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Tim Kelly, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2931
5/30/03: Tax breaks kick in as Kentucky cities scramble to finance local services. Media giants claim that bigger will be better if they can control more broadcast outlets. So why is CBS pushing plans to mock and scorn Appalachia and Kentucky? (#2931)

Program 3235
6/30/06: Free speech, fair trial, and church/state: a new book on the Bill of Rights. Also, a new owner for the Lexington paper and a new perspective on the governor. (#3235)

Program 3304
11/24/06: A Thanksgiving weekend look at philanthropy. In pioneer days, it was pretty simple. You shared the game you killed or the food you grew. You took in orphans, and you helped with barn and house raisings. Today, things are more complex, but it’s still about giving. Modern-day philanthropy means helping the helpless and supporting the arts, education, and good causes. (#3304)

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