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Don McNay, syndicated columnist

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 3027
5/7/04: Education and business are our feature topics, but as always, we’ve got the political stuff, too: the budget ballet; the May 18th primary; and the governor’s high-profile lightning rod on schools, Virginia Fox. (#3027)

Program 3043
8/27/04: Pulling the plug on life support, work rules and health benefits, the Latino impact on the workplace, and Delta’s dance with bankruptcy. (#3043)

Program 3048
Next week's special session on health care benefits for state employees - a political hot potato in need of butter and sour cream. (#3048)

Program 3111
1/14/05: A ruling on the disputed Senate seat in the 37th senatorial district in Jefferson County: A judge blocks Stephenson from serving as senator. Homeland security concerns in the heart of Kentucky: The Pentagon stalls on nerve gas project. And a tale of two cities: a water fight in Lexington and Louisville aldermen’s struggle over leadership. (#3111)

Program 3120
3/18/05: A fresh start for Gov. Fletcher: What’s ahead? Plus, regional growth and politics: the perspectives from Bowling Green, Richmond, and Covington. (#3120)

Program 3124
4/15/05: Senate Majority Floor Leader Bill Frist will join an attack on Congressional Democrats from a Kentucky church next Sunday. The charge will be that they are against people of faith when they block President Bush’s judicial nominees. Meanwhile, state Democrats gossip about the next Kentucky governor’s race. (#3124)

Program 3128
5/13/05: Fort Knox is losing its Armor Center, along with 3,000+ personnel. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are losing corporate headquarters in the Cinergy/Duke merger ... hello, Charlotte! And Kentucky may get that Toyota hybrid car, but who will lose benefits as airlines dump pensions on Uncle Sam? Ask a coal miner if it hurts. (#3128)

Program 3133
6/17/05: Still more on the jobs probe. Three of Gov. Fletcher’s top officials in the Transportation Cabinet are indicted on misdemeanor charges. Attorney General Greg Stumbo seeks files from Kentucky Homeland Security chief Keith Hall, who suddenly resigned. A grand jury hears Fletcher’s secretary and four others. And the Personnel Board sidesteps Fletcher’s claim that the board, rather than Attorney General Stumbo, should be running the investigation. (#3133)

Program 3140
8/5/05: Round 5 of the indictments in the state hiring probe: How much merit is there in what Fletcher and Stumbo are saying about the merit system mess? Plus, pardon talk: They could free the accused, but would they finish Fletcher? It’s fodder for the political food fight at Fancy Farm this weekend. (#3140)

Program 3142
8/19/05: Republican Senate leader David Williams describes the political problems of Gov. Ernie Fletcher as “a mess.” What’s the fallout here? What is Sen. Mitch McConnell’s viewpoint? What is the fate of Republican chairman Darrell Brock? And what about the governor’s second-term ambitions? His date with the grand jury? His standing in the polls? (#3142)

Program 3146
The governor changes course; nine employees look for new jobs. Who will run the Republican Party? The campaign starts up for 2007. And Big news from two big businesses. Linda Blackford of the Lexington Herald-Leader guests hosts. (#3146)

Program 3206
12/9/05: Fletcher at mid-term: Can he pull up the grades? And brinksmanship: Should the governor and attorney general each take a step back? (#3206)

Program 3213
1/27/06: Saving miners—suddenly it’s a national priority. Saving jobs at Ford—it boils down to which ones. Plus more on the merit probe, a new state school board, an expensive arena in Louisville, and a nearly bankrupt orchestra. (#3213)

Program 3228
5/12/06: Three misdemeanor counts in an indictment of Gov. Fletcher. What do we have here? Evidence of political wrongdoing, or of political ineptitude? And as for the attorney general’s office: Just doing their duty, or is it partisan politics in a world, where, as they say, “a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich”? (#3228)

Program 3229
5/19/06: The Supreme Court upholds the governor’s pardon powers. But elsewhere, Republicans are under siege. (#3229)

Program 3240
8/4/06: Politics at the Farm may not be so Fancy this year. Stumbo for governor or attorney general? And there’s more evidence, but no smoking gun, in the Fletcher criminal case. Guest host: Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV/Louisville. (#3240)

Program 3247
9/22/06: Fletcher in Ireland and the Irish lesson for Kentucky on education and economic development. In politics, will the gambling issue drive the next governor’s race? And in military news, GIs are scammed on sales and financial services. (#3247)

Program 3312
1/19/07: Can a Republican woman from Louisville defeat an incumbent from Lexington and another challenger from Paducah in a primary race for governor? Or, to put it another way, can the second Republican governor since World War II hold onto his seat despite low poll ratings that have brought out several opponents in both major political parties? And if this is Anne Northup’s week to make the news, will Speaker Jody Richards make the headlines next week? (#3312)

Program 3315
2/9/07: The candidates are out of the gate. The governor reaches for the lead with two speeches. His rivals are running on the governorís record, or rather against it. And, what are the citizens of Kentucky getting, policy or politics? (#3315)

Program 3319
3/9/07: Senate and House leaders clash over pension plans. The Boni Bill unravels, but the minimum-wage boost passes. Survivors of the Comair crash wonder why senators, who say they are pro-family, won’t let them sue. (#3319)

Program 3331
6/1/07: Domestic-partner benefits may be illegal, says Attorney General Greg Stumbo. What is the role of coal in the clash between energy independence and global warming? Gov. Ernie Fletcher scopes out a special session—pluses and minues, but politics 24/7. We look at the summer scene on the campuses as well as medical science and new hospitals. And, there's no science here, but a museum for the credulous. (#3331)

Program 3338
Politics and poverty: We take a look at turning jobs into votes. There is a feud over the special legislative session: Gov. Ernie Fletcher and House Speaker Jody Richards disagree on incentives for coal. What is the future of coal anyway—and those pesky carbon emissions? John Edwards visits Eastern Kentucky. Appalachia is beautiful, but intractable. And, two educational agencies search for leaders. Plus, we discuss the death of a newspaper. (#3338)

Program 3350
10/12/07: In candidate cash, Steve Beshear is ahead. And do they care in Western Kentucky who wins? Is the Kentucky Central report yesterday’s story? Two real issues: What is gambling really worth to state and local government? What will resolve the unfunded pension problem? And, we take a look at campaigns that truly changed the state. Plus, who were our five greatest Kentuckians? (#3350)

program 3502
11.14.08: The economy gets tougher. Louisville's Ford truck plant will go idle for a while after Christmas. Delta cuts flights and pilots at its Northern Kentucky hub. Also, Kentucky prepares to execute a man who says he "wants" to die for his crimes. And, a proposal to replace Rupp Arena, home of the UK Wildcats. Bill Bryant, political reporter and anchor for WKYT-TV in Lexington guest hosts. Scheduled guests: John Stamper, government editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader ; Tom Loftus, Frankfort bureau chief of The Courier-Journal; and Don McNay, syndicated financial columnist from Richmond. (#3502)

April 10, 2009 (recorded April 9, 2009)
Panelists: Blackford, McNay, Steitzer (#3523)

April 23, 2010
Panelists: Estep, McNay, Steitzer (#3625)

June 18, 2010
Panelists: Alessi, Eblen, McNay (#3633)

December 10, 2010
Panelists: Estep, Gerth, McNay (#3706)

September 13, 2013
Host: Bill Bryant of WKYT-TV substituting for Ferrell Wellman
Panelists: Gerth, Glasscock, McNay (#3946)

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