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Ryan Alessi, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2935
6/27/03: A Chandler-Fletcher bus ride? Not gonna happen. Are more schools poised to sue for money? Probably. Costing more to go to UK? You bet. And Patton’s feelings about his last term? Just about like yours. (#2935)

Program 2939
7/25/03: Chandler vs. Bush for governor; Fletcher vs. Patton for governor. That’s not how the ballot will read, but for a while, that’s how the campaigns will sound. (#2939)

Program 2941
8/8/03: Church and state: a gay bishop who kept his job and a university president who resigns from his. Plus, politics and the budget and Ben Chandler’s announcement that he supports slots at racetracks. (#2941)

Program 2950
10/10/03: Ad wars in the race for governor. Bush comes calling. And was it a slam dunk or a dribble on the CATS scores? Guest host: Mark Hebert, WHAS-TV/Louisville. (#2950)

Program 3001
11/7/03: It was Fletcher by 10 points in an impressive and gracious victory. But what does he do about a budget that’s off by a half-billion dollars—and who will help him do it? (#3001)

Program 3006
12/12/03: The Republican takeover in Frankfort: changing cabinets (six fewer) and raising salaries at the top. Meanwhile, Chandler is running for Congress—where they don’t have to balance the budget. (#3006)

Program 3013
1/30/04: Louie Nunn, the state’s Republican governor of three decades ago, dies at 79. He is remembered as a strong, sometimes controversial, but progressive leader. Ernie Fletcher, the state’s first Republican governor since Nunn, delivers an austere budget, pledging again not to raise taxes. This was a pledge Nunn also made—but repudiated. (#3013)

Program 3016
2/20/04: The politics of tax reform—Gov. Fletcher’s case, the Democrats’ response—and Ben Chandler, the Comeback Kid. (#3016)

Program 3028
Headlines for 5/14/04: There’s plenty of fireworks in legislative primary races across Kentucky. John Kerry comes a callin’. And Fletcher finds more cash. Guest host: Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV/Louisville. (#3028)

Program 3029
5/28/04: Assessing the primary results for a clue to how the political parties will map the fall campaigns, and how a state government without a budget will wobble through until it gets one. (#3029)

Program 3040
8/6/04: We’re live from the campgrounds of the annual Fancy Farm Picnic in Western Kentucky. Guest host Mark Hebert talks with reporters about the political events of the week at the site of the fall kickoff spectacle for political campaigning. (#3040)

Program 3050
10/15/04: The Kentucky House of Representatives sends its prescription for health care benefits to the Senate for a second opinion. (#3050)

Program 3052
10/29/04: Last-week strategies on the stump in the U.S. Senate race. Democrats ask for an IQ test for the Republican incumbent, and Republicans say the “limp-wristed” claim against the challenger doesn’t mean what Democrats say they mean it to mean. Is this statesmanship or what? (#3052)

Program 3101
11/5/04: Rural voters and moral values—as the nation went, so went Kentucky. But the split over what’s moral widens, and the problem for Democrats deepens. (#3101)

Program 3114
2/4/05: The governor’s austere budget, with tax reform as a carrot. Cigarette tax going up—50 cents’ worth of smoke? Tinkering with school tests again and wars over accountability. Cold medicines and addiction; meth problems and the law. And the state House of Representatives clears a bill to cover millions of dollars denied to Kentucky tobacco farmers. (#3114)

Program 3124
4/15/05: Senate Majority Floor Leader Bill Frist will join an attack on Congressional Democrats from a Kentucky church next Sunday. The charge will be that they are against people of faith when they block President Bush’s judicial nominees. Meanwhile, state Democrats gossip about the next Kentucky governor’s race. (#3124)

Program 3138
7/22/05: The Fletcher camp floats a story about a deal offer from Stumbo, which they claim was rejected. Meanwhile, the grand jury indicts a Fletcher aide, Dan Druen, on felony charges of witness tampering. The governor then fires Druen. And in other news ... The curious case of Ross Harris: lawyer, multimillionaire coal operator, cancer patient, political activist, and convicted vote buyer. Old habits die hard—the state helps a start-up cigarette business with big tax credits. And Attorney General Stumbo’s land deals in Prestonsburg: What profits a public servant who buildeth a mountaintop golf course with taxpayers’ funds if he cannot maketh a few shekels on the side? (#3138)

Program 3147
9/23/05: Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert is indicted again. Just how far do the governor’s pardons go? Is it Fletcher versus McConnell? And school test scores are a mixed bag. Guest host: Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV in Louisville. (#3147)

Program 3201
11/4/05: The attorney general asks the governor for his personal computers and Blackberrys, and the governor’s office says it would be an invasion of privacy. As state health officials continue to wrestle with problems at Oakwood, others scope out a very different Medicaid program for the poor. And the King of the Roads gives up his crown. Guest host: Al Cross. (#3201)

Program 3203
11/18/05: Sometimes a pardon is just a pardon. ’Tis the season for fund raising. Louisville’s smoke is snuffed, and Kentucky witnesses a media implosion. Guest host: Linda Blackford of the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3203)

Program 3212
1/20/06: Gov. Fletcher’s medicine for his own political recovery: two speeches, one of them a budget message. Also, a green light from Washington for a waiver on Medicaid rules. (#3212)

Program 3214
2/3/06: Inside the big ballot—those record filings. Coal’s role in energy independence. And could a run for more tobacco taxes help the schools? (#3214)

Program 3216
2/17/06: Grading the General Assembly at mid-term. Gov. Fletcher is sidelined by surgery. And a double win for Democrats in special legislative elections. (#3216)

Program 3220
3/17/06: Is the governor losing political muscle? And why is the Senate hacked off at the courts? (#3220)

Program 3233
6/16/06: Fletcher calls a special legislative session to address business taxes. But in the shadows, the political buzz on both sides is still about 2007 and the governor’s race. (#3233)

Program 3236
7/7/06: Cash crops, campaign cash, and another blow to Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s reelection prospects. Guest host: Jamie Lucke, editorial writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3236)

Program 3237
7/14/06: A new eye on mountaintop removal. And the Republicans are in turmoil, but where are the Democrats? Guest host: Linda Blackford, reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3237)

Program 3238
7/21/06: Some key Republicans keep sending signals to Gov. Ernie Fletcher; other candidates consider a bid for governor. Is the Louisville arena project back on track? And will Fancy Farm give clues about Kentucky’s political landscape? Guest host: Bill Bryant, political reporter and anchor, WKYT-TV/Channel 27, Lexington. (#3238)

Program 3245
9/8/06: Trey Grayson sends a signal that he might not move down the hallway to the governor’s office. Immigration becomes an issue in the Davis-Lucas congressional race in the 4th District ... or is it a dirty trick? And U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis’ military record becomes a target. Guest host: veteran broadcast journalist Ferrell Wellman of WLAP-AM/Lexington. (#3245)

Program 3250
10/13/06: Judges running for office, races for the legislature, Northup vs. Yarmuth, the GOP and gays, and Louisville’s smoking ban. (#3250)

Program 3311
1/12/07: Anne Northup and Steve Henry are in the race for governor. State Auditor Crit Luallen issues a stinging report on horse racing regulators. And some Kentucky parents lose their kids to vindictive social workers. (#3311)

Program 3314
2/2/07: Three Republicans and seven Democrats are set to compete in the May 22 gubernatorial primary. And Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro falls to complications and is euthanized. (#3314)

Program 3329
5/18/07: Gov. Ernie Fletcher and Steve Beshear lead the polls in their respective party races. But they will have to capture 40 percent of the vote to avoid a run-off in June. (#3329)

Program 3411
A budget shortfall and the casino controversy- twin issues lurking over the Kentucky General Assembly... will they keep other issues from being discussed? The University of Kentucky puts on a hiring freeze reacting to the first swing of the budget cutting ax. And, what are the business conditions leading to Kentucky's economic struggles? Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV in Lexington guest hosts. (#3411)

Program 3430
What does Hillary Clinton's big win in Kentucky mean? U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell doesn't wait long before challenging democrat Bruce Lunsford. Two state senators will try to win a seat in Congress. And, the Governor wants legislators to wait before announcing water or sewer projects. Host Ferrell Wellman is joined by political writers from the state's largest papers for some post-contest analysis of Tuesday's primary races. The guests are: Ryan Alessi of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Patrick Crowley of The Kentucky Enquirer and Joe Gerth with The Courier-Journal. (#3430)

Program 3434
Legislators get ready for next week's session on the pension deficit. The University of Kentucky approves a budget, but a bonus for the president has some people talking. Senator John McCain will help Kentucky republicans raise money. But another fundraiser has democrats on the defensive. And, the rock issue is now officially a criminal case. Guests: Ryan Aless, political writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader; Carla Wade, anchor and reporter for WTVQ-TV, Channel 36 in Lexington; and Stephenie Steitzer, Frankfort reporter for The Courier-Journal. (#3434)

March 20, 2009
Panelists: Alessi, Alford, Ellis (#3520)

April 24, 2009
Panelists: Alessi, Loftus (#3525)

July 3, 2009 (recorded July 2, 2009)
Panelists: Alessi, Cross, Glasscock (#3535)

September 4, 2009
Panelists: Alessi, Brammer, Hall, Johnson (#3544)

November 6, 2009
Panelists: Alessi, Steitzer, Van Benschoten (#3601)

November 20, 2009
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV substituting for Ferrell Wellman
Panelists: Alessi, Ellis, Steitzer (#3603)

January 29, 2010
Panelists: Alessi, Cheves, Cross, Yetter (#3613)

February 12, 2010
Panelists: Alessi, Loftus, McVeigh (#3615)

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