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Sylvia Lovely, Kentucky League of Cities

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2718
3/2/01: With only one week left, no major bill has yet passed the 2001 Kentucky General Assembly. But there were signs at week’s end that Republicans and Democrats may reach an accord on several important proposals. (#2718)

Program 3104

“Welcome to the third of three programs celebrating the 30th-anniversary month of Comment on Kentucky. We went on the air November 11, 1974, and here to help us celebrate this Thanksgiving weekend are David Hawpe, editorial director and vice president of the Courier-Journal; Sylvia L. Lovely, CEO and director of the Kentucky League of Cities and president of the New Cities Foundation; and Ernest Yanarella, Ph.D., author and professor of political science at the University of Kentucky.

“For this show, we want to take a look at what might be ahead for Kentucky for the next 30 years. ‘Thinking about the future is a prudent idea,’ a girlfriend of my wild youth once said (as she was becoming my ex-girlfriend), ‘because that’s where you’ll likely spend your time.’”

—Al Smith


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