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Joe Biesk, Associated Press

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 3117
2/25/05: The governor and the legislature seemed close to an agreement on the budget. But at week’s end, Republican senators, cued by the governor, were holding out for a lower debt level for new bonds. Democrats are still holding out for more projects funded by those bonds. (#3117)

Program 3149
10/7/05: The state’s senior senator struggles with a split. The state School Board plays a game of good cop/bad cop with the worst-performing schools. And Oakwood dodges a federal funding bullet. Guest host: Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter for WHAS-TV/Channel 11 in Louisville. (#3149)

Program 3150
The state of state finances. Another Frankfort investigation? Stumping for higher education. And what does the public need to know? (#3150)

Program 3423
4/4/08: The Kentucky General Assembly passes a lean budget, and one representative says teachers got the shaft. Some legislators are unhappy with the budget process. The governor warns about a special session if the economy continues to stumble. And a former governor says this governor could have done a better job with the casino amendment. (#3423)

Program 3433
Legislative leaders agree on a pension bill. The state's retirement investments don't keep pace with those from other states. A controversy surrounding demolition for the Louisville arena. The Beshear administration studies prison costs. And the Kentucky Lottery cuts and slots at the tracks. Guests: Joe Biesk, Frankfort reporter for the Associated Press; Mark Hebert, political reporter for WHAS-TV/Louisville; and Dick Irby, reporter for WDRB-TV/Louisville. (#3433)

April 3, 2009
Panelists: Biesk, Bryant, Warren (#3522)

October 16, 2009
Panelists: Biesk, Gerth, Hjalmarson (#3550)

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