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John David Dyche, attorney and political commentator

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2817
2/22/02: The new state budget—so far up in the air that no can see it. (#2817)

Program 2832
6/7/02: Ernie Fletcher’s fly-around, the budget battles, the K State controversy, and the bishop’s legal burdens. (#2832)

Program 2835
6/28/02: The state budget dies this Sunday night, with the government train wreck to follow. With no new budget, the governor, the legislature, and the courts are on their own. (#2835)

Program 2837
7/12/02: An appeals court says the Webb brothers must repay $90 million. House Democrats offer a compromise on the state budget. Has the legislature ceded too much power to the governor? And more on the Wallace Wilkinson legacy: a giant bankruptcy that survives. (#2837)

Program 2838
7/19/02: Paul Patton heads the nation’s governors’ association. He comes from a state where he can’t persuade our legislature to pass a budget; where we’ve hired a faculty member for $500,000 a year to run an ethics program for students who chase balls; and where we won’t raise the tobacco tax, won’t do much about smoking deaths, but have male politicians reporting in sick over lesbian health issues. (#2838)

Program 2845
9/6/02: President Bush in Louisville, politics in the state Supreme Court, and water wars in Lexington. CBS digs for dirt back in the hills with so-called “real hillbillies” in Beverly Hills. Plus, an update on Lt. Gov. Steve Henry’s Medicare payments debacle. (#2845)

Program 2903
11/15/02: A new president for the University of Louisville and a new provost for the University of Kentucky. There’s much praise for their talents, so what’s the fuss over process? (#2903)

Program 2906
12/6/02: The governor’s race begins with formal announcements from Congressman Ernie Fletcher, Attorney General Ben Chandler, and Kentucky House Speaker Jody Richards. The focus is more on the running mates than the issue of how to run a state with more to do than it can pay for. (#2906)

Program 2910
1/3/03: It’s a new year, but there’s not much cheer. Legislators and the governor resume the budget battle, the University of Kentucky fumbles a coaching hire, and Catholics struggle with lawsuits. (#2910)

Program 2913
1/24/03: A crisis in leadership. While Bush’s popularity falls over the economy and Iraq, most states struggle with harmful tax and service issues. In Kentucky, Patton asks for business support to protect the poor and schools, but the legislature seems mired in a political swamp. Meanwhile, candidates for governor tiptoe around alligators. (#2913)

Program 2916
2/14/03: Barrows’ sneak three-pointer to finish Rupp Arena clears the bench in budget-battered Frankfort. Both sides of the House flail the majority whip and call for a replay. (#2916)

Program 2829
5/16/03: Bruce Lunsford withdraws from the Democratic primary and throws his support to Jody Richards for governor. Three questions: Will Lunsford also throw money to Richards? Can Richards catch apparent front-runner Ben Chandler? And after spending $8 million of his own money, why did Lunsford quit? (#2929)

Program 2933
6/13/03: Louisville Catholic leaders settle sex abuse cases. Kentuckians are now older and more urbanized and are smoking less but drinking more, legally. School rules: Western tightens dorm rules, and the feds demand more from state tests. And fewer kids are poor in this state, but the Democratic Party is broke ... well, maybe. (#2933)

Program 2940
8/1/03: An on-the-road edition from Fancy Farm in Western Kentucky, the site of the annual political picnic that marks the kickoff of the fall campaign season. Reporters and a political commentator take us inside the event. (#2940)

Program 2943
8/22/03: Gov. Patton has said that a gas tax increase is needed to fix our roads. Candidates talk up the roads, but duck the tax part. Was Patton right? Plus, the proposed gambling legislation. (#2943)

Program 2949
10/3/03: In a Courier-Journal poll, the governor’s race is tied, Bush is still strong in the state, and slots are favored—but not smoking bans. Also, Tina’s take on who else is guilty, a Medicaid suit, and the tobacco buyout that isn’t a done deal. (#2949)

Program 3002
11/14/03: From the discount shelf near the exit sign, Gov. Patton proposes revenue strategies. “Leave gracefully” is Senate President David Williams’ reply. So what about the shortfall? (#3002)

Program 3005
12/5/03: When Patton almost resigned: a new book about his legacy. A question for the new governor: Will Fletcher bond the debts? Who’s in and who’s out: cabinet comings and goings. Cover-up on Shumaker audit? U of L says no. (#3005)

Program 3013
1/30/04: Louie Nunn, the state’s Republican governor of three decades ago, dies at 79. He is remembered as a strong, sometimes controversial, but progressive leader. Ernie Fletcher, the state’s first Republican governor since Nunn, delivers an austere budget, pledging again not to raise taxes. This was a pledge Nunn also made—but repudiated. (#3013)

Program 3016
2/20/04: The politics of tax reform—Gov. Fletcher’s case, the Democrats’ response—and Ben Chandler, the Comeback Kid. (#3016)

Program 3023
4/9/04: Choked up over taxes and the budget—the last rancorous hours of a fractious legislative session and the ambitions for the future of a new governor. (#3023)

Program 3025
4/23/04: Connecting to Iraq; possible cracks in the state budget stalemate; court approval of smoking bans in cities; and, as always, scoring the game of politics. (#3025)

Program 3033
6/18/04: Church and state issues: all about control—from faith doctrines to fetal homicide, from budgets to buyouts, from political parties to the paths of righteousness. (#3033)

Program 3041
8/13/04: The politics of block grants: spreading the hay where the goats can get it. (#3041)

Program 3045
9/10/04: Blow-up in Frankfort over Gov. Fletcher’s health care plan for public employees. Teachers talk strike, but could any governor do better without more revenue? (#3045)

Program 3052
10/29/04: Last-week strategies on the stump in the U.S. Senate race. Democrats ask for an IQ test for the Republican incumbent, and Republicans say the “limp-wristed” claim against the challenger doesn’t mean what Democrats say they mean it to mean. Is this statesmanship or what? (#3052)

Program 3106
12/10/04: We look back at Gov. Fletcher’s first year, House leadership races heat up, and gays win a political battle. Guest host: television journalist Mark Hebert. (#3106)

Program 3112
1/21/05: State Democrats return Jerry Lundergan to the party chairmanship—by a close vote—and state Senate Republicans lose media friends over disputed Louisville seat. But the Republican Party enjoys general approval in Western Kentucky, once a Democratic stronghold. (#3112)

Program 3122
4/1/05: The struggle for better education—are we slip, slip, sliding away? Vacancy on the Kentucky Supreme Court—Judge Keller steps down. Plus, 30 years of commenting on Comment on Kentucky. (#3122)

Program 3206
12/9/05: Fletcher at mid-term: Can he pull up the grades? And brinksmanship: Should the governor and attorney general each take a step back? (#3206)

Program 3210
1/6/06: In the politics of lawmaking, health care and education costs seem to come first. Is that the way this new legislative session will play out? (#3210)

Program 3212
1/20/06: Gov. Fletcher’s medicine for his own political recovery: two speeches, one of them a budget message. Also, a green light from Washington for a waiver on Medicaid rules. (#3212)

Program 3220
3/17/06: Is the governor losing political muscle? And why is the Senate hacked off at the courts? (#3220)

Program 3226
4/28/06: Fletcher’s vetoes, University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey’s protests, the pharmacy school lawsuits—and how all of this helps set the stage for the upcoming election. (#3226)

Program 3228
5/12/06: Three misdemeanor counts in an indictment of Gov. Fletcher. What do we have here? Evidence of political wrongdoing, or of political ineptitude? And as for the attorney general’s office: Just doing their duty, or is it partisan politics in a world, where, as they say, “a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich”? (#3228)

Program 3229
5/19/06: The Supreme Court upholds the governor’s pardon powers. But elsewhere, Republicans are under siege. (#3229)

Program 3234
6/23/06: A special session to fix small business taxes—but why do they need fixing? The flap over Chief Justice Joseph Lambert’s Fletcher footnote—a signal for acquittal? And global warming—coal takes a lot of blame, and Kentuckians feel the heat. (#3234)

Program 3241
8/11/06: Fletcher’s legal limbo and Fancy Farm fallout. Grayson for governor? Guest host: political observer and attorney John David Dyche. (#3241)

Program 3252
10/27/06: Less than two weeks before the election, Democrats are breathing down the necks of incumbent Republicans in three Kentucky races for Congress. Former President Bill Clinton stumps in Louisville, where John Yarmuth has drawn ahead of incumbent Anne Northup. Northup breaks with President Bush and says Rumsfeld should be fired. The Kentucky legislature may stay the same—Republican in the Senate and Democrat in the House—but who’s certain? (#3252)

Program 3315
2/9/07: The candidates are out of the gate. The governor reaches for the lead with two speeches. His rivals are running on the governorís record, or rather against it. And, what are the citizens of Kentucky getting, policy or politics? (#3315)

Program 3319
3/9/07: Senate and House leaders clash over pension plans. The Boni Bill unravels, but the minimum-wage boost passes. Survivors of the Comair crash wonder why senators, who say they are pro-family, won’t let them sue. (#3319)

Program 3326
4/27/07: The money chase: Gubernatorial candidates Anne Northup, Steve Henry, Billy Harper, and Bruce Lunsford loan money to themselves. Will anyone drop out of the governor’s race? The University of Kentucky raises $1 billion, a spectacular achievement, bigger than round ball. Also, we have a new education commissioner and a new poet laureate. (#3326)

Program 3333
6/15/07: Kentucky’s senior senator helps revive the controversial immigration bill. Just what are the politics of that? Meanwhile, an energy bill stalls in Congress and our governor pushes ahead. Will Kentucky be part of the solution or part of the problem? The Frankfort political scene also includes more grand jury testimony, an ethics complaint against the Senate president, and an audit of the House campaign committee. And three Kentucky lawyers are indicted for defrauding clients in a major national case involving a diet drug. (#3333)

Program 3340
8/3/07: A view of politics down on the farm: Comment goes on the road to Western Kentucky for a preview of the annual political theater in Fancy Farm, Kentucky. (#3340)

Porgram 3439
U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell thinks voters are least that's what Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford says. The Draudmobile hits the auction block. And, is Jerry Abramson out of gas? Mark Hebert, State Capitol reporter for WHAS-TV, Channel 11 in Louisville guest hosts. Guests: Patrick Crowley, political writer for The Kentucky Enquirer; John David Dyche, attorney and political commentator; and Tony McVeigh, Frankfort reporter for Kentucky Public Radio. (#3439)

program 3445
9/5/08: Federal indictments for bid rigging in the transportation cabinet; how strong is the government's case? In the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky, how can Deomocrat Bruce Lunsford beat Republian incumbent Mitch McConnell? A change at the top in economic development. And, in tobacco-related health problems... we're number one. Guests:John David Dyche, attorney, political commentator and columnist for The Courier-Journal; Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV, Louisville; and Sarah Vos, reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader (#3445)

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