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John Yarmuth, Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO)

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2720
3/16/01: Journalists from the two largest newspapers in the state discuss former Gov. Wallace Wilkinson’s bankruptcy debts, Louisville’s possible basketball deals, and the U.S. Senate’s action to toughen the federal bankruptcy laws. (#2720)

Program 3107
12/17/04: Issues in higher education: selfless and self-interested donors. And about that state budget ... A judge tells the governor and the legislature to get moving. (#3107)

Program 3126
4/29/05: Fletcher’s task force on a Louisville basketball arena—the controversy over site and mission. The high cost of higher education—graduation rates still fall below other states’. Plus, transition at Humana and prep for party time at the 131 running of the Kentucky Derby. (#3126)

Program 3145
A roundup of the news of the week live from The Kentucky Center in Louisville. (#3145)

Program 3213
1/27/06: Saving miners—suddenly it’s a national priority. Saving jobs at Ford—it boils down to which ones. Plus more on the merit probe, a new state school board, an expensive arena in Louisville, and a nearly bankrupt orchestra. (#3213)

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