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Dr. Douglas Scutchfield, University of Kentucky School of Public Health

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2843
8/23/02: Williams rebuffed in court—the judge says, “Show me.” Health care costs—the aches and pains of treatment. And rich and poor—snapshots from the census. (#2843)

Program 2848
9/27/02: The governor’s former mistress goes on national television with her story of a woman scorned, and agencies line up to investigate whether lust loosened the rules for Tina Conner. (#2848)

Program 2852
10/25/02: As Congress adjourns with a sorry record of unfinished business, this question arises: Could the challengers in next month’s election really do any better? (#2852)

Program 2904
11/22/02: In a shaky economy, Gov. Patton lays out the budget choices: We cut services and pass the pain to the public, or we raise new revenues and perhaps go forward. (#2904)

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