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Jacalyn Carfagno, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2720
3/16/01: Journalists from the two largest newspapers in the state discuss former Gov. Wallace Wilkinson’s bankruptcy debts, Louisville’s possible basketball deals, and the U.S. Senate’s action to toughen the federal bankruptcy laws. (#2720)

Program 2723
4/6/01: The latest developments in former Gov. Wallace Wilkinson’s bankruptcy ordeal, political happenings at the state capitol, the financial records audit of Kentucky State University, insurance scams perpetrated on dying patients, and two state legislators’ scheduled attendance at a meeting hosted by the Kentucky State Militia. (#2723)

Program 2726
4/27/01: Concerns over rising electricity costs, consolidation and deregulation of the energy industry, and the comeback of the coal industry with help from the Bush administration and the courts. (#2726)

Program 2727
5/4/01: Women and politics; the final weeks of University of Kentucky President Charles Wethington’s administration; President George W. Bush’s energy policy, which could mean happy days again for coal; the 2001 Kentucky Derby; and a tribute to the life of Kentucky writer and poet James Still. (#2727)

Program 2732
6/8/01: A University of Kentucky professor gives her perspective on the disease known as AIDS, a Frankfort reporter offers information on changes in school standards, and a Lexington business editor reports on the Wallace Wilkinson bankruptcy ordeal. (#2732)

Program 2851
10/18/02: The Kentucky ship of state: leaking leadership, losing revenue, and lousy politics. But a few beacons of hope throw light into the shadows. (#2851)

Program 2949
10/3/03: In a Courier-Journal poll, the governor’s race is tied, Bush is still strong in the state, and slots are favored—but not smoking bans. Also, Tina’s take on who else is guilty, a Medicaid suit, and the tobacco buyout that isn’t a done deal. (#2949)

Program 3130
5/27/05: More on the merit system muddle/mess: The governor comes back and fights back, and a special grand jury will hear Stumbo’s charges. It was another week of the political feeding frenzy in Frankfort. (#3130)

Program 3305
12/1/06: Ben Chandler chooses Congress over the governor’s race as other Democrats dither. Ernie Fletcher files for re-election, and the Democrats debate who can take him out. Also, a look at our changing culture, business, and politics. (#3305)

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