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John Voskuhl, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2913
1/24/03: A crisis in leadership. While Bush’s popularity falls over the economy and Iraq, most states struggle with harmful tax and service issues. In Kentucky, Patton asks for business support to protect the poor and schools, but the legislature seems mired in a political swamp. Meanwhile, candidates for governor tiptoe around alligators. (#2913)

Program 3110
1/7/05: Rep. Jody Richards continues to serve as speaker of the Kentucky House. The Senate splits over seating a Louisville candidate and prompts the resignation of one GOP senator. And a national anti-tax foe, Grover Norquist, visits Frankfort. This was the first week of a new session of the Kentucky General Assembly. Guest host: journalist Al Cross. (#3110)

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