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Carl West, The State Journal in Frankfort

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 3036
7/9/04: Questions of the week: Sen. Edwards in Kentucky? A new budget plan by Democrats for Gov. Fletcher? A newspaper says it’s sorry over its civil rights coverage. And will Frankfort and Franklin County be the state’s next merged local government? Answers to these questions, plus an interview with a University of Kentucky history professor on civil rights. (#3036)

Program 3037
7/16/04: Inching toward a budget and trying on suits—Attorney General Greg Stumbo with the Public Service Commission and the Kentucky Press Association with the juvenile justice system. And U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell helps foster a compromise on the tobacco buyout program, but it’s not a done deal. (#3037)

Program 3038
7/23/04: Delta’s finances, miners’ benefits, the high cost of incarceration, expensive drugs, and the hot stove of human rights. (#3038)

Program 3130
5/27/05: More on the merit system muddle/mess: The governor comes back and fights back, and a special grand jury will hear Stumbo’s charges. It was another week of the political feeding frenzy in Frankfort. (#3130)

Program 3136
7/8/05: A special edition from the Old State Capitol in Frankfort to celebrate the renaming of the Kentucky History Center after the late Dr. Thomas D. Clark, historian laureate of Kentucky. Host Al Smith and guests discuss the history we are making, the history we are celebrating, and the history that disturbs us. (#3136)

Program 3148
9/30/05: Our governor has a “Host” of problems, Pence-ness, and no pizza at the new arena. Guest host: independent journalist Ken Kurtz. (#3148)

Program 3151
The Kentucky Attorney General goes to court trying to block a pardon for Governor Ernie Fletcher's indicted former chief of staff. Two VIPs of the Kentucky Republican Party join the ranks of the indicted in the state hiring probe. KHSAA leaders defy member's vote on Proposal 20. Sue Wylie, veteran talk show host with WVLK-AM in Lexington guest hosts. (#3151)

Program 3221
3/24/06: The 2006 legislature races to the wire. Who are the winners and losers, and what’s in the budget? (#3221)

Program 3225
4/21/06: Fletcher’s hour of decision: Leave the swollen budget alone, or veto projects, cut debts, and anger legislators facing re-election? (#3225)

Program 3239
7/28/06: The attorney general’s office hangs more of the governor’s political laundry out in public. Controversy brews at Murray State University. And the glamour days of the John Y. Brown Jr. administration are gone. Guest host: talk show host Sue Wylie, WVLK-AM/Lexington. (#3239)

Program 3242
8/18/06: The judge makes it official: Gov. Fletcher cannot stand trial while he’s in office. Meanwhile, the governor responds to another round of rebuffs from high-ranking members of his own Republican Party. And it might be a blue Christmas for 9,000 Louisville Ford employees. Guest host: talk show host Sue Wylie, WVLK-AM/Lexington. (#3242)

Program 3406
12/7/07: With four days to go until he’s sworn in as governor, Steve Beshear completes his cabinet appointments while ethics questions remain about some of his picks. State Auditor Crit Luallen says no thanks to the U.S. Senate race. And, WANTED, a Democrat bold and brave enough to challenge Mitch McConnell and his $5 million fundraising start. (#3406)

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