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Monday 11/18/2013

Midnight EST

Religion & Ethics NewsWeeklyHigh Definition
#1711 [TV-RE]
Austin City LimitsHigh Definition
#3907 "Jim James/The Black Angels" [TV-PG]
My Kentucky HomeKY
#202 "Woodford County (Part 2)"
Growing up in small towns provide special experiences that can be fun to remember and share. In this program, Woodford County citizens come together to celebrate the area's uniqueness.

12:30 am Monday, November 18

One to One with Bill GoodmanKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#845 "Dr. Michael Benson"
Dr. Michael Benson discusses his move to Kentucky from Utah to take over as president at Eastern Kentucky University. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Theater TalkClosed Captioned
#705 [TV-G]
The play A Time to Kill with actors Sebastian Arcelus, John Douglas Thompson, and Patrick Page is discussed.
Secrets of Scotland YardHigh Definition
A look at London's police force sheds light on what it takes to become a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. [High-Definition]
News QuizHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
#2910 "Nov. 14, 2013" [TV-G]
[High-Definition] Watch Online


Telling TalesKY
#111 "Wicked John"
The story of a really mean man, told by Appalachian storytellers and musicians Tom Bledsoe, Rich Kirby, and Joy D'Elia.


Chef's LifeHigh Definition
#110 "Love Me Some Candied Yams!" [TV-G]
Vivian introduces viewers to Rob and Amy Hill, proprietors of one of the largest sweet potato farms in the country and two of the restaurant's best customers. [High-Definition]
From the Ground UpKYWatch Online!
#106 "Residential Architecture"
A look at Kentucky home architectual styles. A 1991 KET production. Watch Online


European JournalClosed Captioned
#3146 "National Sport: Subway Fare-Dodging" [TV-G]
Masterpiece ClassicHigh Definition
#4335 "The Paradise, Part Seven" [TV-PG]
As the big day approaches, Moray cannot deny his love for Denise and plans to call off the wedding. [High-Definition]
Historic Archaeology: Beneath Kentucky's Fields and StreetsKYHigh DefinitionWatch Online!
Explores new archaeology investigations into the lives of farmers, slaves, soldiers, immigrants, and laborers during the 1800s in Kentucky. [High-Definition] Watch Online


Scully/The World ShowClosed Captioned
#1630 [TV-G]


Secrets of the DeadHigh Definition
#1301 "JFK: One PM Central Standard Time" [TV-PG]
This program chronicles the reporting of the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy within the CBS newsroom from the moment the President was shot until Walter Cronkite's emotional pronouncement of his death. [High-Definition]
Masterpiece ClassicHigh Definition
#4206 "Downton Abbey, Series II - Part Six" [TV-PG]
The Spanish flu strikes Downton, disrupting one match, hastening another, and transforming the fortunes of all. Mary, Sybil, and Robert each confront a moment of truth. Anna and Bates know a moment of happiness. [High-Definition]
Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas MertonClosed CaptionedKY
The remarkable life and lasting impact of Thomas Merton, one of the spiritual masters of the 20th century. Shot mainly at Merton's Kentucky home, the Abbey of Gethsemani, the program examines Merton's life in Kentucky, the transformations he experienced, and how his influence as a writer and social critic has continued since his death in 1968. Produced by Morgan Atkinson with support from the KET Fund for Independent Production.


NovaHigh Definition
#4022 "Cold Case JFK" [TV-PG]
State-of-the art forensic tools are applied to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Will forensics ever be truly foolproof, or does modern technology just give a scientific sheen to a practice that will always be more art than science? [High-Definition]
Uncommon Vision: The Life and Times of John Howard GriffinHigh Definition
John Howard Griffin is best known as the white man who in 1959 disguised himself as a black man and then traveled anonymously through the heart of Dixie. From his experiences he wrote Black Like Me. This film focuses on Griffin's social activism and examines how a spiritual commitment led him from a segregated childhood in Fort Worth to fighting with the French Underground, sustained him during ten years of blindness incurred by war injuries, and inspired him during a prolific creative life as a writer/photographer. A Morgan Atkinson production. [High-Definition]


GED Connection en EspanolClosed Captioned
#120 "Cívico y gobierno" [TV-G]
Explores the foundations and structure of American government and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
African Americans: Many Rivers to CrossHigh Definition
#104 "Making A Way Out of No Way (1897-1940)" [TV-PG]
The narrow confines of segregation of the Jim Crow era are explored. At the same time, the ascendance of black arts and culture led to the "The Harlem Renaissance" and would redefine how America saw African Americans and how African Americans saw themselves. [High-Definition]
Harriet Van Meter: A Life ExtraordinaryClosed CaptionedKY
From her basement in Lexington, Harriet Van Meter started the International Book Project to collect and distribute books to war-torn and impoverished regions around the world, hoping to help bring some measure of peace, understanding, and stability to these areas. To date, the IBP has distributed more than five million books, and Van Meter was a finalist for the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize. Produced by Arthur Rouse and Kiley Lane with support from the KET Fund for Independent Production.


Start UpHigh Definition
#104 "Break Away and Take A Vacation" [TV-G]
A unique bed-and-breakfast in Brooklyn and an indoor mountain bike park in Milwaukee are visited. [High-Definition]
Tim Farmer's Homemade JamKYHigh Definition
#101 "Wilderness Trail - The Velvet Blue - J D Crowe -"
Wilderness Trail, The Velvet Blue, Carl Hurley, The Moron Brothers, and J.D. Crowe are featured. [High-Definition]


Wai Lana YogaClosed Captioned
#109 "Neti (Sinus and Nasal Cleansing)" [TV-G]
Clifford the Big Red DogHigh Definition
#210 "Doggie Detectives/Camping It Up" [TV-Y]
Equipment is disappearing from the local playground, and K.C. tries to figure out what's happening. Thinking that her camping trip will be boring, Jetta tries to bring all the comforts of home into the woods with her. [High-Definition]
Dialogue on Public IssuesKYHigh Definition
#504 "Dr. Paul Chewning"
A discussion with Dr. Paul Chewning, president of the Appalachian College Association. [High-Definition]