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Chris Poynter, The Courier-Journal

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2751
10/19/01: Where are we in the economic downturn? What can we hope for? What’s the sting, if any, in the Charlotte Hornets? And what can one state do to calm our nerves over terrorism? (#2751)

Program 2805
11/30/01: Might the NBA be shooting hoops in Louisville? A regional university king passes on, Kentucky Senate Democrats make a move to set the agenda, and the first artificial-heart transplant patient dies. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#2805)

Program 2842
8/16/02: New strains on our health care system: a view from the mountains. Another kind of view in Louisville: challenges for a regional outlook. And perspectives on school test scores: gains at all levels, at or above the national average, but, sadly, too many kids are left behind. (#2842)

Program 3137
7/15/05: More indictments in the Blackberry Jam. Another problem, another task force. And the Louisville city council passes a smoking ban—until next month. Guest host: Mark Hebert. (#3137)

Program 3148
9/30/05: Our governor has a “Host” of problems, Pence-ness, and no pizza at the new arena. Guest host: independent journalist Ken Kurtz. (#3148)

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