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John Cheves, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2815
2/8/02: The Medicaid program—who should pay the bill for poor people unable to afford prescription drugs? A raise for teachers—local school districts oppose Gov. Patton’s plan. And changing our political culture—it’s still a power struggle, but of a different sort. (#2815)

Program 2821
3/22/02: Brereton Jones is out of the governor’s race—and so is Congressman Hal Rogers. Miners may breathe easier over black lung benefits. Slots at the racetracks are coming up short. A win in state court for Kentucky Attorney General Ben Chandler’s review of tax credit deals. And Sen. Mitch McConnell goes to federal court after losing his long battle against campaign finance reform. (#2821)

Program 2826
4/26/02: The great budget debate, legal issues left in the lurch, and Ron McCloud’s mistake. (#2826)

Program 2829
5/17/02: The future of higher education reform in Kentucky, changes in Democratic Party leadership, and Lexington’s mayoral race. (#2829)

Program 2831
5/31/02: Wrapping up the primary. U.S. Democratic primary: A near upset leaves Weinberg wounded and Congressman Ernie Fletcher ready to run for governor. Lexington’s mayor’s race: The biggest spender was third. Challenge to Sen. David Williams: It didn’t work, so now he challenges Patton’s budget again. Louisville Metro races: not a magnet for voters, but it was a start for merger. Also, that X-rated campaign video gave the guy who used it some blues in the night—he lost. (#2831)

Program 2919
3/7/03: Is this the legislature about which there is nothing to like? That’s what the Courier-Journal editors say. What do reporters say about the work of the 2003 Kentucky General Assembly? (#2919)

Program 2925
4/18/03: An Easter weekend discussion of the politics that now come to pass over the state. With a month until Election Day, the Democrats go to war on television, and the Republicans struggle with a war in court. (#2925)

Program 2928
5/9/03: The last full week of campaigning. Republican Fletcher’s right to run upheld by the Kentucky Supreme Court. Rhetoric by the Democrats gets tougher. And newspaper editors continue to complain that relevance of talk in the governor’s race to real issues remains remote. (#2928)

Program 3004
11/28/03: Patton’s pardons: more than 1,200 rejections. Races for Congress: Lucas out, Clooney in. Keno killed: from Fletcher’s lips to the lottery’s ears, a big “NO.” (#3004)

Program 3010
1/9/04: Gov./Dr. Ernie Fletcher wields a scapel on the budget. Education yields a big slice, and other agencies are also feeling the pain. But the first test of the new medicine finds politics still in the system. Meanwhile, the capitol press corps also discusses the first week of the 2004 legislative session, the 6th District congressional race, and agriculuture issues affecting the state. (#3010)

Program 3014
2/6/04: Dancing to the budget blues—Gov. Ernie Fletcher recovers $23 million in education cuts; his critics call it “crumbs.” Also, elections, casinos, squabbles over social issues, and a $46 million makeover for a state building. (#3014)

Program 3022
4/2/04: The State House of Representatives ponders the Senate’s one-sided budget bill. It includes Gov. Fletcher’s tax plan and threats to Democrats’ projects. A conference committee of 20 key legislators will seek compromises. Can they talk? (#3022)

Program 3031
Topics for 6/4/04: Troubled bridges over Kentucky waters. Host’s high hopes to turn parks into a profit center. Smarty Jones lures the bettor, but he ain’t a Kentucky horse. And the Democrats take baby steps to propose a budget compromise. (#3031)

Program 3035
7/2/04: The lights stay on as a governor and a judge keep state government open without a budget. Also, Fletcher’s hires and fires: Is it business as usual? Guest host Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV in Louisville, leads a discussion with members of the Frankfort press corps. (#3035)

Program 3043
8/27/04: Pulling the plug on life support, work rules and health benefits, the Latino impact on the workplace, and Delta’s dance with bankruptcy. (#3043)

Program 3105
12/3/04: Congressmen crow over the home-cooked bacon in the budget-busting bill. Gov. Fletcher hacks away at claims of highway waste and abuse, but says that the “F” word—FRAUD—is not so apparent. Conservatives clash over tough jail terms, while public defenders plead for funds to plead their cases. And, out on the ground, the latest we’ve dug up about tobacco, horses, coal, and sipping whiskey. (#3105)

Program 3119
3/11/05: The legislature and the governor finally cut some bait and land two fish: a budget and a tax plan. Members of the Capitol press corps examine the catch. (#3119)

Program 3127
5/6/05: Money helps—but it doesn’t always buy a Derby winner. Money in the mountains on Election Day—a costly venture for coal operators who wanted to get rid of state Senator Benny Ray Bailey. (#3127)

Program 3132
6/10/05: More back-and-forth on merit matters: leak claims, 5th Amendment pleas, defense funds, and a suit to stop the attorney general. (#3132)

Program 3146
The governor changes course; nine employees look for new jobs. Who will run the Republican Party? The campaign starts up for 2007. And Big news from two big businesses. Linda Blackford of the Lexington Herald-Leader guests hosts. (#3146)

Program 3150
The state of state finances. Another Frankfort investigation? Stumping for higher education. And what does the public need to know? (#3150)

Program 3152
“No more indictments!” That’s what Governor Ernie Fletcher wants a judge to tell the grand jury in the merit-hiring probe. The judge must decide how far the Governor’s controversial pardons go. A native Kentuckian may be on the Top Ten list of President Bush’s choices for the U.S. Supreme Court. The old debate on diversity is back on the UK campus. And, School’s out, but not by choice, for a Kentucky trade college. Sue Wylie, talk show host on Lexington's WVLK-AM guest hosts. (#3152)

Program 3205
12/2/05: A different grand jury hears from Gov. Fletcher’s lawyer. Education standards are changing, but are they changing in the right direction? Plus, a look ahead to the legislature. Guest host: editorial writer Jamie Lucke of the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3205)

Program 3210
1/6/06: In the politics of lawmaking, health care and education costs seem to come first. Is that the way this new legislative session will play out? (#3210)

Program 3251
10/20/06: Charges and countercharges fly as Election Day nears and the candidates for Congress get testy. The grand jury investigating the governor’s hiring practices wraps up its report, but how much of it will we see and when? Kentucky’s senior senator has lots of political muscle and knows how to use it to raise money. And we look at recruiting athletes—not for colleges but for high schools. Guest host: Ferrell Wellman, WLAP-AM. (#3251)

Program 3444
Obama and Kentucky Democrats, unity or lip service? What's the relationship between McCain and Kentucky's top Republican? McCain's choice for Vice-president, any impact here? What happened to an earlier probe of the Transportation Cabinet? And Kentucky gets zapped? Might be a good thing. Guests: Stephenie Steitzer; Frankfort reporter for The Courier – Journal; Al Cross, director of the Institute for Rural Journalism at the University of Kentucky; and John Cheves, reporter for the Lexington Herald- Leader. (#3444)

Program 3505
12.05.08 Kentucky waits on the governor to announce his plan to cut the budget. And the governor meets with reporters to talk about his first year in office. Some lawmakers travel a lot and we pick up the tab. And, a fish story. (#3505)

December 11, 2009
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Gerth (#3606)

January 29, 2010
Panelists: Alessi, Cheves, Cross, Yetter (#3613)

March 12, 2010
Panelists: Cheves, Loftus, Van Benschoten (#3619)

January 7, 2011
Panelists: Cheves, Steitzer, Stotelmyer (#3710)

March 4, 2011
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV substituting for Ferrell Wellman
Panelists: Cheves, Martin, Yetter (#3718)

May 6, 2011
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV substituting for Ferrell Wellman
Panelists: Carroll, Cheves, Ellis, Truman (#3727)

July 15, 2011
Panelists: Arnold, Cheves, Van Benschoten (#3737)

October 14, 2011
Panelists: Cheves, Haeberle, Stotelmyer (#3750)

February 17, 2012
Panelists: Cheves, Colston, Hall (#3816)

March 16, 2012
Panelists: Cheves, Loftus, Pendleton (#3820)

July 13, 2012
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Loftus (#3837)

October 19, 2012
Panelists: Cheves, Colston, Loftus (#3851)

January 4, 2013
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Loftus (#3910)

June 21, 2013
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Hall (#3934)

October 11, 2013
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Gerth (#3950)

November 15, 2013
Panelists: Alford, Bailey, Cheves (#4003)

February 21, 2014
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Arnold, Cheves, Hall (#4017)

April 11, 2014
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Blackford, Cheves, Wynn (#4024)

October 10, 2014
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Cheves, Loftus, Smith (#4050)

February 13, 2015
Interim Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Arnold, Cheves, Glasscock (#4115)

March 27, 2015
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV
Panelists: Beam, Cheves, Ellis (#4121)

June 26, 2015
Host: Bill Bryant
Panelists: Bailey, Blackford, Cheves, Keith (#4134)

July 3, 2015
Host: Bill Bryant
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Smith (#4135)

September 11, 2015
Host: Bill Bryant
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Gerth (#4145)

October 9, 2015
Host: Bill Bryant
Panelists: Cheves, Gerth, Gossum (#4149)

January 8, 2016
Host: Bill Bryant
Panelists: Cheves, Clark, Storm (#4210)

February 5, 2016
Host: Bill Bryant
Panelists: Cheves, Ellis, Peterson (#4214)

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