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James Klotter, state historian and history professor at Georgetown College

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2738
Host Al Smith and guests discuss U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s support for a controversial airport and business park in southcentral Kentucky; leadership issues in Lexington, both at the schools and in the merged government; and teacher pay and teacher quality—issues that have challenged us for more than a century. (#2738)

Program 2804
11/23/01: A special edition on influential Kentucky women, past and present. (#2804)

Program 2839
7/26/02: A vision for Louisville—bridges, merger, and politics. Blind man’s bluff in Frankfort—how the no-budget game is played. And a look back at other business failures—when hard times came knocking. (#2839)

Program 2844
8/30/02: Looking back and looking forward on Labor Day weekend, plus the budget two-step in Frankfort. Has the state maxed out its credit cards? Guest host: Ken Kurtz. (#2844)

Program 2927
5/2/03: Bring on the buses, buy up the airwaves, blow the horns: It’s make-or-break time in the governor’s race as we count down to the 2003 primary election. (#2927)

Program 2937
7/11/03: On this special edition, State Historian and Georgetown College history professor Jim Klotter and host Al Smith celebrate the life and times of one of Kentucky’s most beloved citizens, Dr. Thomas Clark, in honor of his 100th birthday. (#2937)

Program 3030
Headlines for 5/28/04: A key House Democrat breaks ranks and endorses Fletcher’s plan for a special session. The attorney general asks for a court ruling on the budget. And pesky problems surface six months into Fletcher’s tenure, such as juvenile justice sex abuse, dress codes for park employees, and porno on the computers. (#3030)

Program 3123
4/8/05: The newspaper and the church—the impact of the Courier-Journal and the legacy of the Catholic bosses in state politics. (#3123)

Program 3227
5/5/06: When is a veto not a veto? “Not!,” exclaims the governor—U of L just found alternative funds. Also, blacks and the Derby and a report about Africa by the Clooneys. (#3227)

Program 3237
7/14/06: A new eye on mountaintop removal. And the Republicans are in turmoil, but where are the Democrats? Guest host: Linda Blackford, reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3237)

Program 3305
12/1/06: Ben Chandler chooses Congress over the governor’s race as other Democrats dither. Ernie Fletcher files for re-election, and the Democrats debate who can take him out. Also, a look at our changing culture, business, and politics. (#3305)

Program 3350
10/12/07: In candidate cash, Steve Beshear is ahead. And do they care in Western Kentucky who wins? Is the Kentucky Central report yesterday’s story? Two real issues: What is gambling really worth to state and local government? What will resolve the unfunded pension problem? And, we take a look at campaigns that truly changed the state. Plus, who were our five greatest Kentuckians? (#3350)

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