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Jim Jordan, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2736
7/6/01: The first week on the job for new University of Kentucky President Lee Todd, the resignation of Eastern Kentucky University President Robert Kustra, redistricting in Louisville, the latest developments in former Gov. Wallace Wilkinson’s bankruptcy debacle, and a giant step for medical science at the University of Louisville and Jewish Hospital in Louisville. (#2736)

Program 2818
3/1/02: Dr. John Shumaker is leaving the University of Louisville to become the president of the University of Tennessee. And with legislative leaders opposed, the new bill for expanded gambling at the racetracks looks like a very long shot indeed. (#2818)

Program 2837
7/12/02: An appeals court says the Webb brothers must repay $90 million. House Democrats offer a compromise on the state budget. Has the legislature ceded too much power to the governor? And more on the Wallace Wilkinson legacy: a giant bankruptcy that survives. (#2837)

Program 2841
8/9/02: A fresh look at expanded gambling—it’s probably preferable to a tax increase, says Gov. Paul Patton. A quick look at business—how Kentucky corporations are doing in an uncertain economy. And a gauzy, gossipy look at politics at Fancy Farm and after. (#2841)

Program 2915
2/7/03: Patton’s tax proposals and Bush’s record deficits find mixed responses in Congress and the legislature. So what should the public think? What does the public think? (#2915)

Program 3044
9/3/04: Some Kentucky teachers talk strike over health insurance; the governor says it’s not his fault. And coal miners get a different kind of shaft. Guest host: Mark Hebert, WHAS-TV state capitol reporter. (#3044)

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