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Amanda Bennett, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2808
12/21/01: A review of the year’s top stories in education, the state’s farm culture, and our response to war and recession. (#2808)

Program 2809
12/28/01: Predictions for the upcoming year in state politics and the economic climate in Kentucky and the nation. (#2809)

Program 2908
12/20/02: At year’s end, Gov. Paul Patton struggles to sell Kentuckians and their lawmakers on the need to fix the state’s revenue problems. Wary Republicans claim to remain unconvinced by Patton’s parade of horrors. (#2908)

Program 2909
12/27/02: Louisville: It’s about to become bigger than Boston, thanks to a city/county merger. Lexington: A second female mayor, Teresa Isaac, succeeds Pam Miller and swims into high waves over who will own the city’s water company. (#2909)

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