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Thursday 9/19/2013

Noon EDT

WordWorldHigh Definition
#101 "Runaway O/Happy Birthday, Dog!" [TV-Y]
When Sheep and Bear open Cat's box of O's, one rolls away, sending them on a mad chase to catch it before Cat wakes up. Dog's friends plan a surprise party for his birthday, and there's just one problem: They need a cake! [High-Definition]
Charlie RoseHigh Definition
#19193 [TV-RE]
Kentucky HealthClosed CaptionedKYWatch Online!
#805 "Cervical Spine Injuries"
Dr. Richard T. Holt discusses cervical spine injuries. Watch Online

12:30 pm

Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#109 "Circus Stars/Limelight Fright" [TV-Y]
Clifford's hero, circus elephant Gordo, comes down with a cold, and Clifford volunteers to step in and help out in his place. Cleo pushes her way into a starring role in the show Emily Elizabeth and Charley are putting on, then discovers to her surprise that she has stage fright. [High-Definition]
Connections with Renee ShawKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#902 "Ronald Chi - The Learning Center"
Ronald Chi, founding principal of The Learning Center, discusses the strategies he and staff members use to connect and engage students in learning with high expectations and practical, hands-on applications. [High-Definition] Watch Online


GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#113 "Fiction" [TV-G]
Explores elements of fiction in short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Flannery O'Connor, and James Baldwin and the contemporary novel Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat, who reads an excerpt from the book.
CaillouHigh Definition
#502 "Can Do Caillou" [TV-Y]
Caillou practices to learn how to roller skate. Caillou wants to take a picture of a rabbit in Grandma's garden, but it proves a harder task then he thought. Clementine can whistle and Caillou can't! [High-Definition]
One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#640 "Keeneland 75th Anniversary"
Nick Nicholson, current president and CEO of Keeneland, the thoroughbred racecourse located in Lexington, Kentucky, and former presidents James E. "Ted" Bassett III and William C. "Bill" Greely, discuss Keeneland's 75th anniversary. A 2011 KET production. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Pre-GED ConnectionClosed Captioned
#112 "Themes in World History" [TV-G]
Major events, inventions, and ideas that have shaped the world and its cultures, from ancient Egypt to the modern Middle East.
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodHigh Definition
#117 "Good Morning Daniel/Goodnight Daniel" [TV-Y]
Daniel has to get up for school but his playing and imagining distract him from his routine. After dinner, he has to follow his nighttime routine even though he would rather play. [High-Definition]
BywordsKYWatch Online!
#208 "David Jenkins, Gary Johnson"
David Jenkins and Gary Johnson, from the Louisville Zoo, discuss herpetology, reptiles, and snakes of Kentucky. A 1981 KET production. Watch Online


News QuizHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2902 "Sept. 19, 2013" [TV-G]
[High-Definition] Watch Online
It's Sew EasyHigh Definition
#501 "Altering Patterns" [TV-G]
Flat pattern alterations and adding a cowl neck to a simple top for elegant draping are showcased. [High-Definition]
Up Front with Jonathan BastianKYHigh Definition
Affirmative Action remains one of the most divisive issues in American society. Jonathan discusses the issue with Randall Kennedy, law professor at Harvard University, who spoke recently at the Louisville Free Public Library. [High-Definition]


Telling Tales
#103 "The Buzzard and the Monkey"
An African-American tale, told by John O'Neal, in which the buzzard learns a lesson.


Telling Tales
#103 "The Buzzard and the Monkey"
An African-American tale, told by John O'Neal, in which the buzzard learns a lesson.


Dinosaur TrainHigh Definition
#136 "Elmer Elasmosaurus/Dinosaur Block Party" [TV-Y]
Buddy is not happy about travelling underwater until he sees spectacular sights under the sea. The Pteranodon family hosts a block party to introduce their new neighbors. [High-Definition]
Scrapbook SoupHigh Definition
#202 "Mini Albums - Small In Size - Big On Ideas." [TV-G]
A storybook style album and a teeny micro album with lots of pockets for keepsakes are created. [High-Definition]
Coming to GroundKYHigh Definition
Explores the change in Kentucky agriculture over the last decade and chronicles the efforts of Kentucky's farmers and policy makers as they moved from dependency on tobacco to a more diverse and sustainable agriculture. [High-Definition]


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!High Definition
#111 "Flight of a Penguin/Let's Go Fly a Kite" [TV-Y]
Sally and Nick meet Percy the penguin and learn that not all birds fly. The Cat takes Sally and Nick to Huff-Puff-Maguff to fly a kite. [High-Definition]
Math Basics
#103 "Many Ways To Measure"
Customary and metric units of measure; tools and instruments for measuring; the use of a calculator in learning mathematics.


Curious GeorgeHigh Definition
#104 "Buoy Wonder/Roller Monkey" [TV-Y]
The boat Bill is entering in the Model Boat Show sinks, and George decides to build a new one. Then Mr. and Mrs. Dulson ask George to roller-skate in front of their toy store to attract customers, and things get a little out of control. [High-Definition]
Crossroads CaféClosed Captioned
#126 "Winds of Change" [TV-G]
The café employees face difficult choices about their futures.


ArthurHigh Definition
#509 "Just Desserts/The Big Dig" [TV-Y]
Overindulging in sweets leads to a night of very strange dreams for Arthur. After Grandpa Dave shows them a secret map, Arthur and D.W. hunt for buried treasure and learn some family history. [High-Definition]
Glacier Park RememberedHigh Definition
Restored old films and historical memorabilia capture what Montana's Glacier Park was like 100 years ago. [High-Definition]
Two BrothersKY
Joe Edwards grew up in Harlan, Kentucky, and went to war as a young man. When he returned, he was a very different person. Wracked with overwhelming depression, anxiety and anger, Joe tried to make a new life for himself and his family. His brother, Jason, narrates the difficult journey through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and toward wellness.


WordGirlHigh Definition
#403 "Leslie Makes It Big/Mouse Brain Take-Over" [TV-Y7]
When Mr. Big gets hauled off to jail, his assistant, Leslie, takes over to carry out their latest evil plan - building the most powerful mind control device ever! Just as WordGirl is about to give TJ, the winner of the "WordGirl Synonym Contest," a tour of her secret hideout, she discovers Dr. Two-Brains' is going on an all-out cheese rampage. [High-Definition]
These Nine Months: The Realities of Alcohol and PregnancyHigh Definition
Women receive many conflicting messages about alcohol and pregnancy. This brand-new documentary features Kentucky physicians, researchers, moms, and families who share their experiences with this important topic. [High-Definition]


Wild KrattsHigh Definition
#201 "Bad Hair Day" [TV-Y]
Chris and Martin try to help a lion named "He who breathes fire" get back to his pride. [High-Definition]
The AviatorsHigh Definition
#306 [TV-G]
Kurtis experiences oxygen deprivation in the High Altitude Lab at Embry Riddle University. Also, learn what goes on inside the areas of a commercial flight. [High-Definition]
The CommonHealth of KentuckyKYWatch Online!
#103 "Reducing Obesity Through Nutrition"
Explores the many ways nutrition affects obesity and overall health. Featured projects: the Owensboro Public Schools' Healthy Lifestyles program; the Larue County Coordinated School Health Initiative; the Literacy, Eating and Activity for Preschoolers (LEAP) Health Program in Lexington; and a comprehensive wellness program at Logan Aluminum. A 2005 KET production hosted by Dr. Wayne Tuckson. Watch Online


The Electric CompanyHigh Definition
#120 "The Limerick Slam" [TV-Y]
Jessica and Manny compete in the annual Limerick Slam. [High-Definition]
Wild Photo AdventuresHigh Definition
#211 "Wyoming Big Horn Sheep" [TV-G]
Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd brave sub-zero temperatures to photograph the wildlife of the Wind River Basin, Wyoming. [High-Definition]
Kentucky LifeKYWatch Online!
#710 "Blue Licks Battlefield/Peter Eichhorn/Hydroponic Strawberries" [TV-G]
The Northern Kentucky site of a bloody Revolutionary War battle, a Louisville stained-glass artist whose work embodies both Old and New World traditions, and an Edmonson County couple who grow strawberries without soil. A 2001 KET production hosted by Dave Shuffett. Watch Online


BBC World News AmericaHigh Definition
#17262 [TV-RE]
Fetch! With Ruff RuffmanHigh Definition
#313 "Dog of the Rings" [TV-Y]
The Fetch 3000 is on the blink. Glen, Ruff's techie teenage nephew, says he will fix it—if Ruff does something for him in return. Glen is a live-action role player, and he was supposed to go on a LARPing adventure at Wing's Castle. But he has caught a cold and can't go, so he wants one of the kids to take his place. [High-Definition]
One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#836 "Dr. Everett McCorvey"
Bill sits down with Dr. Everett McCorvey, director of the University of Kentucky Opera Theater, to discuss The Gathering Ireland 2013. [High-Definition] Watch Online