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Ron Crouch, Kentucky State Data Center

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2721
3/23/01: The 2000 U.S. Census—our numbers grew as four million Kentuckians were counted. But one job in higher education got a bigger headline—Rick Pitino’s return to Kentucky. Meanwhile, in Washington, it was the war of the big Macs—McConnell versus McCain—over campaign financing. And in Frankfort, the legislature closed down amid a new outbreak of partisan bickering. (#2721)

Program 2730
5/25/01: Sen. Mitch McConnell’s bump from power as the Bush tax cut reaches the dock and what the U.S. Census numbers say about Kentucky. (#2730)

Program 2843
8/23/02: Williams rebuffed in court—the judge says, “Show me.” Health care costs—the aches and pains of treatment. And rich and poor—snapshots from the census. (#2843)

Program 3125
4/22/05: The governor said he invested out of Kentucky to escape criticism, but there was still a dust-up over Destin. And speaking of dust, have you ever seen a mountain that has been scalped? Plus, a census that may steal a congressman. (#3125)

Program 3328
5/11/07: The State Board of Education hires an Illinois candidate as commissioner despite resume problems. Jonathan Miller pulls out of the governor’s race and throws his support to Steve Beshear. Gov. Ernie Fletcher and Anne Northup demand each show and tell their money sources. And last we consider the immigration question: “Tear down that wall, Mr. Bush, but educate those kids—they are the future of our baby boomers in old age.” (#3328)

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