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Monday 10/21/2013

Midnight EDT

Religion & Ethics NewsWeeklyHigh Definition
#1707 [TV-RE]
Secrets of Henry VIII's PalaceHigh Definition
One of the most unique places in the world, Hampton Court is the ultimate Royal pleasure palace. Through its rooms you can chart King Henry VIII's decline from fit young warrior to bloated womanizer. [High-Definition]
Renfro Valley: Kentucky's Country Music CapitalKYWatch Online!
A look at the history of the renowned music barn through archival footage and interviews. A KET Fund for Independent Production. Watch Online

12:30 am Monday, October 21

One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#841 "Sena Jeter Naslund"
Author Sena Jeter Naslund, director for the MFA program at Spalding University in Louisville, discusses her new novel, The Fountain of St. James Court; or, Portrait of the Artist as an Old Woman. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Theater TalkClosed Captioned
#701 [TV-G]
A discussion about the revival of Horton Foote's The Old Friends with actors Betty Buckley, Hallie Foote, and Lois Smith.
Masterpiece ClassicHigh Definition
#4331 "The Paradise, Part Three" [TV-PG]
Miss Audrey falls ill and Moray must appoint one of the girls as her substitute. Meanwhile, Katherine is enjoying the affections of new suitor Peter Adler, but she is still conflicted about her lingering feelings for Moray. [High-Definition]
News QuizHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2906 "Oct. 17, 2013" [TV-G]
[High-Definition] Watch Online


Telling Tales
#107 "Little Deer and Mother Earth"
A Cherokee tale with an environmental message, told by Marilou Awiakta.


Chef's LifeHigh Definition
#106 "The World Is Your Oyster" [TV-G]
Vivian goes to Cedar Island to explore the new culture of farm-raised oysters in the Southeast. [High-Definition]
From the Ground UpKYWatch Online!
#102 "Architecture of Government"
The varying styles of Kentucky's courthouses. A 1991 KET production. Watch Online


European JournalClosed Captioned
#3142 [TV-G]
Masterpiece ClassicHigh Definition
#4202 "Downton Abbey, Series II - Part Two" [TV-PG]
Downton is turned into a convalescent home with Thomas in charge. Meanwhile, Lavinia and Sir Richard's secret comes out, Anna tracks down Bates, and Branson seizes his chance to strike a blow for Ireland. [High-Definition]
Wilderness RoadKYWatch Online!
Author and University of Kentucky professor Gurney Norman retraces the route of the famous pioneer trail from Kingsport, TN to Boonesborough and gets perspectives on the region's history from a retired forester, a Cherokee teacher, and a Laurel County farmer. A 1991 KET production. Watch Online


Scully/The World ShowClosed Captioned
#1626 [TV-G]


China's ChallengesHigh Definition
#103 "Are The Chinese People 'real' Citizens?" [TV-G]
How to make the Chinese government accountable and how to give citizens human rights are discussed. [High-Definition]
Great PerformancesHigh Definition
#3714 "Great Performances' 40th Anniversary Celebration" [TV-PG]
An all-star homecoming on the stage of the David Koch Theater at Lincoln Center features Julie Andrews, Audra McDonald, Don Henley, David Hyde Pierce, Josh Groban, Itzhak Perlman, Michael Buble, and other guests. [High-Definition]
A Walk with BooneKYWatch Online!
Historians Thomas D. Clark and John Mack Faragher follow the Kentucky trail of America's most famous pioneer, Daniel Boone. A 1997 KET production. Watch Online


Mariachi High - PBS ArtsHigh Definition
A year in the life of the champion mariachi ensemble at Zapata High School in South Texas. [High-Definition]
A Walk with Simon KentonKYWatch Online!
Clancy Brown hosts a walk in the footsteps of legendary frontiersman Simon Kenton, a key figure behind America's westward expansion and the settlement of Kentucky and Ohio. A 2000 KET production. Watch Online


Atchafalaya HouseboatHigh Definition
This journey back in time goes deep into Louisiana's million-acre Atchafalaya Swamp for an adventure with writer Gwen Roland, who 30 years ago built a houseboat by hand and lived as her forebears had generations earlier. [High-Definition]


GED Connection en EspanolClosed Captioned
#116 "Pasando la prueba de estudios sociales del GED" [TV-G]
Tips on reading and interpreting maps, charts, and graphics; information on the content areas covered on the social studies section of the GED Test; and sample test questions.
Genealogy RoadshowHigh Definition
#104 "Austin" [TV-PG]
The entertaining mix of stories includes two people who think they are related to a hero of the Alamo and an emotional tale of one man's amazing family. [High-Definition]
Kentucky Aviation Pioneer Matthew B. SellersKY
The Carter County native who invented the retractable landing gear for airplanes and made the first powered flight in Kentucky.


Start UpHigh Definition
#103 "Plant Your Feet on the Ground!" [TV-G]
Pittsburgh Paragliding and Vivid Braille, a new retail clothing store in Chicago, are featured. [High-Definition]


Wai Lana YogaClosed Captioned
#615 "Plough Twist" [TV-G]
Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#131 "Welcome to the Doghouse/Promises, Promises" [TV-Y]
Cleo tries to grow dog toys in a garden. Jetta takes credit for discovering a trunk to get an award. [High-Definition]
Dialogue on Public IssuesKYHigh Definition
#452 "Lori Eubank"
A discussion with Lori Eubank, administrator of Kentucky Christian Academy. [High-Definition]