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Monica Richardson Roberts, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2725
4/20/01: Tom Loftus talks about U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao’s position on the program to compensate nuclear workers for job-related illnesses and about Lt. Gov. Steve Henry’s disclosure of the amount of gifts he and his wife received at their wedding last year. Monica Richardson discusses state officials’ criticism of the welfare-to-work program, the effects of recent job layoffs, and the status of the KCHIP program that provides health insurance to thousands of Kentucky children. Dave Nakdimen comments on the racial unrest in Cincinnati and the Derby week protest planned in Louisville. (#2725)

Program 2739
On this edition of Comment on Kentucky, host Al Smith and guests discuss Lois Combs Weinberg's fundraising campaign for the U.S. Senate race against republican incumbent Mitch McConnell, the one-thousand families on welfare that will be cut off this fall, and the growth in coal that maybe more of a hope than a reality. (#2739)

Program 2804
11/23/01: A special edition on influential Kentucky women, past and present. (#2804)

Program 2904
11/22/02: In a shaky economy, Gov. Patton lays out the budget choices: We cut services and pass the pain to the public, or we raise new revenues and perhaps go forward. (#2904)

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