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Courtney Kinney, The Kentucky Post

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2821
3/22/02: Brereton Jones is out of the governor’s race—and so is Congressman Hal Rogers. Miners may breathe easier over black lung benefits. Slots at the racetracks are coming up short. A win in state court for Kentucky Attorney General Ben Chandler’s review of tax credit deals. And Sen. Mitch McConnell goes to federal court after losing his long battle against campaign finance reform. (#2821)

Program 2822
3/29/02: Guest host Mark Hebert and fellow members of the Frankfort press corps discuss the state budget, the emotional debate on human cloning in the state Senate, and the fate of several other bills pending in the 2002 General Assembly. (#2822)

Program 2841
8/9/02: A fresh look at expanded gambling—it’s probably preferable to a tax increase, says Gov. Paul Patton. A quick look at business—how Kentucky corporations are doing in an uncertain economy. And a gauzy, gossipy look at politics at Fancy Farm and after. (#2841)

Program 2845
9/6/02: President Bush in Louisville, politics in the state Supreme Court, and water wars in Lexington. CBS digs for dirt back in the hills with so-called “real hillbillies” in Beverly Hills. Plus, an update on Lt. Gov. Steve Henry’s Medicare payments debacle. (#2845)

Program 2906
12/6/02: The governor’s race begins with formal announcements from Congressman Ernie Fletcher, Attorney General Ben Chandler, and Kentucky House Speaker Jody Richards. The focus is more on the running mates than the issue of how to run a state with more to do than it can pay for. (#2906)

Program 2915
2/7/03: Patton’s tax proposals and Bush’s record deficits find mixed responses in Congress and the legislature. So what should the public think? What does the public think? (#2915)

Program 2921
3/21/03: Basketball, the war in Iraq, and street talk across the Commonwealth—where the homefront also braces for another governor’s race. (#2921)

Program 2933
6/13/03: Louisville Catholic leaders settle sex abuse cases. Kentuckians are now older and more urbanized and are smoking less but drinking more, legally. School rules: Western tightens dorm rules, and the feds demand more from state tests. And fewer kids are poor in this state, but the Democratic Party is broke ... well, maybe. (#2933)

Program 2942
8/15/03: The governor’s race is a race, is a race, and it’s getting more intense. The gap is gone, Democrats say, and the Republicans are probably ready to spend more money. (#2942)

Program 3001
11/7/03: It was Fletcher by 10 points in an impressive and gracious victory. But what does he do about a budget that’s off by a half-billion dollars—and who will help him do it? (#3001)

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