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Janet Patton, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2049
How that special legislative session on health care for public employess looks at week's end - pouring old wine into new bottles. And, a ten billion dollar tobacco buyout without federal controls over smoking and snuffing: health advocates are furious but farmers are jubilant. (#2049)

Program 2729
5/18/01: The foal crisis, Bush and coal, a tobacco buyout plan, the Comair strike, races for Congress, and state ideas about collective bargaining and smart growth. (#2729)

Program 2737
7/13/01: Gov. Patton’s budget cuts and protecting education; how agribusiness and small farms can co-exist; and the new electric grid—coal by wire, but at what cost? Also, people in the news: U.S. Rep. Ernie Fletcher, Bob Babbage, retiring Eastern Kentucky University President Robert Kustra, and new University of Kentucky President Dr. Lee Todd. (#2737)

Program 2740
These are some of the headlines topping the discussion on this edition of Comment on Kentucky: Bush nominates three for federal judgeships and two more as prosecutors. Heart surgeries' value to higher education. Research on the health of horses. And, the legacy of a religious revival two hundred years ago. (#2740)

Program 2811
Join guest host Mark Hebert as he and fellow journalists discuss the 2002 Kentucky General Assembly and Louisville Mayor Dave Armstrong's decision not to run. Those stories and more on this edition of Comment on Kentucky. (#2811)

Program 2820
3/15/02: Legislative leaders further muddy the track for slots, and Catholic bishops retract a blessing on more bingo. (#2820)

Program 3010
1/9/04: Gov./Dr. Ernie Fletcher wields a scapel on the budget. Education yields a big slice, and other agencies are also feeling the pain. But the first test of the new medicine finds politics still in the system. Meanwhile, the capitol press corps also discusses the first week of the 2004 legislative session, the 6th District congressional race, and agriculuture issues affecting the state. (#3010)

Program 3014
2/6/04: Dancing to the budget blues—Gov. Ernie Fletcher recovers $23 million in education cuts; his critics call it “crumbs.” Also, elections, casinos, squabbles over social issues, and a $46 million makeover for a state building. (#3014)

Program 3031
Topics for 6/4/04: Troubled bridges over Kentucky waters. Host’s high hopes to turn parks into a profit center. Smarty Jones lures the bettor, but he ain’t a Kentucky horse. And the Democrats take baby steps to propose a budget compromise. (#3031)

Program 3049
10/8/04: How that special legislative session on health care for public employess looks at week’s end—pouring old wine into new bottles. And a $10 billion tobacco buyout without federal controls over smoking and snuffing: Health advocates are furious, but farmers are jubilant. (#3049)

Program 3105
12/3/04: Congressmen crow over the home-cooked bacon in the budget-busting bill. Gov. Fletcher hacks away at claims of highway waste and abuse, but says that the “F” word—FRAUD—is not so apparent. Conservatives clash over tough jail terms, while public defenders plead for funds to plead their cases. And, out on the ground, the latest we’ve dug up about tobacco, horses, coal, and sipping whiskey. (#3105)

Program 3113
1/28/05: A tax hike for Medicaid? No glamour on one side of the tracks. Also, Bush looks ahead while U.S. Senator Jim Bunning looks back. Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV in Louisville, hosts a roundup of this week’s political news and a preview of the governor’s State of the Commonwealth address next week. (#3113)

Program 3127
5/6/05: Money helps—but it doesn’t always buy a Derby winner. Money in the mountains on Election Day—a costly venture for coal operators who wanted to get rid of state Senator Benny Ray Bailey. (#3127)

Program 3138
7/22/05: The Fletcher camp floats a story about a deal offer from Stumbo, which they claim was rejected. Meanwhile, the grand jury indicts a Fletcher aide, Dan Druen, on felony charges of witness tampering. The governor then fires Druen. And in other news ... The curious case of Ross Harris: lawyer, multimillionaire coal operator, cancer patient, political activist, and convicted vote buyer. Old habits die hard—the state helps a start-up cigarette business with big tax credits. And Attorney General Stumbo’s land deals in Prestonsburg: What profits a public servant who buildeth a mountaintop golf course with taxpayers’ funds if he cannot maketh a few shekels on the side? (#3138)

Program 3146
The governor changes course; nine employees look for new jobs. Who will run the Republican Party? The campaign starts up for 2007. And Big news from two big businesses. Linda Blackford of the Lexington Herald-Leader guests hosts. (#3146)

Program 3205
12/2/05: A different grand jury hears from Gov. Fletcher’s lawyer. Education standards are changing, but are they changing in the right direction? Plus, a look ahead to the legislature. Guest host: editorial writer Jamie Lucke of the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3205)

Program 3210
1/6/06: In the politics of lawmaking, health care and education costs seem to come first. Is that the way this new legislative session will play out? (#3210)

Program 3442
The Feds investigate rigged bigs at the state transportation cabinet. The G-O-P stretches its lead in the Bluegrass state. Steroids, slots and Keeneland expansion. (#3442)

Program 3510
1.9.09: The Kentucky General Assembly convenes in Frankfort this week, and the state House of Representatives elect a new Speaker. Insights on the first week of the 2009 legislative session, new leadership, the projected half-billion dollar budget shortfall and much more. Scheduled guests: Tom Loftus, Frankfort bureau chief for The Courier-Journal; Janet Patton, business writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader; and Greg Stotelmyer, political reporter for WTVQ-TV, Channel 36 in Lexington. (#3510)

November 13, 2009
Panelists: Covington, Patton, Rodriguez (#3602)

April 30, 2010
Panelists: Patton, Stotelmyer, Yetter (#3626)

June 11, 2010
Panelists: Loftus, McVeigh, Patton (#3632)

October 15, 2010
Panelists: Patton, Steitzer, Van Benschoten (#3650)

July 29, 2011
Panelists: Arnold, Cross, Patton (#3739)

February 3, 2012
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV substituting for Ferrell Wellman
Panelists: Alford, Ellis, Patton (#3814)

February 24, 2012
Panelists: Loftus, Patton, Stotelmyer (#3817)

May 4, 2012
Panelists: Loftus, Patton, Van Benschoten (#3827)

August 31, 2012
Panelists: Ellis, Patton, Ungar (#3844)

November 16, 2012
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV substituting for Ferrell Wellman
Panelists: Colston, Patton, Wynn (#3903)

March 1, 2013
Panelists: Loftus, Patton, Pendleton (#3918)

September 20, 2013
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV substituting for Ferrell Wellman
Panelists: Alford, Ellis, Patton (#3947)

May 2, 2014
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Cross, Patton, Van Benschoten (#4027)

June 27, 2014
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Loftus, Patton, Wright (#4035)

September 26, 2014
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Gerth, Keith, Patton (#4048)

February 6, 2015
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Gossum, Loftus, Patton (#4114)

May 1, 2015
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Beam, Loftus, Patton (#4126)

September 18, 2015
Host: Bill Bryant
Panelists: Loftus, Patton, Storm (#4146)

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