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Chris Gilligan, WLKY-TV

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2717
2/23/01: The race for the U.S. Senate and the progress of the first annual session of the Kentucky legislature in more than 150 years. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2717)

Program 2719
3/9/01: Political happenings in Frankfort, including disagreements on high-profile bills between Senate Republicans and the governor. (#2719)

Program 2727
5/4/01: Women and politics; the final weeks of University of Kentucky President Charles Wethington’s administration; President George W. Bush’s energy policy, which could mean happy days again for coal; the 2001 Kentucky Derby; and a tribute to the life of Kentucky writer and poet James Still. (#2727)

Program 2737
7/13/01: Gov. Patton’s budget cuts and protecting education; how agribusiness and small farms can co-exist; and the new electric grid—coal by wire, but at what cost? Also, people in the news: U.S. Rep. Ernie Fletcher, Bob Babbage, retiring Eastern Kentucky University President Robert Kustra, and new University of Kentucky President Dr. Lee Todd. (#2737)

Program 2750
10/12/01: School budget reductions, anthrax scares in the state, and the simmering politics in Western Kentucky. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2750)

Program 2751
10/19/01: Where are we in the economic downturn? What can we hope for? What’s the sting, if any, in the Charlotte Hornets? And what can one state do to calm our nerves over terrorism? (#2751)

Program 2805
11/30/01: Might the NBA be shooting hoops in Louisville? A regional university king passes on, Kentucky Senate Democrats make a move to set the agenda, and the first artificial-heart transplant patient dies. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2805)

Program 2811
Join guest host Mark Hebert as he and fellow journalists discuss the 2002 Kentucky General Assembly and Louisville Mayor Dave Armstrong's decision not to run. Those stories and more on this edition of Comment on Kentucky. (#2811)

Program 2819
3/8/02: Changes in the University of Kentucky’s athletics program and political happenings in Frankfort with guest host Mark Hebert. (#2819)

Program 2848
9/27/02: The governor’s former mistress goes on national television with her story of a woman scorned, and agencies line up to investigate whether lust loosened the rules for Tina Conner. (#2848)

Program 2910
1/3/03: It’s a new year, but there’s not much cheer. Legislators and the governor resume the budget battle, the University of Kentucky fumbles a coaching hire, and Catholics struggle with lawsuits. (#2910)

Program 2916
2/14/03: Barrows’ sneak three-pointer to finish Rupp Arena clears the bench in budget-battered Frankfort. Both sides of the House flail the majority whip and call for a replay. (#2916)

Program 2920
3/14/03: The Senate gets its way with the state budget. Bruce Lunsford has healthy coffers in the race for governor. And is Rep. Harry Moberly getting revenge? Guest host: Mark Hebert, WHAS-TV. (#2920)

Program 2924
4/11/03: Golf courses instead of social workers, Medicaid for the dead, and the Republican catfight. Plus, have school reforms run out of gas? (#2924)

Program 2926
4/25/03: Holding schools accountable—the struggle over tests. Cutting state services—the struggle over finances. And crafting a message—the struggle for governor. (#2926)

Program 2936
7/4/03: Polls, malpractice insurance, and cleaning up state government—the latest developments in the governor’s race. Plus, Codell gets hit again, and Lexington goes smokeless. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2936)

Program 2948
9/26/03: Two leaders of the Commonwealth die, and a look back at the careers of Otis Singletary and Joe Clarke tells the story of many changes over 30 years. Also, Congressman Ernie Fletcher rolls out a health care policy, and the Ben Chandler camp cries foul. (#2948)

Program 2952
10/24/03: Fletcher wins the support of developers who want a casino in Northern Kentucky. Chandler wins a lawsuit against legislators who want a pension increase. And families of college students wonder why they can’t win against inflation. (#2952)

Program 3004
11/28/03: Patton’s pardons: more than 1,200 rejections. Races for Congress: Lucas out, Clooney in. Keno killed: from Fletcher’s lips to the lottery’s ears, a big “NO.” (#3004)

Program 3011
1/16/04: The state of the state may not be so good. Medical malpractice legislation hurts some, but heals others. And Paducah’s loss is Ohio’s gain. Guest host: Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV in Louisville. (#3011)

Program 3015
2/13/04: Fletcher’s road to tax reform, a poll that prefers service cuts to tax hikes, a ban on smoking bans, the University of Kentucky’s goodbye to Lexington Community College, a new president for Kentucky State University, and a new look at next week’s race for Congress. (#3015)

Program 3019
3/12/04: Tax reform lives, some Democrats don’t follow their leader, and voters may get a chance to decide gay marriage. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#3019)

Program 3020
3/19/04: spinning the tax questions, Fletcher’s first 100 days, Bush in Kentucky on the Iraq War anniversary, and a major deal by Ashland. (#3020)

Program 3027
5/7/04: Education and business are our feature topics, but as always, we’ve got the political stuff, too: the budget ballet; the May 18th primary; and the governor’s high-profile lightning rod on schools, Virginia Fox. (#3027)

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