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Ken Kurtz, independent journalist

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 2943
8/22/03: Gov. Patton has said that a gas tax increase is needed to fix our roads. Candidates talk up the roads, but duck the tax part. Was Patton right? Plus, the proposed gambling legislation. (#2943)

Program 3046
9/17/04: Where two roads meet: crisis in education and health care. Plus, Donald Rumsfeld in Kentucky and illegal vote-hauling practices that corrupt elections. (#3046)

Program 3131
6/3/05: State agencies given more time to answer requests for data on hirings—the investigation enters Phase II. The Catholic Diocese of Covington settles child abuse charges for $120 million—will sell prized properties. State Senate candidate Stephenson loses another round in court—Louisville district without representation while she appeals. And President Bush takes his campaign for Social Security privatization to the Fort Campbell area—his second visit to Kentucky to sell the plan. (#3131)

Program 3140
8/5/05: Round 5 of the indictments in the state hiring probe: How much merit is there in what Fletcher and Stumbo are saying about the merit system mess? Plus, pardon talk: They could free the accused, but would they finish Fletcher? It’s fodder for the political food fight at Fancy Farm this weekend. (#3140)

Program 3148
9/30/05: Our governor has a “Host” of problems, Pence-ness, and no pizza at the new arena. Guest host: independent journalist Ken Kurtz. (#3148)

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