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Bill Straub, Scripps Howard News Service

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2722
3/30/01: Gov. Paul Patton’s visits to several illegal dump sites in the state, his possible run for the U.S. Senate, and his action on collective bargaining; the NBA’s rejection of Louisville; U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s defeat on campaign finance reform legislation; and former Gov. Wallace Wilkinson’s bankruptcy woes. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2722)

Program 2733
6/15/01: The state and the fate of the horse industry in Kentucky, the impact of foal losses, concerns for the future, and how to save the signature business of the Bluegrass. Guests include equine expert John R. Gaines, who founded the Breeders’ Cup and sparked the creation of the Kentucky Horse Park, and Jim Squires, a journalist and author who left the editorship of the Chicago Tribune to start a small farm in Kentucky—where he bred a horse named Monarchos that won the Kentucky Derby. (#2733)

Program 2741
Join host Al Smith with journalists who cover state and national politics as they discuss the 250 candidates predicted for 26 seats on new Louisville council, the Lexington mayor's race that's shaping up along partisan lines, and the race for U.S. Senate. (#2741)

Program 2819
3/8/02: Changes in the University of Kentucky’s athletics program and political happenings in Frankfort with guest host Mark Hebert. (#2819)

Program 2831
5/31/02: Wrapping up the primary. U.S. Democratic primary: A near upset leaves Weinberg wounded and Congressman Ernie Fletcher ready to run for governor. Lexington’s mayor’s race: The biggest spender was third. Challenge to Sen. David Williams: It didn’t work, so now he challenges Patton’s budget again. Louisville Metro races: not a magnet for voters, but it was a start for merger. Also, that X-rated campaign video gave the guy who used it some blues in the night—he lost. (#2831)

Program 2838
7/19/02: Paul Patton heads the nation’s governors’ association. He comes from a state where he can’t persuade our legislature to pass a budget; where we’ve hired a faculty member for $500,000 a year to run an ethics program for students who chase balls; and where we won’t raise the tobacco tax, won’t do much about smoking deaths, but have male politicians reporting in sick over lesbian health issues. (#2838)

Program 2936
7/4/03: Polls, malpractice insurance, and cleaning up state government—the latest developments in the governor’s race. Plus, Codell gets hit again, and Lexington goes smokeless. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2936)

Program 3018
3/5/04: Fletcher’s start-up problems—more road kill, more bickering over education—and reports from Iraq and the presidential campaign. (#3018)

Program 3025
4/23/04: Connecting to Iraq; possible cracks in the state budget stalemate; court approval of smoking bans in cities; and, as always, scoring the game of politics. (#3025)

Program 3034
6/25/04: Fletcher’s first six months, Bush’s next four months, and more of those church-state issues: communion for Catholic politicians and the Ten Commandments on courthouse walls. (#3034)

Program 3121
3/25/05: Kentucky congressmen get involved in the Schiavo case, House Speaker Jody Richards says he won’t run for governor, and horse breeders hit the exacta. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#3121)

Program 3215
2/10/06: The building buzz—big bucks, private and public; the Bush budget’s impact on the Bluegrass State; $10 million to lobby the legislature; and missing miners and missing mountains. (#3215)

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