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Barry Peel, WKYT-TV, Lexington

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2745
9/7/01: Back to school—where teacher quality drives home. Hard times knocking at the door—state services cut, but labor pleads for a higher wage. And a golden voice gone to another choir: Our games were never better than when Cawood called them. (#2745)

Program 2820
3/15/02: Legislative leaders further muddy the track for slots, and Catholic bishops retract a blessing on more bingo. (#2820)

Program 2824
4/12/02: The state budget deadlock becomes a crisis, a weakened garbage bill may pass, and only a few future teachers at Kentucky State University pass qualifying tests. (#2824)

Program 2836
7/5/02: Former Governor Wallace Wilkinson dies. Does the University of Kentucky have its own accounting scandal? And if Tennessee can produce a state budget, why can’t Kentucky? (#2836)

Program 2907
12/13/02: A bleak spending outlook from ABC’s to beyond: how the state budget crisis imperils education progress. Patton’s grim prognosis is not convincing, says Republican leader Sen. Dan Kelly, who sees no interest in tax increases. (#2907)

Program 2919
3/7/03: Is this the legislature about which there is nothing to like? That’s what the Courier-Journal editors say. What do reporters say about the work of the 2003 Kentucky General Assembly? (#2919)

Program 2927
5/2/03: Bring on the buses, buy up the airwaves, blow the horns: It’s make-or-break time in the governor’s race as we count down to the 2003 primary election. (#2927)

Program 2934
6/20/03: Patton’s pardons and their impact on the governor’s race. And if the candidates decide to talk seriously about the challenges facing the winner, what might they say? (#2934)

Program 2939
7/25/03: Chandler vs. Bush for governor; Fletcher vs. Patton for governor. That’s not how the ballot will read, but for a while, that’s how the campaigns will sound. (#2939)

Program 3007
12/19/03: Gov. Fletcher calls for spending cuts and tax reform—sooner rather than later ... plus other political developments. (#3007)

Program 3012
1/23/04: Gov. Fletcher’s bone-cutting budget message is scheduled next week. Will there be more ideas—or a showdown at the Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Corral? (#3012)

Program 3021
3/26/04: Love and marriage in the House of Representatives, the muddle over money in the state budget, and the real realities of life in rural America. (#3021)

Program 3045
9/10/04: Blow-up in Frankfort over Gov. Fletcher’s health care plan for public employees. Teachers talk strike, but could any governor do better without more revenue? (#3045)

Program 3048
Next week's special session on health care benefits for state employees - a political hot potato in need of butter and sour cream. (#3048)

Program 3050
10/15/04: The Kentucky House of Representatives sends its prescription for health care benefits to the Senate for a second opinion. (#3050)

Program 3115
2/11/05: In the midst of a legislative session on the budget, UK sends a cautionary message to parents and students: The school announces its third double-digit tuition increase in a row. House Democrats share tax caucuses with Republicans: It’s a Joan Rivers thing—“Can we talk?” And the deadline to get a budget agreement in Frankfort is less than three weeks away: Nothing focuses our attention like a sentence to be hanged. (#3115)

Program 3117
2/25/05: The governor and the legislature seemed close to an agreement on the budget. But at week’s end, Republican senators, cued by the governor, were holding out for a lower debt level for new bonds. Democrats are still holding out for more projects funded by those bonds. (#3117)

Program 3120
3/18/05: A fresh start for Gov. Fletcher: What’s ahead? Plus, regional growth and politics: the perspectives from Bowling Green, Richmond, and Covington. (#3120)

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