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Mark Pitsch, The Courier-Journal

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2735
6/29/01: Changing presidents at the University of Kentucky, a president’s pay and a powerful political friend at the University of Louisville, and an editor who ponders—in print—the problems and policies of her own paper. (#2735)

Program 2740
These are some of the headlines topping the discussion on this edition of Comment on Kentucky: Bush nominates three for federal judgeships and two more as prosecutors. Heart surgeries' value to higher education. Research on the health of horses. And, the legacy of a religious revival two hundred years ago. (#2740)

Program 2750
10/12/01: School budget reductions, anthrax scares in the state, and the simmering politics in Western Kentucky. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2750)

Program 2832
6/7/02: Ernie Fletcher’s fly-around, the budget battles, the K State controversy, and the bishop’s legal burdens. (#2832)

Program 2903
11/15/02: A new president for the University of Louisville and a new provost for the University of Kentucky. There’s much praise for their talents, so what’s the fuss over process? (#2903)

Program 2924
4/11/03: Golf courses instead of social workers, Medicaid for the dead, and the Republican catfight. Plus, have school reforms run out of gas? (#2924)

Program 2926
4/25/03: Holding schools accountable—the struggle over tests. Cutting state services—the struggle over finances. And crafting a message—the struggle for governor. (#2926)

Program 2935
6/27/03: A Chandler-Fletcher bus ride? Not gonna happen. Are more schools poised to sue for money? Probably. Costing more to go to UK? You bet. And Patton’s feelings about his last term? Just about like yours. (#2935)

Program 2941
8/8/03: Church and state: a gay bishop who kept his job and a university president who resigns from his. Plus, politics and the budget and Ben Chandler’s announcement that he supports slots at racetracks. (#2941)

Program 3012
1/23/04: Gov. Fletcher’s bone-cutting budget message is scheduled next week. Will there be more ideas—or a showdown at the Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Corral? (#3012)

Program 3045
9/10/04: Blow-up in Frankfort over Gov. Fletcher’s health care plan for public employees. Teachers talk strike, but could any governor do better without more revenue? (#3045)

Program 3118
3/4/05: The overweight-truck bill rolls over protestors without a hearing. And the legislative session can’t last much longer, so neither can budget posturing. It’s time to fish or cut bait. (#3118)

Program 3126
4/29/05: Fletcher’s task force on a Louisville basketball arena—the controversy over site and mission. The high cost of higher education—graduation rates still fall below other states’. Plus, transition at Humana and prep for party time at the 131 running of the Kentucky Derby. (#3126)

Program 3132
6/10/05: More back-and-forth on merit matters: leak claims, 5th Amendment pleas, defense funds, and a suit to stop the attorney general. (#3132)

Program 3137
7/15/05: More indictments in the Blackberry Jam. Another problem, another task force. And the Louisville city council passes a smoking ban—until next month. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#3137)

Program 3152
“No more indictments!” That’s what Governor Ernie Fletcher wants a judge to tell the grand jury in the merit-hiring probe. The judge must decide how far the Governor’s controversial pardons go. A native Kentuckian may be on the Top Ten list of President Bush’s choices for the U.S. Supreme Court. The old debate on diversity is back on the UK campus. And, School’s out, but not by choice, for a Kentucky trade college. Sue Wylie, talk show host on Lexington's WVLK-AM guest hosts. (#3152)

Program 3226
4/28/06: Fletcher’s vetoes, University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey’s protests, the pharmacy school lawsuits—and how all of this helps set the stage for the upcoming election. (#3226)

Program 3233
6/16/06: Fletcher calls a special legislative session to address business taxes. But in the shadows, the political buzz on both sides is still about 2007 and the governor’s race. (#3233)

Program 3243
8/25/06: Big news and a big deal for the governor, reading political tea leaves, and the latest grades on higher education. Guest host: Linda Blackford of the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3243)

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