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Dee Davis, Center for Rural Strategies, Whitesburg

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2931
5/30/03: Tax breaks kick in as Kentucky cities scramble to finance local services. Media giants claim that bigger will be better if they can control more broadcast outlets. So why is CBS pushing plans to mock and scorn Appalachia and Kentucky? (#2931)

Program 3005
12/5/03: When Patton almost resigned: a new book about his legacy. A question for the new governor: Will Fletcher bond the debts? Who’s in and who’s out: cabinet comings and goings. Cover-up on Shumaker audit? U of L says no. (#3005)

Program 3021
3/26/04: Love and marriage in the House of Representatives, the muddle over money in the state budget, and the real realities of life in rural America. (#3021)

Program 3039
7/30/04: This week’s top stories, including the presidential race, the Western Kentucky special election, and the workers’ comp mess, plus a recognition of the esteemed career of retiring political writer Al Cross. (#3039)

Program 3110
1/7/05: Rep. Jody Richards continues to serve as speaker of the Kentucky House. The Senate splits over seating a Louisville candidate and prompts the resignation of one GOP senator. And a national anti-tax foe, Grover Norquist, visits Frankfort. This was the first week of a new session of the Kentucky General Assembly. Guest host: journalist Al Cross. (#3110)

Program 3134
6/24/05: More grand jury witnesses are heard, but a judge delays a search of the office of homeland security chief Keith Hall, who resigned suddenly. The attorney general releases more e-mails, some of them suggesting links between Hall and the current merit jobs probe. Chief Justice Joe Lambert hires a young chief of staff whose personal Internet blog criticized Democrats, but the new aide says he was kidding around and will shelve partisan politics when he assumes the $117,000 job. Meanwhile, a mountain newspaper says federal investigators are looking into campaign contributions to Judge Lambert’s wife, who is also a judge, for a link to convicted Pikeville businessman Ross Harris. (#3134)

Program 3207
12/16/05: Two major decisions this week by historically important institutions: The University of Kentucky’s Top-20 business plan is approved by its board, and the Courier-Journal state edition and all but one state bureau are closed. (#3207)

Program 3334
6/22/07: Gov. Ernie Fletcher pitches a special session for coal-to-gas incentives as the U.S. Senate rejects the concept in a new energy bill. However, there will be more money for further research on coal conversion. But critics of Fletcher see only politics in his call to bring the legislature back to Frankfort in an election campaign in which he is trailing. Can he prove them wrong? (#3334)

Program 3338
Politics and poverty: We take a look at turning jobs into votes. There is a feud over the special legislative session: Gov. Ernie Fletcher and House Speaker Jody Richards disagree on incentives for coal. What is the future of coal anyway—and those pesky carbon emissions? John Edwards visits Eastern Kentucky. Appalachia is beautiful, but intractable. And, two educational agencies search for leaders. Plus, we discuss the death of a newspaper. (#3338)

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