly maintaining a lawn and gets advice from an expert on espalier fruit trees. Also, a look at what it means to be "green." [High-Definition]
Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy MacHigh Definition
#303 "Barley Twist Lamp" [TV-G]
Tommy tackles the difficult technique of off-set turning on a lathe when he makes a Barley Twist Lamp. [High-Definition]
Wendell Ford: From Yellow Creek to the PotomacKY
A personal retrospective of the career of Kentucky's most prominent political leader in the last quarter of the 20th century. This 1999 KET production explores not only Ford's career as a state senator, lieutenant governor, governor, and U.S. senator, but also the state of politics in the late 20th century.


Garden SmartHigh Definition
#3113 [TV-G]
Visit Dallas Blooms, described as "one of the most spectacular floral displays in the world." [High-Definition]
This Old HouseHigh Definition
#3222 "Essex 2012/13, Rustic Plaster, Advanced Septic" [TV-G]
Installing ceilings singlehandedly, the Old World look of the walls, installing a self-contained membrane bioreactor system, and a granite and cobble border on the driveway are highlighted. [High-Definition]


Burt Wolf: Travels & TraditionsHigh Definition
#1103 "Burt Wolf's Family Vacation" [TV-G]
Each summer, Burt takes his wife, a selection of his sons and daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren to Europe. This program takes an irreverent look at one of their itineraries which includes Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic and Leukerbad in Switzerland. [High-Definition]
Ask This Old HouseHigh Definition
#1122 "Solving a Melted Mystery/Performing a Whole-House Energy Audit" [TV-G]
Tom Silva helps a homeowner solve the mystery of her melted vinyl siding. Plus, Kevin and a specialist perform a whole-house energy audit. [High-Definition]
Recollections: Governors' RoundtableKY
Eight former Kentucky governors—Edward T. (Ned) Breathitt, Louie B. Nunn, Wendell H. Ford, Julian M. Carroll, John Y. Brown Jr., Martha Layne Collins, Wallace Wilkinson, and Brereton C. Jones—share perspectives on their years in office, including some of the lighter moments. Veteran broadcast journalist Ferrell Wellman hosts. A 2000 KET production.


Rick Steves' EuropeHigh Definition
#511 "Denmark: Beyond Copenhagen" [TV-G]
Using Copenhagen as a springboard, Rick visits the very best of Denmark. He goes to Aarhus, a charming open-air museum; Roskilde, with its royal burial church and the best Viking ship museum anywhere; and the delightfully quaint Isle of Aerø comes with half-timbered cottages, ships in bottles, and cobbled alleyways. [High-Definition]
HometimeHigh Definition
#2707 "Creekside Home Roofing" [TV-G]
Dean, Miriam, and the team apply a unique and durable roof system featuring copper and clay. [High-Definition]


Lidia's Italy In AmericaHigh Definition
#203 "Heartwarming Italian American Classics" [TV-G]
Lidia celebrates two Italian-American classics - Chicken Trombino and Italian-American Meatloaf. [High-Definition]
Woodsmith ShopHigh Definition
#504 "Swing-Leg Table" [TV-G]
How to make a wood knuckle joint for this project. Plus, handy tips and tricks for building this unique, heirloom table. [High-Definition]
Headwaters: Real Stories from Rural AmericaClosed CaptionedKY
#208 "Coal Bucket Outlaw/Applewise" [TV-G]
Built around a day in the life of a Kentucky coal truck driver, Coal Bucket Outlaw provides a direct look at where our energy comes from as well as the human and environmental price we pay for our heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Applewise profiles the Mullins family, third-generation apple growers, and their struggle to maintain and manage one of only two remaining family-run apple orchards in Wise County, VA.


Martha Stewart's Cooking SchoolHigh Definition
#102 "Sauces" [TV-G]
Martha teaches how to prepare classic sauces: hollandaise, bechamel, beurre blanc, and marinara. [High-Definition]
The Woodwright's ShopHigh Definition
#3008 "The Case for Books" [TV-G]
Say goodbye to cinderblocks and sagging shelves as you see how to cut the essential dado and sliding joints to build this better bookcase. [High-Definition]


America's Test Kitchen from Cook's IllustratedHigh Definition
#1315 "Great Italian Pasta Sauces" [TV-G]
Perfect Pasta all'Amatriciana quick mushroom ragu with lots of mushroom flavor are prepared. [High-Definition]
This American LandHigh Definition
#209 "Arctic White Geese, Veterans in the Great Outdoors, Tracking a Coral Killer" [TV-G]
In Oregon, dedicated "citizen scientists" spend time studying Snow geese and Ross's geese at their stopover to the Arctic; join the Sierra Club's Stacy Bare, a U.S. Army veteran, on an adventure down the Colorado River, where veterans deepen their connections with the land, and one another; and what is killing Elkhorn coral in south Florida? [High-Definition]
JubileeKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#1713 "Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time/Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers"
Bluegrass veteran Larry Cordle and his group Lonesome Standard Time and 2012 IBMA Emerging Artists of the Year Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers perform at the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association Fan Fest in Nashville. [High-Definition] Watch Online


A Taste of HistoryHigh Definition
#506 "King of Prussia" [TV-G]
Chef Staib prepares authentic German favorites, Konigsberger Klopse meatballs in caper sauce, Eisbein pork shanks, and apple strudel. [High-Definition]
Tim Farmer's Country KitchenKYHigh Definition
A goat shank recipe, go outside to the Big Green Egg for some "Smokey" Joes, The Moron Brothers, and a recipe for cheesecake are featured. [High-Definition]


Antiques RoadshowHigh Definition
#1512 "Billings (Part 3)" [TV-G]
A beautifully preserved 1843 artillery sword and belt; a circa 1925 sequined flapper dress and gold lamé coat; and a circa 1925 heirloom collection of ruby, diamond, and jade rings. [High-Definition]
MotorWeekHigh Definition
#3252 "Audi A8 TDI" [TV-G]
The 2013 Audi A8 TDI and 2014 Chevrolet Silverado are driven. Classic car restoration is discussed. [High-Definition]
A Walk with Simon KentonKYWatch Online!
Clancy Brown hosts a walk in the footsteps of legendary frontiersman Simon Kenton, a key figure behind America's westward expansion and the settlement of Kentucky and Ohio. A 2000 KET production. Watch Online


Bluegrass and BackroadsKYHigh Definition
How reeds are woven into baskets, a visit to Buffalo Trace Distillery, the EDGE approach to clean water, and a finalist in the Kentucky Farm Bureau Outstanding Young Farm Family contest are highlighted. [High-Definition]


The Lawrence Welk ShowClosed Captioned
#1401 "Carnival"
Rose Weiss is the guest. "When The Carnival Comes to Town" and "Carousel Waltz" are performed.
NatureHigh Definition
#2913 "Cracking The Koala Code" [TV-PG]
The day-to-day dramas of an extended family of koalas, seen through the eyes of the scientists studying their every move and vocalization. Discover how koalas survive and thrive on a diet poisonous to almost all other herbivorous mammals. [High-Definition]
The Remarkable ClarksKYWatch Online!
Captain William Clark of Lewis and Clark was the younger brother of Louisville founder George Rogers Clark. As part of the bicentennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition, this docudrama looks back over the lives of the two brothers and their sister, Lucy Clark Croghan. Staged at the Croghan home, Locust Grove in Louisville, it was written and performed by Mandy Dick, Mel Hankla, and Bob Pilkington. A 2002 KET production. Watch Online